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Sports Videography

Of all the assignments this is the most difficult. Sports video, leaves behind your time to consider and think about your shots. This is the area where experienced intuitive camera work comes into play. You have had me harp on the well framed square and level picture - Sports, camera work will be the proof of the degree which you have learned.

Here we will see if you instinctly know to use the camera, yes you will lose the ball, and some of your shots will be goofy. I expect it - and you should too. It takes years to seldom make bad shots (and even the best will shoot their feet sometimes). But the assignment is such that you will be able to throw away the bad stuff and still make a good feature. Hopefully you will capture the winning play well. But if you dont there is always another game (for the sake of learning) .

One sports event wont do it, there are many sports going on every week in your community, you should pick a different sport each day and do one story on that game/event/sport.
This really is asking a lot of you, and this one assignment could easily last for weeks. Yet in the light of learning it wont hurt you a bit to cover a number of different events, and take the weeks necessary to complete the job.

Here is a partial list of different sports: football, soccer, rugby, basketball, tennis, swimming, diving, cross country track, track and field, mountain bike, criterion bicycle, bicycle road races, stock car races, sports car races, bowling, chess,--- ok you get the point---- now find at least 5 or 10 different events (or more)and make that many good features.

Every single sport has its own unique requirements, and you will need to be both intuitive, and thinking to pull these off well.

Here we are dealing with the movement of the (useally) the ball and the players in relation to the ball

Telling the story of the game on one hand and showing the play on the other. You will have other secondary stories to illustrate the flavor of the event, 1. the stands and fans, 2. the coach and bench, 3. the spirit group and mascot, 4. the referees 5. the stadium/arena, 6. the scoreboard, - each one of these are part of the story of a game.

Rather than have you attempt the recording of an entire event for this lesson you will tell the story of the game/event.
You will shoot the event from all of these positions
1. game camera - high center field/court
2. sideline
3. field end goal

You will also use the skills you learned on video journalism - and interview the coaches and players following the game. ( a note on this ) the camera will have to be hand held and you will use a hand held microphone for the interviews - it will be hard to catch the coach and the players - if you have difficulty - dont worry - make up for it with the shots from the game

As prepairation for shooting a game - read the newspaper and clip articles on the team you are going to cover -
try to get a little background on the team - coach - and best players and understand what is at stake for the game you shoot.
Make a list of questions for the coach and the stars

You are going to be using the camera both from a tripod and hand holding it. Your goal durring the shooting of the sports will be to ALWAYS HAVE A GOOD PICTURE -

You will choose the best sequences of the game from your footage to make the story. These assignments are reasonably short here, but your having read the various pages on field, sports journalism and the other pages in this manual you realize I expect you to apply a large amount of understanding and thought to the productions.