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March 2011     Ready for Spring :)

Dec. 25, 2010

At home, at ease, photo by Meredith.

Nov. 7,2010

Neighbourhood walk. Tail up. No snow yet - thankfully.

Close up. Very close.

Oct. 26,2010

Ty in Morrisburg

Oct. 11,2010

Beautiful Thanksgiving weekend weather. Perfect Fall days. Here's Tiberius at Brown's Inlet.


Just playing/hanging out at home.

Sept.21, 2010

Two things tonight -
First of all, Tiberius continues to surprise us and is doing much better than we ever dared hoped he would.
He had a small surgical procedure on his eye at Dr. Tinsley's last week and it seems to be helping.
Ty's mood is improved and he even has a spring his step on his recent (very short) walks.
He has climbed up the tall front stairs a couple of times on his own, to our total surprise. He is not allowed to go down them on his own and so far he has not been able to defeat the makeshift barrier we have in place.
This consists of a baby gate, which has always been there, a vintage metal picnic basket and a tall plastic vase. If he tries to breach the gate, the metal basket and vase makes alot of noise so one of us usually comes quickly. And carries him down the stairs.
He does demonstrate weakness at the end of the day, but that is normal in aging dogs.
He is still on Benadryl for his seasonal itch so he does get extra rest, as well as three kinds of eye drops and his insulin everyday. Plus Omega 3 oil. And strength boosting chicken/spinach/garlic stew.
All in all, things are copacetic for Tiberius though I am not sure he will be able to attend the Ottawa PugFest coming up on the last Sunday of September at the dog park in Lansdowne Park. This is the event that succeeded the Ottawa PugNic which we founded through this site in 2001.
We'll have to see how he is on the day.

Now secondly - we were shocked and appalled tonight to learn that sweet little Meekos, our lovely neighbour whom you have met on this page, was attacked by another dog at Brown's Inlet about a week ago.
Meekos is the gentlest, most well behaved little dog I've ever met and he was pounced upon by a somewhat larger, red/orange dog with some white markings and a long snout.
Meekos required several stitches across the bridge of his nose. He was very lucky to escape without losing an eye.

The attack dog's owner offered up: "He has a thing against small dogs" as an "explanation" and has not been seen by Meekos' owners since.
They have not asked this but I am asking - if you know the owner of the dog that went after Meekos, please get in touch with us here. Our email address is studiozuzu *at* ymail dot com, written in regular email format. We will pass the information along to Meekos' owners.
Here is a picture of Meekos at Ty's birthday in June.

Sept.13, 2010

Tiberius has an appointment today with vet opthomologist Dr Tinsley to check up on that left eye ulcer.
His hind legs continue to show weakness.
In other news, Ty was acting quite normal when we ordered a pizza last night. He did his usual impatient "hurry up!" barking and growling when the delivery man arrived at the front door.

Sept. 10, 2010

Pug on the Jim elevator, going downstairs for the evening.
Tiberius was feeling better today.

September 9, 2010

Well, there's been a set-back. Tonight Tiberius experienced a seizure, the first we have ever witnessed. He recovered and paced for 2 hours straight, which is what dogs do after a seizure, according to some very good web info I found. I'll get the link and post it here.
He had been doing well, even using the back stairs outside, then his second course of antibiotics ended. After a few days, he began to seem sluggish and shakey again.
He was at the vet the day before, for a re-check and scrip renewal, but where they found something new - an ulcer in his left eye.

So, we are back to hanging in there, giving more meds and taking things one day at a time with our darling Mister Tiberius, also lovingly known as Little Ty and/or Ty Ty.
And always known (around here) as : The Best Dog in the World.

August 27

Tiberius continues to recover. He does seem to have aged , though and does not go up or downstairs now. He gets carried instead. His walks have been shortened quite a bit as well.
And, as happens every August, his rotten allergies have finally kicked in.
He gets a lot of Benadryl and will be wearing his Elizabethan collar when the itching gets too intense.

August 14, 2010

Happy to report that Tiberius is now responding to his antibiotics and doing much better than he was a few days ago.
A visit from his dear Meredith and Eric, the loving touch of Jenny at Pretoria, the caring members of the staff who helped him last week and Dr. Titcombe have all helped him get past the crisis point.
As well as the "special" dinners I make for him - chicken, spinach and garlic stew - and Jim's company.
We are more than just relieved; we are very thankful.

Here he is on the weekend.

August 11, 2010

Please spare a thought for Tiberius this week. He is not well and is slow to respond to antibiotics.
He's also recently been diagnosed with having 2 faulty heart valves.
While his body may be weak, his spirit is still astounding. Astonishing, really.
It's hard to know if he's getting better. We are taking it one day at a time.
Keeping all our paws crossed for this champion-hearted pug dog, AKA (around here) The Best Dog in the World.

Here are some more nice pictures taken this past June and July.

Zen Master Ty in Gananoque

What cat?

July 31st, 2010

Profile of cool.

June 22, 2010 - My Party Pix

I had a perfect birthday party yesterday. Here are some pix of me and Meekos, my gentlemanly pal from up the street, his generous humans and the great new toy he gave me. I carried it all the way up the tall backstairs by myself when it was time to go in.

Birthday card from Meekos :)

June 21, 2010

It's my Birthday! Today, I am 12!

May 15, 2010-  Warming up!

March 2, 2010 -  Feels like Spring at last.

