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You're free to use any graphic below as a link to Tiberius. If you let us know where it is, we'll link back to you.

To save an image:
  • right click on the image you want
  • choose "Save As"
  • and save it to your own hard drive.

    Please do not link directly to the images here. Always use Save (Image) As.

    If you need text links for Tiberius or the Ottawa PugNic, they're at the bottom of the page.

    Yes, I did make all these graphics and have all kinds more available at my studiozuzu Linkware pages

    Ty size: 88 x 31

    Ty size: 108 x 64

    Ty size: 153 x 67

    Ty size: 213 x 68

    Ty size: 342 x 100

    Text links:

    with the correct link name: Tiberius the Pug Dog
    with the correct link name: Ottawa PugNic

    Don't forget to tell us that you're linking to us because we'll link to you!

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