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  • London based psychic readings
    by Lynda Archard
    ©: January 2003

    Clairvoyant medium - Tarot reader/Numerologist - Astrology charts - Colour Rainbow Healing - Scrying and psychic/occult teaching.

    (Picture taken at Starway Fairs about 1996)

    Based in Greenwich, London, SE10, England - Tel: 020-8305-0524 for details and prices

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  • A fourth generation London psychic, based in Greenwich, South East London, with more than 10 yrs professional psychic fairs experience and constant study since 1976 in all fields of psychic work, including occultism and Wicca. I also hold regular workshops, one-to-one teaching and travel to you for group party readings or workshops if you live in or around South East London and North Kent. The hostess reading is free with 6 or more guests.

    I am a medium and if someone from spirit wants to contact you they can through any method of divination used in a consultation. Tarot is a form of 'tuning' in for me to gain a link quicker than some other methods I use and they can help me to give you practical advice to go with mediumship that you might not get with mediumship alone. Before deciding to have a reading with me please read 'How to get the best possible reading'.

    After travelling all over South England, working as a professional psychic counsellor at fairs for ten years, between 1989 and 1999, I now only work from home in London and via the Internet. You might have had a reading with me while I worked at Destiny Fairs or Starway Fairs in London, Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire, Surrey, Sussex or Berkshire venues or at a party booking. Many of my psychic fair clients cannot travel to London and now opt for telephone and email readings for the same practical advise. 80% of my clients are repeat or recommended and 20% new from Ebay and my websites. You can also find me in the Tarot directory here:

    Tarot card reading directory

    In my opinion the behind the scenes working tactics of psychic fair organisations (that I have worked for) are unprofessional, greedy and intolerant to the needs of my clients. They squash as many readers as possible into tiny halls and your reading can be overheard by others. I believe in absolute respect for my clients and will never mention names of my clients on posters and flyers in order to promote myself. Because my comments book is available to all new clients I ask only for a first name and area of address if someone wishes to write in it.


    You can buy a full in-depth email reading using PayPal from anywhere in the world:



    I abide by the conduct of the British Clairvoyant Acadamy

    Advice for developing your own psychic ability Setting out to develop your intuition and psychic ability can be daunting. I can advise on how to get started, various divination techniques, mediumship and explain anything that you are unsure about during your development and training. I ran courses and a development circle from 1990 and worked professionally at psychic fairs in the UK during that time until 2004. I am also a published esoteric author of articles and ebooks such as 'Tarot Tactics,' 'Psychic Travellor,''Colour Magic' and 'Numerology for beginners.' Since then I only work from home due to other work commitments. My study of all things psychic and religion started in 1976 and is an on-going experience. With a collection of over 4000 books I can help you to find the answers you are searching for. Call me to book any of the following:

    • 1-year taped Tarot reading - 30 minutes of practical advise with mediumship when recieved.
    • One-to-one teaching - Book a 2-hour tutor session for the price of a 30-minute reading.
    • Group reading or tutorial session - If you have 6 or more paying people (and live within a reasonable distance) book me to come to you and your session is free!


    You can find articles, webdesign, sugarcraft plus more from my index page:

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    © Lynda Archard