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                 Remembering our pug friends      

: Monster Joe, 18 mos. - lost to a vaccine reaction in November, 2001
: Ollie of Toronto, 4 yrs old - lost to a vaccine reaction in July, 2002

1985 - May 17, 2003

Our darling Midnight, Ty's special cat pal seen in pictures on this site,
was relatively healthy at 18 1/2 years old but took a drastic turn on May 16th.
Sadly, we took her to the vet the next day where she was escorted to the bridge.
A sweet, affectionate jet black cat who loved Tiberius.
Again, thank you to Dr. Hassan and his staff for their compassion
and understanding.
Midnight was deeply loved and is sadly missed by all of us.
Susan, Meredith, Shirley, Jim and Tiberius


1985 - February 4, 2003

Our dear little jester cat at the grand age of 18 yrs, 3 mos.
In the dwindling light, on shakey legs, a fragile shell of her former self
I had to take Ruffette to her rest Feb 4, 2003.
Affectionate companion to her sister cat Midnight.
Respected housemate of Tiberius.
Deeply loved and sorrowfully missed by all of us.
Susan, Meredith and Shirley.


Chewie of Kingston, PugNic friend

Remembered by Kim Traill

"In loving memory of my friend,
Chewbacca Maple "Chewie"
May 14, 2000 - November 12, 2002

In July 2000, my little Chewie came into my life. And of course her name came from
Star Wars. I figured her name should be something that reflected my personality. I
thought of "Maple" because of my love of the Toronto Maple Leafs, but it didn't sound
right (so that ended up being her middle name) I also thought of "Stinger" my favorite
wrestler. And I tried to think of Star Wars names "Leia", "Amidala", "Queen", but nothing
seemed to work.
After picking her up while in the truck on the way home she was constantly chewing
my coat, my ear, my fingers, and I thought 'Jeez, I should call this dog Chewie' and
that just happens to be one of my favorite characters from Star Wars. So it was perfect!

On Rememberance Day Chewie fell down some stairs and badly hurt her back.
I exhusted all possibilities, but it was too severe. I had to make the hardest decision
of my life, and end her suffering.
Chewie left us on November 12, 2002.

Chewie was a wonderful little pug. I loved her and I have no doubt that she loved me.
We had a special bond. She would be waiting for me every night at 4am when I got
off work. She would cuddle up with me when I would go to bed. Lay on the couch with
me watching TV. She never passed up a ride in the truck with me. I miss her so much,
especially the little things. Like how her ears would perk up and she cocked her head
to the side when I asked her if she wanted a treat. Or the way her curly little tail would
wag when I came home. Sometimes I think I hear her barking when I open the door, but
there is no Chewie on the other side. She isn't there anymore but she will be forever in my heart."

Kim Traill
Kingston, Ontario

* * * * *

Heidi of Spencerville, PugNic friend

Adopted by Judy and Mike Fisher in Spencerville in the spring of 2002,
Heidi was a senior pug whose owner had passed away.
Heidi had several health issues but lived well among the Fisher's 4 other pugs.
Heidi came with the whole crew to Ottawa PugNic in May, 2002.

On July 3rd, during the heat emergency, Judy sent this e-mail:

"I've got some sad news to pass along to you, dear sweet Heidi crossed over the
rainbow bridge some time during the night.
The heat was just too much for her. She seemed to be asleep and crossed over
without any trauma.
She had a hard day yesterday, I spent the day spraying her down with cool water
and spending alot of time in the basement but I guess the poor old girl wanted to rest.

We didn't have much time with her but the time we did have certainly was wonderful.

Judy and Mike, Samson, Dalilah, Napoleon and Josephine

"When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.
Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice."
Old Indian Saying "

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