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Chutney, 8 mos, Casselman, Ont.; Yoda, 4 yrs, Ottawa; Spud, 4 yrs; Indy, 5 yrs; Misty, 1 year; Wizzard, 6 mos, Mecalfe; Bailey, 4 yrs and Gracie, 3 yrs, Barrhaven; Casey, 8 yrs and Cora, 2 yrs; Chico, 2 yrs; Lily, 3 yrs;Jasmine, 1 year; Aaliyah, 14 mos; Pugsley, 4 yrs, Gatineau; Thor, 1 year

Ellie, 6 yrs; Harley and Bo, 4 yrs; Sophie, 6 yrs; Gryffin, 11 weeks; Tiberius, almost 7; Arnie,1 yr; Mildred, 3 yrs; Cabot, 3 yrs; Ryka, 2 yrs; Hope, 5 yrs; Molly, 4 1/2 yrs, Gatineau; Simon Says, 7 weeks; Pugsy, 1 year, Metcalfe;Gizmo, 4 yrs; Pablo and Louie, 11 mos; Kenya, 4 yrs and Vegas, 5 mos; Kalkin, 8 yrs; Gracie, ageless; Aphrodite, 2 yrs 4 mos;

Stewart, 1 yrand Winnie, 4 yrs, Orleans; Stella, 6 mos; Wilbur, 4 yrs; Kiwi, 2 yrs; Darlin' DaDaisy Mae, 2 yrs; Shake and Fry's, Petawawa; Diesel, 1 1/2; Reggie, 2 yrs; Lolo, 1 year, Limoges; Diego, 8 yrs and Luna, 5 yrs; Annie O'Connor, 2 yrs; Youpi, 1 1/2; Monty, 1 yr 10 mos, Hamilton; Silky, 11 3/4 yrs; Opus, 2 yrs and Toula, 7 mos, Montreal; Tyson, 1 yr, Pembroke

Belle, 5 yrs; Dido, 4 years; Stella, 3 yrs, Nepean; Carli, ageless; Gatineau; Pudgy, 18 mos; Lizie, 1 1/2, Carleton Place; Maisie, 9 weeks, Nepean; Lola, 9 mos, Nepean; Princess, 1 1/2 yrs, Dunrobin; Pistachio, 15 mos; Bailey, 7 yrs; Lucy, 5 yrs; Beasley, 6 yrs and Winnie, 2 1/2; Quincy, 3 yrs, nepean; Concha, 2 yrs; Hobo, 3 yrs and Gypsie, 3 yrs; Zoe, 4 mos; Cubby, 6 yrs

Tipi, 5 mos; Charlotte, 7 yrs; Pearl, 2 yrs; Panda, 1 1/2 yrs; Mula, 2 1/2 yrs; Peachy, 2 yrs and Chocho, 11 yrs; Petie, 1 1/2 yrs; Boomer, 3 yrs; Banner, 18 mos, Gatineau; Charlotte, 3 1/2 yrs, Sainte Marthe, PQ; Bruno 1 year 1 mo; Jazzie, 8 mos, Greely; Samson, 5, Napoleon, 3, Jospehine, 3, Dalilah, 4 of Spencerville; Pugsley, 2 1/2, Ottawa; Kinji, 9 weeks

Milo, 11 mos, Nepean; Lincoln, 3 yrs; Jessie, 2 yrs and Cleo, 1 yr, Cantley, Quebec; Yoda, 5 yrs and Vader, 8 mos, Kanata; Ebony Rose, 1 yr, Nepean; Bailey, 11 mos, Orleans; Tyrone Walker, 1 1/2 yrs; Charly, 9 1/2 yrs; Beatrix and Wilhelmina, 8 1/2 yrs; Rocky, 2 yrs, Orleans; Chubby, 2 yrs, Rockland; Honey, 4 mos; Chewi, 3 mos; Zoe, 1 yr, Orleans; Ellevis, 18 mos, Clarence Creek; Toby, 1 1/2, Kanata; Simone the Pug, ageless, Aylmer; Libby, 11 mos, Chesterville; Mango, 13 mos.