March 8 - Tiberius in Kingston gazing upon Lake Ontario, with windmilled Wolfe Island in the distance.

Passing time in winter

Summer 2009   Hi there. Two paws up. Still going strong, just haven't got many new pix for you. But here's one. Washing (some of) Ty's toys...

Spring 2008  Like most pugs, Tiberius has a number of personality traits.
For instance...the dignified King of the Castle.

And then there's the lovable moocher....

December 2007

Previously: June 5, 2007

This site is undergoing a make-over and will go back to focussing mainly on Tiberius.

At my request, the old Ottawa PugNic has been changed into a new organization by its new managers. I thank Anne for taking over the leash when I asked.
The NEW Pug gathering in town, replacing the original Ottawa PugNic which was founded by this site and ran for 7 years, is called the Bi-Annual Ottawa Pugfest.

For now, enjoy the newest portrait of Tiberius, taken June 2nd at Art in the Park in the Glebe.

We were strolling and a photographer began taking photos of Ty. She was very interested and snapped away. Later, she sent me this wonderful shot, saying she liked it because "it captures the sparkle in his eyes"...eyes that can now see again. If you look closely enough, you can see her reflection in his eye. Thank you, Heather, for this amazing portrait.

Updated: May 19, 2007

Ty "goes Red" - like the whole crazy city of Ottawa. Wheeeeeee!

Posted: May 1st, 2007

Surgery - Success! Tiberius Can See Again

April 25: Our first sight of Tiberius - and his of us! - the day following his successful cataract surgery. That's Katie of Dr. Tinsley's staff being led by Ty.

I will write up the details but for now...we are all so relieved and celebrating.
And busy, giving him several kinds of meds for another week.

Tiberius on the way home. He spent about 24 hours at the hospital and in this picture he still has a few sutures closing the outer edges of his eyes to protect them for another 24 hrs. The sutures were removed the next day.

Tiberius, recuperating the best way he knows how - cuddling up to his mommy. Meredith came from Toronto and worked at home during the week of Ty's surgery. Here she is...at work. True! Conference calls, laptop computer...you can see it in the mirror. And me. And...the bill for the surgery. Rather - half the bill. Heh heh.

A few days later. His beautiful, restored eyes.

Ty ~~ looking at ~~ again SEEING ~~ some new housemates.

Ty's med schedule. This shows 3 full days of the heavy routine of post-op eye meds he needs to keep his eyes lubricated, free of infection, pain, swelling or increased pressure. They are working. This schedule will last about 2 weeks. (The neater parts of it are in Meredith's hand.)

May 1st - on a walk by the Rideau River in Windsor Park, Ottawa South. Tiberius doing what comes naturally. His aim is good...again! lol

We thank Dr. Tinsley and Vary and Katie for taking such good care of Ty and returning him to us in such great form.
We are very grateful.

Date: April 2, 2007
Ty's catract surgery has been delayed, re-scheduled for late April, with preliminary tests determining whether we can go ahead at that time.
His diabetes numbers were too high to proceed in March. Better safe than sorry.

He loves the springtime, though. Taking longer walks. I am amazed by his memory and ability to "map" his territory.
He is a champion trouper - can't say enough how impressed we are by this brave little blind guy!

Hopeful and cautiously optimistic that he will be able to see again, after the surgery.

Updated: January 3, 07 ....we're back....at last

There have been some real changes in Ty's life and health, and the Ottawa PugNic.

In September he was diagnosed with diabetes and has been getting insulin shots twice a day since then, as well as change of diet and other meds for various eye and itch things.
He lost some weight and looks better than ever. :)
He attended the fall '06 PugNic shortly after being diagnosed and on alot of drugs...he was kind of dozy.
I have turned over the running of the PugNic to Anne Moreside and will not be handling any details about it anymore.
The PugNic site still exists along with the Message Board but I expect Anne and Gen will probably want to start up a new board and site.
I will be archiving the PugNic pages and not creating any more or updating any existing ones.

Back to Tiberius...over Christmas, his eyesight began to weaken and we were greatly saddened to learn last Friday that he is now officially blind.

He developed diabetic cataracts in the course of one week - between Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.

We saw his eye specialist today.
The GOOD NEWS is...his diabetic cataracts are operable and Tiberius will be having surgery likely within a month to improve to the point of restoring his sight, all things going well.


I still receive email from people asking about Ty's first eye surgery, 4 years ago and thanking us for posting the info.
I have benefitted greatly from visiting the existing online resources for blind dogs and hope we can contribute to the flow of information and extend back the kind of support we have already received online.

NEWblinddog.info - Message Board and Support
blinddogs.net...site by Karen...great Tips,Info and Support

Thanks for visiting. ~~ Susan and Mister Ty

Tiberius, summer 2005...at 7 years old.

May 2006 PugNic attracts 100 pugs...plus CBC Radio. A feature aired on Radio One's Ontario Today program. Their website also had some fun photos of our gathering.

Cedric's fine photos of the day can be found Here

See the Message Board entry "Sunshiney Day" for a report on the event

. . . . .

Fall 2005 PugNic and PlayDate PhotoAlbum now [ here ] Tiberius too!

120 pugs attended the *5th Anniversary* Ottawa PugNic MAY 29th... [
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To date, the Ottawa PugNic has raised $ 805.00 for [ Friends of Abandoned Pets ]

Check out 100 pugs on Sept. 26/ 04
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