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This page is primarily manuals, and online texts. This page has resources sorted by general topics. The Glossary page contains some of these same links but also has additional links for other resources, Including Computer help and Internet HTML resources.

I have provided these links, because each one has a unique point of view, specifically different subject matter, and methods of explaining their areas of videography. Each site is its own property and the content is owned by them, please review their copyright disclamers before printing and distributing any materials.

Videography is complex and the many variables you will encounter in this field can open you up to error, unless you have sufficent information to solve your problems. These sites have many solutions you may need.

I put this link at the top of the page because it is another gateway links page, ePanorama, has thousands of technical electronic links on many pages, the following page has approx 200 tech video articles/links
Video Production Technology Page, ePanaorama, this page will give you an indepth series of studys/links on the technical aspect of production technology, cameras, lens, and much much more.

Community Access Television, non-profit 510c3, access providers, have organizational and managerial problems, because of the conflict of the artistic temperment and the need of solid managerial skills. For this reason I am including this link at the beginning of the manuals page.
Improving Managment in Non-Profits and Part 2 offers solutions Jim Britell offers "Grassroots Consulting Services" you may be interested in reading his entire site.Jim Britell - home-page
Ohio State - Teaching Handbook for instructors This manual is absolutely necessary if you are going to teach. Education is an Art and a Science, rules and techniques exist which may never occur to you. This manual is indepth - comprehensive and by reading all of the chapters you will have tools which will enable you to successfully teach your students. If you have been drafted to teach your skill and have never formaly conducted a class this manual is essental for you.

Ethics in Education This paper will discuss the role of universities in inculcating a culture of ethics as a prelude to the integration of ethics into the business curriculum. In the author's opinion this requires an analysis of the following variables: the business school as a social system, power and micro-politics, culture, and leadership and cultural change. The Business School as a Social System
a href="

Teaching Online: Techniques & Methods By Martin Kimeldorf -

Western Pennsylvania Television and Video Teachers Consortium

Interviewing and writing

Effective Questioning Techniques

ORAL HISTORY TECHNIQUES AND PROCEDURES" Videotaping interviews adds a new dimension to oral history. The final video product can juxtapose an interviewee to an object or setting that is the subject of the interview, such as a battlefield, where the combination of sight and sound allows for a clearer perception of the interviewee or subject. It also facilitates the use of visual enhancements, such as photographs and maps.


iVideotape by Dana Atchley Camera Techniques for Interviewing

The Writers Store books on directing and related media writing resources

Scriptwriting Software ( commerical-site sales)

These interviewing techniques, relate to production only in a general way, yet it seems appropriate to include them as resources. You may find this information useful if or when you interview for a job. These do suggest various psychological techniques, and you may get some ideas which will be useful.
Interviewing Techniques> Quick Tips on Interviewing The interview has been described as a "mutual exchange of information." Its objectives are to supply information about you to the employer that is not contained in your resume and to enable him/her to evaluate your... Arrive on...

Essential Interviewing Techniques by Alleen Barber We continue our on-going examination of interviewer training manuals with three new articles highlighting features from the best manuals submitted to our contest. A discussion of four essential techniques for uniform data...... As the......

Basic Interviewing techniques- exellent resource

UNCOVERING THE TRUTH! Advanced Investigative Interviewing Techniques For Investigators Learn Formulas, Approaches, Techniques And Specific Questioning Procedures For: Uncovering The Truth- Convince People To Confide In You- Know What People Really Think- And... WHEN IN... ... (books for sale)

Behavior Based Interviewing techniques Behavior Based Interviewing In this fast paced environment any recruiter that has not yet implemented Behavior Based interviewing might as well be selecting candidates with the "Dart Board Technique" "The most accurate predictor of future......... (going to be interveiwed? check this page)

Role Management - Interviews Interview Preparation and Technique This section is taken from the Role Management Job Search Guide Contact Role Management for more information on Interviews Role Management are able to offer support on effects arising out of enforced... What would.........

frontline: the child terror: interview techniques The testimony and statements of child victims is necessarily a central component of child sex abuse prosecutions. Eliciting that testimony often requires careful interviewing - a process that over the years has received increasing scrutiny by child.........

. Suggestible interviewing techniques used with children "IS THAT WHAT YOU WANTED ME TO SAY?"Suggestible Interviewing Techniques Used With Children Find out more about...

Brain Awareness Week: General Techniques for Media Interview General Techniques for Media Interviews Know your purpose. Prepare two or three essential points that you want to get across during the interview. Support your points with facts or anecdotes from your experience. There is no substitute for............

