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The process of building my own Dual Processor NLE


This page will be a progress report on the building my own NLE system.

My first consideration for the building of this system has been to put together a NLE which will be a standalone system - dedicated to computer editing and graphics - this system will be networked to my other computers to allow for file transfers.

The goal is not to build the fastest system but the most reliable one. This entire manual is directed toward the beginner, the home video producer, and the public access producers and providers. We are all hit with so many different solutions for NLE systems, that it is easy to become confused.

The platform for this system will be a dual Pentium Pro platform. I have chosen this because,
1. this system has performed as a industry workhorse for years, they have primarialy been servers for the industry.
2. the dual system should allow the editing requirements to be handled speedly
3. These systems are now available on the market both as components and entire system as used. This reduces the prices drasticly.
4. I am rejecting the idea of the new fast systems because they are now being built for the consumer market, and not for the industrial market. They may be fast, but will they be that much faster - and do you really need the speed - 5. The majority of all editing is cuts - which require little rendering time - the effects and other rendering needs for my project can wait for the computer to finish it.
6. I am assuming the Dual system will be faster than I suspect, but as this narrative continues - I will report - the performance. 7. The computer will have NT as an operating system.

I could use help with parts on this project
The motherboard crashed after I finally got all the pieces together,(the board had passed the 30 warranty period) now Im once again saving.
an atx dual motherboard, memory, or a 70 gig firewire hd would be great
please clic the TipJar if you would like to help me
or mail,
Bill Ames
5 East Mountain #2
Fayetteville, Arkansas

You may appricate the fact that I have very little money available to build this computer, and must work with what I have.


1. This card was purchased on Ebay for $40 plus $5 shipping
4-Port 1394 FireWire Card
Brand New
3- External 1-Internal Ports
4-pin TO 6-pin 6FT FIREWIRE Cable.
ULEADS Video Studio 4.01 Basic SE
For Windows 95,98,2000,NT
Installation Manual In Retail Box
Newest Texas Instruments Chip Set TSB12LV26
the ieee-1394 card came in today,(Dec 14 2000) Im still waiting on the CDR - now i need to decide on the operating system - either nt or windows 2000 --- windows 2000 is supposed to be a kind of hybred between nt and regualar windows - with all the nt bugs worked out. time to go back to ebay and start looking for one or the other - Ill let you know-

The following components are existing in my old pentium 90
2. Audio card - old blaster card
3. 2 meg video card
4. RAM - 64 meg
5. 2 - 500 meg ide drives - will be used for operating system and applications
6. 2 - old 8 gig scssi drives. I may have to set in a seperate power supply from some old salvaged computer parts I have.

**note - i will include the email on this purchase - with approval from the seller - this person has responded helpfully and quickly**

7. I am buying a matched pair of 200 - 200 MHs - 512k - offer below
Pentium Pro 200 MHz 512K Cache, Quantity 1 @ $55 each, Matched Pair @ $96, Matched Quad @ $187, used pulls in excellent condition with 30 day warranty.
8. The mother board offer will be purchased
Asus P65UP5 Main Board with Asus C-P6ND Dual Pentium Pro 200 Daughter Card (may be new or factory refurb) with built-in Voltage Regulators both for $80. Boards and cards have 60-day warranty. A unique feature of the main board is that it can also be configured to take dual PII's or dual Socket 7's mounted on other available daughter cards.

9, ATX case
10. keyboard and mouse
11. will transfer my old 17 Ultra VGA monitor

This will continue as soon as the components are all here, and I will describe the putting together of the computer (today Dec 3, 2000)


Feb 2001 - all of the equipment is here - I put the entire system together - only to find the motherboard did not work - the 30 day return had past - now I am once again saving to purchase a new one.

dec 6 - I have just won a CDR - for the system - new in the box - total cost $71.50. a bid on ebay - this will allow the computer to write video to a cd and will allow mastering short projects directly to the cd. - The firewire card has not come in the mail yet.

dec 20 --the drive is here and the firewire card. The drive is new still in the original sshrink wrap ================================

dec 30 - have had little time to work on the editor - or - write here - all of the components are here now. I found that the mother board had a (voltage regulator ) broken off - and had it resolderd - I need the small plastic feet for the mother board to mount it. I ordered the operating system a couple days ago, from ebay - windows NT - Now hopefully by the end of Jan I will have had time to put it all together. =====================================

Jan 13 - Little things now - like small plastic pieces to hold the board away from the case (called standoffs ) and the brass pieces that are screwed into the case and holds the board tight in the case. "didnt have em - had to find em" The computer is still in pieces - waiting for the NT disks to come in the mail.