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A pug no longer among cats...  :-(

Ty    Midnight   & Ruffette

UPDATED    May 20, 2003

Farewell, Midnight
Sadly, Midnight was escorted to the rainbow bridge on May 17th at the age of 18 1/2 years.
Our darling jet black Midnight was Ty's special pal. They often slept together,
as the photo sequence shows, and she tolerated his pug attentions better than her sister did.
Midnight loved to sleep in my arms nearly every night, sometimes meowing at me to get to bed.
She was relatively healthy until the last week of her life when it became obvious
she was in distress and Meredith helped me see the reality of her situation.
Once again, we thank Dr. Hassan and his vet tech for their gentle compassion and understanding.
Oh, Midnight! A gentler cat there never was.Remembered with deep love and gratitude.
Susan, Meredith and her pal Tiberius
May 20, 2003


Farewell, Ruffette
Our dear Ruffette, who had been steadily losing weight to kidney and thyroid disese,
could not walk straight today.
Shakey and confused, the vet said she would only get worse
and there'd be nothing he could do for her.
Shirley and I took Ruffette to the Glebe Pet Hospital where
Dr. Hassan assisted her journey to the rainbow bridge.
Goodbye, my valiant pet Ruffette, the sweetest cat ever known.
Remembered with deep love and gratitude.
Susan, Meredith, Shirley and Tiberius
Feb. 04, 2003


Cats' 18th Birthday Party, October 2002

Ruffette and Midnight could not believe it. They were actually being told
to get on the dining room table.
The table covered with a special cloth was set with a cat food
and whipped cream birthday cake. (Just one can of food, 2 candles.)
We blew out the candles and they tip-toed, amazed, up to their birthday feast.
It's certainly not everyday that 2 sister cats share their 18th birthday.
Some of the guests wore leopard-print scarves to increase their cat-ness
but Ruffette and Midnight weren't fooled.
They've always that they were cats and Tiberius was...something else.


May, 2002

Ruffette and Midnight are now 17, going on 18, their birthday being in October.

They were 2 little 6-week old sister barn cats when they came into our home.
While they are both black cats, Ruffette is jellico, or jester, with a white bib and paws.
We got them at the Sundance Ranch in Manotick, Ont. -"free to a good home", you know.

Our tiny Ruffette (the runt of the litter) was recently diagnosed with a thyroid condition and is on moderate medication.

Midnight continues to be the most pug-sociable of the cats and will sleep within touching distance of Tiberius.
Tiberius occasionally wants to play with Midnight but mostly he just likes to follow her.
She obliges. They remain peaceable critters.

I'm writing Ty's next Mystery based on something that happened in our house.
Where's Midnight?...coming soon...

Original Post  09.20.00

When Tiberius arrived at his current home, there were already two four-footed sisters in the house.

Sister cats, Ruffette and Midnight, who were then 14 years old.
They are now approaching their 16th birthdays.

After 2 years, Tiberius and Midnight have become almost-buddies, but tiny Ruffette still keeps her distance,
though she has been known to
his face
when Tiberius is sleeping.

Unless food is involved, they seem to live and let live.
If food is involved, Tiberius springs into Gladiator mode and defends my plate against all felines!
He now "fights like a cat", batting one paw out to swat them away.

And he will vocalize if they are getting into any food in the kitchen,
but never says a peep when they are doing things like this...

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