University, College, and High School
Courses and Texts

NYU, click search and type video in their search engine, NYU has an excellent variety of video, film, and audio material for you to explore and learn.
This DIGITAL VIDEO, page at NYU is but one example of the excellent quality of their site

CAMAS HIGH SCHOOL, Video Course - online - EXCELLENT resource

Welcome to Bethel High Photography and Video

Media School, Australian School for media education (check the courses)

EDITING IN KEY SCENE: Editing in Key Scene of Citizen Kane, Worksheet: Viewing Citizen Kane


SYLLABUS, California State University, LA - BROADCASTING 401 Advanced Video Production FALL 1999

NYU resources handbook

Wesley College - This compilation contains navigational links to a broad cross section of online resources ranging from classic and pioneering communication theory and research - to the latest multimedia software. These resources will enable you to investigate.....

KENT STATE 2001This is the current class online text and course manual
KENT STATE- online textbook of videography 2000This is an excellent online video course please review it.

Special Topics: Geographic Education 9-12 Mayville State University GEOG 499 for 2000-2001, Dr. Paul D. Meartz an online course...

BUTTE COLLEGE TELECOMMUNICATIONS PROGRAM, This is an excellent site, a complete course text and appropriate links

Association for Academic Psychiatry - Collaborative Academic Resources - "Producing Educational Video"

Online Video Manuals

Video Pipeline home Provideo Movies, Music Videos, and Game Streaming Videos to web sites.

TVLINK - Huge links page for the Film & Television Industry ... ... of All Time; American Cinematographer Manual; An Actor Prepares; Animation ... Guide to Finding Jobs; Independent Feature Film Production : A Complete Guide; ...

The RML Page of FILM THEORY ... Department of Film; In Hollywood; Independent Film & Video Makers Resource ... Homepage; Masterguide international production manual for film, broadcast-tv & all ...

DVFilm Digital Video Tape to Film Transfers / Video to Film ... ... speeds in bright lighting). Use manual exposure control or shutter ... per minute of completed film. ... our rates affordable to independent filmmakers. ... CHECK THIS PAGE IF YOU WANT TO TRANSFER DV TO FILM


Videoexpert How-to info & books for videographers Learn video equipment, setup, operation, & production

iMovie tutorialThis link is here for two reasons - one it is an excellent example of streaming video - and also - because it uses streamed video to teach the iMovie tutorial.

Video Nexus, An electronic collective Video Production handbook

Marblehead Ma - On-Line Video course Another fine effort of MHTV 10 to educate

Television Production A Comprehensive On-line Cybertext in Studio and Field Production by Ron Whittaker, Ph.D.

VideoGuys, online manual

This is a commerical video school website

Television Production A Comprehensive On-line Cybertext in Studio and Field Production by Ron Whittaker, Ph.D.

The Video Page this is an individual persons page of helpful video information

Desktop Video -an excellent text

TTKK Arkkitehtuurin osasto / AML / Video Links / ... Guides, Glossaries and information pages. ... Fast Computer Testers for Video Editing; Nokia Monitor Tester, works with all monitors; Sony Data Projection ...

Editing ... Editing Glossaries The glossary can be one of ... Editing Indexes That index needs a thorough ... owned Books, CDs, DVDs, Movies and Video Games. ...

Home Video Editing ... Home Video Editing. ... Rev: 08 Sep 2000. Introduction. I put this page together in June/July 2000 ...

Online Dictionaries, Glossaries and Encyclopedias - 101

Over 1,500 Glossary Links The WWW is a wonderful place. Here are hundreds of the glossaries and dictionaries

. On this page, you can find links to technical support information provided directly from the manufacturer's website

Babylon 3.1is an interactive program that provides you with instant information at a click in any Windows Application. Search with Babylon and get precise information in your fields of interest from a large database of commercial and professional glossaries

Cyber Film School Moviemaking Website ... the latest in desktop video. ... relatively new to nonlinear editing. The Help Center acknowledges ... technical questions and invaluable glossaries of computer terms ...

Interesting_Useful _Sites ... site: Video editing software, editing video is more than ... explore the world of video. You'll find these advice sheets, activities, glossaries, and more, useful ...

Video Technology Page - glossarys and various links

Links to INFO sources of Nonlinear Industry ... Jack Calaway's Museum of Early Video Editing Equipment, a must see! ... incl. an ... Online technical glossaries. Grass Valley Group: ... Dictionary of ...

The Video Page this is an individual persons page of helpful video information

Video University - good resource

Cline's Corner, an article on the care of batterys in cold weather.

MOVING PICTURES Television Production Handbook Introduction There are essentially two ways of doing television. Programs are shot either in a specially-designed television studio using several cameras which are fed into a control room and assembled in "real time," or they are shot using a single camera on location and assembled later in an editing room........ 1981, 1996 Roger Inman & Greg Smith. All rights reserved.

A concise manual of camera techniques

The Virtual Screening Room is intended to be a fully interactive multimedia "textbook" for use in teaching film analysis both at MIT and at other institutions. While conventional film analysis textbooks translate a kinetic medium -- cinema into a static medium -- the printed page, the Virtual Screening Room allows the user to read about and view actual film clips simultaneously.

