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march 2001 - class plans are still being developed and pages written

For those of you who will be graded/evaluated, you will:

1. submit your demo tape and other indicated long program tapes you have completed

2. You will write a detailed paper, describing your problems, experiences and the most important aspects of each lesson in the series. Each lesson will be an individual report of at least 3 double spaced pages.

3. You will be given a true/false, multiple choice and short written answer questions - test which will both cover what you have been expected to learn in the classes, and may include material relevant to the general field of videography - which you are expected to have enough of an interest to be abreast of the field.

Those of you in the world - who are following these lessons independently - you should have a showing of your demo tape - to a large group of people - you should ask them to make notes - and give them to you critiqueing the tape - have them leave their names off the critique. It is very important for you to learn if you really have accomplished the task of becoming a good camera operator, and what areas you should work upon.

You should also write the papers on the classes as I have indicated above. - put them aside - for a few weeks - then read them and attempt to be objective - try to understand what you have learned and where you need to go from there.

Good luck

(p.s.) I am still working on lesson plans on related subjects keep checking back -to see what has been added- but what is posted here will keep you busy for a year or so - by the time you read the manual - check through all the links - and - follow the individual lessons.

I am constantly adding new links and adding and expanding various pages in the manual