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Updated : 07.24.02
Due to some recent experiences in the Ottawa area, I want to learn more about the frequency of adverse reactions
to routine vaccinations of pugs, anywhere.
If you want to give more details, you can e-mail me at pugdogs@canada.com or you can add a comment on the Poll Results page.
>>> Update <<< added April 5, 2002
For real vet information about Allergic Reactions to Vaccinations,
including a warning against the lepto vaccine if you've had a previous reaction,
you can click here for a page from the Mar Vista Animal Medical Centre (Los Angeles, California) web site.
Scroll down and read it all the way through. We are not connected to them in any way;
they just have a really good page with calm, considered and vital knowledge, IMHO.

Added June 20 :: For a page of   Emergency Dog Links  from the Hawaiian Language website, click here .
(Several broken links but still a good source.)

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Our poll was posted on March 15, 2002. Members of 3 different Pug forums were invited to participate,
along with any pug owners who surfed in.
Thanks for taking the time to reply; you only need to vote once,
unless the answer changes with time. If so, please let me know in an e-mail.

Vaccination Concerns
Has any pug you've owned ever had an adverse reaction following a vaccination?

No none
Yes, but mild
Yes, pretty intense, some drugs necessary
Yes, life-saving procedures/drugs necessary
Yes, with the worst result

Current Results

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