....and more, who did not sign in :)

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Ottawa PugNic

5th Anniversary Edtion
May 29, 2005

Lucy, Cabot and Ty plus one
120 pugs celebrate 5 years of joyful pugness!

We have the names of 118 pugs whose owners signed in. As always, some arrive
and don't sign in so we can safely say there at least 120, if not 125 pugs out today.
The names we have are listed to the left (in no particular order)

The Ottawa PugNic began from the Tiberius website in 2001. We wanted to take Ty
to a pug gathering, but there were none near-by - so we started one.
20 intrepid pugs brought their people to first PugNic, in the soggy wet field - although
it did not rain for 2 hours that day:the 2 hours of the PugNic.

Since then the event has grown but remains true to it's original mission: to be a fun
outing for the dogs.

We collected $245.00 for Friends of Abandoned Pets, bringing our total Ottawa PugNic donations to $636.00.

Special Thanks to:
Genevieve Boucher for bringing us free samples of Wellness natural dog food and
Old Mother Hubbard treats. And for donating a big box of treats.

Our gate-keeper, Aaron Fell, 9 years old, for his enthusiasm and creativity.
Well done, Aaron.

Meredith Beyer-Alldridge - for maintaining an orderly registration for all.

Prize Winners

Travelling Pug(s)

Who came the furthest to get to the Ottawa PugNic?

Monty - a fine black pug, age 1 years and 10 months, from Hamilton, Ontario.

Special Mention:
Opus, age 2, and Toula , age 7 months - brought by Lysa and Alex from Montreal.
Lysa also donated some lovely collar charms for PugNic volunteers and a
special one for Tiberius. :) Thanks, Lysa.

Senior Pug
Our oldest pug in attendance this time is Silky.
Silky, almost 12 years old
She's an agile 11 and 3/4 years old. Silky lives in Ottawa and will be 12 years old in September.

Lovely Babies

There were 4 or 5 lovely and very young pugs, from 9 to 12 weeks old.
The youngest are not full participants and were carried in their owner's arms. Here is baby Gryffin. baby Gryffin

The Great Pug Race

A still picture cannot do justice to this event - but if you have a great action shot for us, please do email it!
Initiated by Anne Moreside for last fall's PugNic, this was the second time for this event.
46 participating pugs lined up against the short in-field fence.
Held by their owners at one side, encouraged by their admirers a short distance away,
pugs and their owners paid close attention as Race Marshall Anne organzied everyone.
The pugs were rarin' to go - and at last - they were off!!
Even with spotters, trying to determine the Winner was impossible. Three pug owners told us their pugs had won...and we believe all of them.
Winners were - Youpi - age 1 1/2, was bred in South Africa, her owners are from France and they are all now in Ottawa;
another Winner was Pugsy ;
and the third co- Winner.... "was Misty...
she is so proud that she even sleeps with her medal." says Steve, who emailed.

Anne's 8 year old Casey
Anne's Casey, later on...

Links to Our Previous Events

Fall '04             May/02             Sept/02             May/03

first 2001              Raindate01              Fall/01

No new pages added for the Ottawa PugNics held in Sept/03 or May /04, due to the illness that would take the life of my sister Shirley Beyer.
Though Shirley passed away in January, 2004, a part of her legacy of joy and talent will always be visible ih the first 3 years of PugNic photographs.

Message Board records the attendance in May/04 - see 90 Pugs entry.

Chuck and Carrie Ross's son, Griffin. Wilbur lives with him too.
Griffin Ross, the 17-month old son of son of Chuck and Carrie, showing us
his special PugNic shirt. No doubt, Wilbur approved ;)

Questions? Can be e-mailed to pugdogs@canada.com

or posted on the Ottawa PugNic Message Board

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