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Tiberius the Pug Dog Ty is a neutered male pug dog.

This web site does not have or give out information about pug breeders, pugs for sale or pugs to breed.

Why is that?

Because, when I receive an e-mail asking for this information, I have no idea who is asking. 95% of those asking are good people but no, I don't want to hear your personal history, either.

I just don't give this information to complete strangers over the internet.

A pug is worth the search. It took a year-long hunt that ended unexpectedly before Tiberius came into our lives.
You might even call him a rescue. He comes from unknown circumstances, had three "homes" before we got him and most likely was born from the greed of an unscrupulous dog dealer.

We don't love him less for that; we probably love him even more for it.
I am very aware, without false modesty: Tiberius got very lucky when he met my daughter Meredith.
Meredith got Tiberius from someone who bought him in a pet store, then decided they couldn't keep him.
She'd been looking for a pug for a year. He was 9 weeks old and she hand-raised him.

A reputable breeder would not breed dogs with genetic problems, like Ty has with his eyes.

Nor would a reputable breeder place any pug for sale in a pet store.

To begin a search for reputable breeders, check the links on our Pug Facts flyer pgae.

Since you can't tell who you're dealing with either when you surf on-line, here's a list of clues that can indicate a profit-driven Dog Dealer, not a pug-conscious high quality Breeder.

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How to Spot an on-line Dog Dealer

The copy sounds like it's selling cars or peas, not living, feeling creatures.
The web sites usually look hasty and second-rate but not always.
The prices are too low for a healthy, purebred pup born in high quality conditions.

Clue phrases:

  • "(under 8 weeeks old) Ready to Go!"
  • "We ship anywhere!"
  • "Pugs sent by air freight the next day!"
  • "Bargain deal on baby pugs!"
  • "PUGS! Lowest prices on the Web!"
  • "Multiple litters - ready soon!"
  • "No papers but darn cute!"
  • "Pure Pugs...and Mixes too!"

  • Any one of these phrases can mean you're dealing with people who care more about money than they do about dogs.

    Consider this on purely practical grounds: what you "save" in the purchase price from this kind of operation, you'll likely have to make up later in medical bills.
    Some people can't manage the vet bills; the pugs are abandoned. A sad and miserable chain is perpetuated.

    Buying a dog from a pet store is not better, since they are generally supplied by Dog Dealers, not reputable breeders.
    The exception: stores that are fostering animals for shelters or rescue groups.

    Please read the Pug Facts flyer.
    There are 4 links there that can help you start your journey to find a wonderful pug.

    We believe that getting a pug requires a mindful search for a loving companion who deserves a real family and a forever home.
    That's why we don't give out fast answers to quick questions about breeders.

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