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A Complete Training Manual
Videotaping and Editing Techniques


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Video Production Technology Page, ePanaorama is a gateway to 1000's of technical links

DESKTOP VIDEO, this gateway site will link you to over 700 video related pages.

ZDNET GuruNet This is a handy desktop utility for finding the definations of any word. You hold the "ALT" key down and click on any word on any internet page. i>THIS IS A DOWNLOAD INSTALLed ON YOUR COMPUTER.

The ongoing saga of "Building an NLE"a struggle with little income and less experience.

Teaching is difficult, and more so for volunteers. This Teaching Handbook will give you positive and direct instructions for teaching students, an Ohio State Univ. Publication. The purpose of this link, is to provide a method for the structuring of classes, and to help the lay-teacher by providing a tool set for the conduct of classes. This will help to motivate and prepare the instructor, and then enable effective teaching.

Telephone Long Distance Calls are an expense for everyone, DIALPAD, and Net2phone are two internet sites which enable you to call anyone in the US free from your computer,

EDITING learning assignment
a simple practical method of understanding editing

only go here after the study of the manual, you are expected to have done the reading first! (all of these lesson plans are underconstruction) LESSONS OUTLINE

iMovie tutorial



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A brief explanation of this site
the table on the left contains the index of topics covered of instructions and tips - additionally I have included computer and internet related links for you.

The top set of search engine links may be especially useful if you are searching for difficult to find topics.

The links relating to internet and computers are there for you who are interested in applying your video skills to the internet.

The Manuals and Glossary links contain a huge number of sites which may be valueable for you. For example the manuals links will direct you to a choice of over 50 additional online video instruction manuals. The link on the top is the new reference page.

I am reorganizing this site, and grouping all of the links into a more searchable form, please be patient with me - this site is an ongoing hobby for me - I hope the information serves you well.

You may have a lot of Ideas of the perfect video, but how do you make the video itself? This is the topic here, You may be the next famous film or video maker in the world, but now you just don't know the enough to put it all together to make the show.

I have recieved a lot of email from people who think I am some big compay. I am not. I am just one person trying to raise the quality of my friends videos. I update various pages in this manual on a weekly basis. Searching the internet for relevant pages and placing the links here - for you to use - is a hobby of mine. There are over 300 printed pages to this date and I have stopped printing because of the amount of paper involved.
The reason I do this now is to help - you - the present reader - and my friends and students - please explore the links - that is where other experts have placed valueable information for you. I simply have collected them here for you to access.

Video documentation, is now widely accepted for both practical and artistic reasons. On the practical side, videography can provide training and corrective analysis tools never before available, Video records details which might otherwise be lost and preserves them for analysis. From historical to individual activities, process's, to objects - few things have not been recorded. The need for trained - competent video producers is growing every day, and will continue to grow due to the many technological media advances and new inventions. As a producer if you can imagine a video production - you will be able to find a client willing to pay you for the work.

Video, Film Feature/program products have three basic areas 1. production, 2. distribution, 3. exibition. This manuals primary emphasis is Production. Most specifically the use of the camera and editing technology. As the manual continues to develop I will explore both distribution and exibition.

This online manual was begun as a training manual for the volunteers at CAT, Community Access Television, Channel 8, Fayetteville, Arkansas. I started with the idea of creating a simple set of handouts for classes, but it grew, one page suggesting the next. This manual is being written and expanded utilizing the resources of the internet. Instant access to other linked sites and online searching are a positive improvement. Today this manual has both my own written material and is a gateway site to many other manuals, articles and other sources of information. I do not have to quote or pharaphrase, instead you can go to the pages themself and read the information as the author intended. Please print the pages you need for reference in the field.

Here are links for many Public Access Stations in the United States, LIST 1. and LIST 2. so you can discover what other cities are doing. *note* List 1 is simply a list of access stations - List 2 - has additional information regarding the stations - both lists have broken links. Here is a point you can help me, this list regardless of how much work and time I spend - still has broken links - if your link is broken let me know - If you have the URL for a Public Access station that is unlisted please send it to me.

