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Shooting a meeting (etc.) can be one of the easiest jobs for you to mess-up. The are long, you stand behind the camera for hours, you seldom pan or zoom.
But in real life this may become the bread and butter work that supports you durring those inbetween times that you wait for the big paying projects to appear.

This lesson will have you in at least one meeting of different types every day for the next week.

You will not edit these tapes in the studio. Rather you will perform incamera edits of the open and the closes of the event and the body of the tape will be exactly as you shot it.

For your demonstration tape you will pick out 5 minutes of the program (including portions of the open and close ) for examples of your work.

In critiqueing your work - every bad pan and bad zoom - you will take notice of and list. (this is for your information)

At the end of the week you should have gotten the idea of how to shoot a meeting.

Examples of different meetings. School Board, City Board, Quorum Court, Panel discussion groups, Round table discussions, After dinner speaker, Class room lecture, Seminar. Awards, Sermons(etc.)
Here again you will have to pick the ones you will document, and 5 to 10 of these events will give you an understanding of the process of shooting a meeting

Methods of capturing the audio will be high on your list. 1. wireless microphone, 2. hardwire lavalere mike, 3.Podium mike hard wired, 4. plugged in and recieving a feed from the house sound, 5. taping a microphone to the loudspeaker, 6. Using a directional parabolic or shotgun microphone, 7. the last resort using the microphone on the camera.
Audio is the most important portion of this project, all of the informational content will be carried by the audio. If it is not clear and understandable you will have failed to do your job.

You will have to deal with the lighting as it exists in the room.

In some cases you will have illustrative material which you can insert edit into the tape - generally most clients do not want to go to the extra expense.