Robert Rodriguez's, film school - (a simplistic approach - good read)

What is Cinema, Digital Cinema and the History of a Moving Image

The Knowledge online, a UK site, of film and televison knowledge

HabbyCam is a commerical site, of a young man, which designs and selles video acessorys. This is his tips page. The entire site is a very good example of internet marketing techniques.

Specific Video Application instructions

Radio Control helicopter links - video application, This is a comprehensive list of links.

Videography in the Legal Environment Background

Effective Videotaping Techniques for Legal Observers

Model Protocol Standards for Videography of Autopsies in Custodial Death

article = Video Review Comes to the Operating Room: Videotaping Surgeries Offers Opportunities to Improve Outcomes

safety training - course study manual - In this workshop you will learn about different methods and tools for analyzing and designing jobs including risk analysis, checklists, and videotaping techniques.

Videotaping an English Mini-drama in Your Classroom

article The TLC's videotaping service provides instructors with a simple way to assess their classroom performance.

Videotaping Lessons: Enhancing Conceptual Change in Preservice Mathematics Teachers This study investigates students' beliefs about the teaching of mathematics as revealed in their review of the video tapes made of lessons they taught.

Videotaping the Athlete

Camcorder Imaging Techniques - A camcorder can only be used with a telescope in afocal eyepiece projection mode for the simple reason that the optics cannot be removed from the camcorder.

Eric Digest, Integrating Film and Television into Social Studies Instruction. ERIC Digest.

Welcome to the TERRA Guide Nature Videography Site! A Site Dedictated to Providing Information on Equipment & Techniques for Videotaping Wildlife and Nature in an Environmentally Responsible Manner

Fast Track Reseumes - interview tips - video yourself answering these questions.

This site advises potental clients interested in Videotaping their Wedding. this is a very good read if you intend to do weddings.

Aerial Videography -..of the Virginia Gap Analysis Project at the Fish and Wildlife Information Exchange

videotaping - marrage and divorce - this is a message board thread with links.

commerical site for sale = Video Depositions: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Examples of Community Efforts to Promote Film and Video

Caribbean Island resources this is a general guide to film and television services, and other Caribbean Island resources

IMPALA New Producers Guide Thank you for your interest in pursuing a career in the Travel/Adventure Lecture field. To assist you, the members of IMPALA - International Motion Picture And Lecturers Association, as well as other contributors, have compiled this guide. Drawing from years of experience

San Antonio Film Commission As the official liaison for the City of San Antonio, the San Antonio Film Commission offers free, dependable assistance to filmmakers. Although permits are not required for most public property, the Commission will help with initial location scouts, serve as liaison between all city departments and provide lists for local hire crew and hotel accommodations. (Excellent example of the a communities resource development for film and video - this site is a must for all to visit)

Computer applications,editing, general

Producing Streaming Video (and Audio) for the Web by Philip Greenspun for the Web Tools Review . If you just want to record sound from a microphone and save it in RealAudio format, then you mostly need to read my article on production machines and...

ADOBE PREMIER LINKS This is a page in this manual of a number of links which may aid you with your use of the Adobe Premier Editing software

Adobe Premier - howto instructions on gallery techniques

Video Chart: Multimedia Toolbench This comparison table covers four major categories of digital video software tools.... (this page has numerous links and resources)


Digital Editor - resource site

Windows 95 , a basic online manual for windows 95

Here is a list of recent articles for digital filmmakers in the technical trade journals

Re: extent size limitation on NTMessage board thread on the subject of file size limitation using the windows NT operating system.

The Golden List of firewire and editing soulutions for the Mac

MovieShop 4.3 - Online User's Guide - software guide

iMovie: The Missing Manual By David Pogue 1st Edition May 2000 1-56592-859-8, Order Number: 8598 385 pages, $19.95 (I have had questions on iMovie - hope this helps -)

price list - Graham Digital Media

Flicktrips, a complete guide to creating video for the internet. You will understand the constrants of todays WWW and learn to format your work correctly for the internet


BOOKs , various books on production you can order

Photography & Videography Bibliographic References *

Photography and Digital Imaging: Miscellaneous - glossary of links -

Puccini Films Links page - video and computer

Epanorama Lighting links

ePanorama home - this site is the comprehensive technological link pages,


Welcome to the Internet Filmmaker's FAQ - a resource document aimed at providing answers to common film-related questions found on various Internet movie newsgroups.

The 8mm Film Format Metadirectory , Rources for the 8mm small format film maker, if you need information, equipment or materials look here for a link

(place in glossarys) also
Film Terminology and Other Resources

History, A breif history of visual media - motion picture mechanics

8mm webring, this webring is devoted to 8mm film production, (note - join and add icon on main page)

BUBL LINK / 5:15 Catalogue of Internet Resources - film and video