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Camera Class schedule

In videography courses the use of the camera is neglected, this series of classes will give you skills if you complete the series (in order) which most videographers never recieve. Most of the courses are intent on giving you the skills to do everything. Cover all the bases, This course when I finish the entire set of lessons will also attempt to cover it all, but rather than emphasis the other aspects - I believe camera work is the key to successful production. The simplest act of slowly zooming or smoothly panning can take a long time to really master. These lessons will expose you to as many different aspects of camera work as possible, in real situations and some fun ones where you can truly experiment.

The further you go with the various lessons, the more I want you to use the experience you have gained. All of these lessons are intended to help you become reactive with the camera. It will take many times of shooting a particular type of event before you really become intuitive.

You are expected to have studied scripting and writing, lighting and audio before you go through this series of classes. You do not have to consider yourself a master of any of them, but you will be using these skills in some manner in each of the following camera classes.

Yes there will be series of classes on other aspects of production, which are still being designed, this series will give you enough to work on for the next series of weeks or months. Each lesson could easily be extended over one months period. If this much time were used your skills would be finely honed. However, each lesson can be completed in one weeks time

This hint will

I have arraged the classes in a specific order, so the student will experience the use of the camera and be exposed to increasingly more difficult situations. I dont care what you are hopeing to become, in the field of video, because, the levels of accomplishment in the work world of video production will require that you be able to perform any and all of the skills which you will learn in the series of lessons.

1. Lesson 1
This lesson will expose you to the most formal and rigid techniques of production 2. Lesson 2
this lesson will teach you to use the camera fluidly

3. Lesson 3
This lesson will teach you to look for un-useual camera positions

4. Lesson 4
This lesson will teach you to interview and create a documentary

5. Lesson 5
This lesson will show you techniques to create news stories

6. Lesson 6
This lesson is combines all of the above lessons and you will make a sports feature program

7. Lesson 7.
This lesson will teach you the use of the camera in the most typical of situations, meetings, semenars, classes

8. Lesson 8.
This lesson will deal with showing items at their best, what they do. You will create training - and how to videos

9. Lesson 9.