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First Pictures
May 25, 2003
by Shirley Beyer

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The Wainwright Four

Baby Bonzai

Fire Eyes - unknown pug

flying Otis Hancock - Ty's brother

More of Shirley's pictures to come!

And there are More pictures at PugNic member site Freddy the Pug

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Ottawa Pugnic

We postponed the May 25th Ottawa PugNic but 52 pugs showed up anyway!!

We announced the postponement on Saturday at 11 a.m., adding that Tiberius would still be there for a Play Date "in case any pugs showed up".

Some people had seen the Update....some hadn't...but
52 pugs came out to play on an overcast but not rainy day.
Many will be back next week, June 1st, for the full-scale Ottawa PugNic with the prizes, ribbon and $ 2.00 registration fee.
They'll be joined by...about 20 more who stayed home waiting for the Rain Date.

Here are the names we have....

Concha, 4 mos; Abigail, 2; Bonzai, 4 mos; Wilbur, 2; Barnaby, 3; Digby, 2.5 ; Zoe, 1.5; Onslow, 3; Tyson, 1.5; Lilly, 11 mos; Stella, 7 ; Sailor, 7.5; Samson, 3; Napoleon, 1.5; Loki, 6 mos; Penny, 11 mos; Bailey, 2 .5; Gracie, 1; Elvis of Montreal, 3.5; Endo, 1.4; Milo, 5; Kimo, 4 and Austin, 3 of Montreal; Bogart, 8 mos; Abby, 15 weeks; Beatrix and Wilhelmina, 6; Winnie, 2.5; Oscar, 1.5; Jack of Montreal, 3; Keisha, 5 mos; Rocky, 3.5; Elvis of Ottawa, 11 mos;China,3; Maggie, 1; Austin of Oxford Mills, 3; Yoda of Kanata, 3; Freddy, 6; Bonnie and Buster, 2.5; Kenya, 3; Casey , 6 and Cora, 3.5 mos; Hope,3; Duke,3; Mina, 1.5; Teddy, 6 and Lola, 9 mos; Diezel, 3 and Bella Star,2; young Mocha; Ty's brother Otis, 5; and Tiberius, 5.

NOTE - because this day was re-scheduled into a Play Date, we did not ask for the registration fee.
The $2.00 is split between this site and Friends of Abandoned Pets.
If you can't return next week and want to contribute
to the continuation fo the Ottawa PugNic please email us and we'll make arrangements.

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Don't forget to [ sign our Guestbook ]. You don't have to give your e-mail address and we'd love to hear from you!

E-mail can be sent the organizer Susan Beyer at:

See you *next* time!

"Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole" - Roger Caras

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