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Lynda Archard’s CV
by Lynda Archard
©: January 2002

Welcome to my CV and Portfolio

(This is a fun CV written as a result of an Interview in Lewisham, London in which I was turned down for being over qualified and yet under experienced in an office environment can you believe! The Interviewer made it clear that I could earn more by going for a job in the city and told me that his fear would be that I was going to use him as a stepping-stone to gain experience before moving to the city. He even told me that I had more qualifications than anyone who had applied for the job! He also left it to someone else to tell me that he would have employed me there and then but his boss, who would have done the second interview, would be looking to see which offices I have worked in. He decided not to give me the chance to prove to the boss I could do the job. It seems having qualifications and running an organised office from home counts for nothing. I want to make it quite clear that if I did not want the job I would not have wasted my time applying and I do not want to travel into the city if I can get a job locally. Security and stablility of a long term career, coupled with enjoyment and loyalty on both parts are my main priority. The fact is I love to sell and I love working with the public. The Interviewer was looking for a loyal, long-term, qualified person that enjoyed selling products to stay and grow with the company - and his prejudiced attitude meant he missed me!)

Here is my fun CV that states the truth about my career needs and what I would prefer to give future employers instead of the formal one that follows it:

I am applying for a job within your company because I think it could give me a stable career and help to advance my skills. Apart from my skills used in the design of my website and all of its content I thought I would start with telling you about me and what I am looking for; I am searching for regular freelance work or a full-time position in South East London UK, preferably as close to the Greenwich area as possible or at least easy to get to from here. I am competent, willing to add to my knowledge and want to work in any of the following areas:

What you can expect of me

What I will expect from you

Why I need to get a regular wage (In order of importance).

If you are recruiting for a respectable company and would like to hire me to work for you then please email your company details, terms and conditions. I will reply as soon as possible to arrange an interview or answer any questions that you may have.

Thank you for your time and interest,

Lynda Archard

If that didn’t convince you to employ me then please read on for my formal CV.

Lynda Archard

London, SE

Tel: 020 8305 0524

Mobile: 07818 658 206

Personal Profile

All of my jobs have involved working closely with clients and customers on a one-to-one basis and in teamwork. I am aware of the feelings of others and can usually diffuse awkward situations quickly. I always know who to see if I cannot deal with a situation. I am creative and enthusiastic in my work and hobbies.

Since my family have grown up I have devoted a few years earning various certificates to further my career. I am looking for stability in a job that allows me to grow and add to my creative skills. I am loyal to my employer and looking for a challenge and a chance to prove my skills.

Key Skills

Employment History and Training

My current job is IT team Leader/IT Tutor at Greenwich Training. Full-time teaching and preparing lessons for the City & Guilds 7262 for IT Practitioners and system support Level 2 Diploma and City & Guilds 7262 Level 2 Diploma for IT Users. Currently I am gaining knowledge of education funding and bidding and I am setting up commercial courses to start in October 2005.

I have worked as a self-employed counsellor, writer of fiction and non-fiction, and fixed many computers in the past 10 years while bringing up a family. I have run workshops in writing skills and self-awareness. Various job experiences since leaving Blackheath Bluecoat School in 1976 include: Hairstylist; Catering; Shop Assistant/merchandiser and Party Plan sales manager, which included recruitment and training of people to work in my team.

Qualifications to date

  • City & Guilds 7407 teacher certificate Stage 2 - August 2004
  • A1 assessor award
  • Information Technology Industry Knowledge – February 2004
  • Computer fundamentals (Windows 95/98) - November 2003
  • City & Guilds 7407 teacher certificate Stage 1 - November 2003
  • ECDL - Greenwich Community College, SE18 - November 2003
  • City & Guilds Programming level II in Visual Basic - 2001
  • Greenwich Training Company Certificate in Web and Graphic Design - 2001
  • Network and Computing - Level II City and Guilds Diploma in Computer and Electronic Systems – Networks and Communications, Electronic Circuits and Testing, Information Technology, Microcomputers – 1999-2000
  • Microsoft Excel - Intermediate through advanced - 1999
  • Microsoft PowerPoint - Intermediate through advanced – 1999
  • Supervisors Course - NEBS Certificate - October 1999
  • Welcome Host – Customer service training – July 1999
  • Welcome All – Advanced customer service training - August 1999
  • Food and Hygiene certificate - August 1999
  • English CSE – July 1976

My bio:

13th January 2003 - Job prejudice in the UK

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© Lynda Archard