What you are about to read, is a training manual for the shooting and editing of video programs. Terms - meanings of words are always a problem when first learning, and I have attempted to simplify and define the meanings as they appear. The Links sections will also provide you with an assortment of various glossaries. I am assuming you now know little about videography, and are fairly new to computers and the internet. Each colored word here is a link to another page or to another internet site, by clicking on them you will navagate from one place to another. If you have put this home/index page in Favorites or Bookmarks you will be able to return to this page easily.

I try to avoid 'TECHNOBABBLE', I personally think the people who use it, dont know what that they are talking about, or they are trying to make me feel stupid so they can take advantage of me. I have many glossaries here and the dictionary link is posted on different pages. My sincere hope for this manual is - that, the instructions are easy to understand and you have enough links to other instructional manuals which may help you.

I have produced many High School, Jr. H.S. and community sports events. This has exposed me to many parents with cameras, each trying to capture their children at the game. I have written this for you as much as anyone. Your videos will go from shaky unplanned footage to programs that you will enjoy.

Perhaps you want to learn to use your photos and video for the internet. Learning HTML will be one of the first steps, this link will take you to ZDNet and you can learn the language of the internet. The tutorial at HTMLGoodies is the best on the internet. You are going to find a lot of LINKS here for other information, just remember I included each of them because you may need to know their point of view. I have more than one site on the same subject, because sometimes one writer will communicate more directly to you the reader, and also because different writers emphasize different points.

Streaming video has made some new advances in this month (Feburary 2001) so I have created a page on that subject with various links. This page is starting a little vague, after I understand a little better I will have instructions for the beginners net video station.

Video Streaming, will change the entire nature of the WWW very soon. The convergence of the media, print, photo, video, and computer in the WWW gives you the new producer a real opportunity. The challange will be to learn and become proficent in all of these new disciplines. Dont think for a minute that you will be able to do one well and get away with being lazy and not mastering the other disciplines. I stress how easy it is to learn, and learning is easy, but mastering anthing requires hard work and lots of time. You like many people may be enamored with learning and using the computer and think its all easy, but like all things underlieing the programs you are using , are millions of lines of code and millions of hours of work to create something you think is simple. - OK - that said you have your work cut out for you.
Back to the basics of the video, shooting it, remember bad video will be bad video on the net too. The skill and Art of the cameraman is going to be in real demand, and it is in the long run going to be harder to become really good with the camera, than it will take learning to apply the video to the WWW.
Video Production is much more than sitting infront of the computer, and the good cameraman is much more of an atheletic than a couch potato.
Try and not develop a false pride in your accomplishment, its bad because that is when you will stop learning, and to stop learning means you will not keep up with the emerging technology, nor will you learn to develop your skills as a video producer.

The use of this manual is free of cost to every individual who wishes to improve their skills in the field of videography. I do request feedback from you, I need your critique, and your comments. It's easy just hit the e-mail linknow and write me a few words. Thanks, for all the people who are going to learn from you.

This site is under construction, and pages are in process and still being proofread. .
Illustrations and photos will be added following the development of the text.
Your contribution to this site will be appreciated, everyone has a unique experience and can offer helpful hints, please send an
e-mail your submission will be linked to the appropriate page. Producers, Staff members, and professional individuals of the community have been asked to write pages in their skill areas. I will include these new submissions as they come in.

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Television Production
A Comprehensive On-line Cybertext
in Studio and Field Production
by Ron Whittaker, Ph.D.

This text is a must read - and I feel it is important for your video education. Dr. Whittakers site is extreemly comprehensive.

MANUALS additional videotaping manuals and online texts may be found on this page.

This site is intended to serve two purposes, the first being that of a printable video manual, which will provide you with tips and techniques useful for your own video production. As you see from the index above I cover the basics as well as indepth studies. The second intent of this site is to act as a gateway/links site for as many other sources of information relevant and associated with the field of video, computer internet video streaming, Internet technology, film, and photography. If you will explore the various sites linked here you will find this site is encyclopedic in nature. Good luck in your studies, may you gain the knowledge to be among the best in this field.
William Ames (Bill)

copyright August 2000William George Ames

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