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Ottawa PugNic

Sunday September 26, 2004

Just a portion of the gang in the group photo
One quarter section of the group photo

100 Pugs in Attendance

Yes, there were over 100 pugs gathered together. I believe this is the largest gathering of pugs in one place in Canada. If I am wrong, please let us know.

The names of those whose owners signed in are listed to the left (in no particular order)
These are all the names we have. A few more were there but did not register.

Travelling Pug(s) who came the furthest to get to the Ottawa PugNic
Shake and Fries
Shake and Fries, 10 month old twin sister pugs, fur babies of the LaFreniere family who came from Petawawa, Ontario.

Senior Pugs
Chocho, our senior
Chocho was the oldest pug attending this time. She is the 10 year old furkid of Genevieve Boucher and housemate of Peachy, a youngun of just 1 1/2 years old.

Ice T, also 10, was back again. Here's a picture of him from before that I never had a chance to post before now.
Ice T and his proud owner

Trim Pugs
The smallest or daintiest pugs (over 1 year old).
Billie and Malone
We un-scientifically deemed Billie (left) to be the smallest adult female pug, and the smallest male was Malone Murray, on the right.

Lovely Baby
It was 5 month old Rosie's first PugNic, but her housemate the great Regis has been with us several times.

The Great Pug Race
start of the Great Pug Race
Here's Anne Moreside conducting the first Great Pug Race. The willing contestants lined up, and then 5, 4, 3, 2,1 - they were off!! In different directions, some of them. The Top 3 finishers were: 1. Tyson  2. Bebe Pugville   and 3. Regis.
We'll definitely do this again.

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Due to the illness of my sister Shirley Beyer, official PugNic photographer since its inception, there were no new pages added for the Ottawa PugNics held in Sept/03 or May /04.
A part of Shirley's legacy of joy and talent will always be visible throughout these sites.

The Message Board records the attendance in May/04 - see 90 Pugs entry.

Questions? Can be e-mailed to pugdogs@canada.com

or posted on the Ottawa PugNic Message Board

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