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A Complete Training Manual of Videotaping & Editing Techniques
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The site is in process of re-organization, the educational materials/manuals and the information links have been placed on their own pages apart from the software downloads and commerical sites.

Video documentation, is now widely accepted for both practical and artistic reasons. On the practical side, videography can provide training and corrective analysis tools never before available, Video records details which might otherwise be lost and preserves them for analysis. From historical to individual activities, process's, to objects - few things have not been recorded. The need for trained - competent video producers is growing every day, and will continue to grow due to the many technological media advances and new inventions.

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Welcome, here you will find manuals and information on Video, and its related tools, writing and scripting, and other video/film based resources. This body of links represents a gateway site of technological information. Most of the sites listed here offer free information and software. You should not need to buy any software to get started, because you will find more free applications than you will ever want to use. The manual is dedicated to Community Access Television, producers. Fayetteville Arkansas.

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links to a selection of manuals   links to online editing instruction   links to information on various types of interviewing   audio links tips, hints   technical computer help links and training   many glossaries, dictionaries and search engines   new tech inventions and such   everything from tutorials to downloads for site construction   discussion on chatrooms and links to various rooms   have to teach and dont know how, here is help   info on development of new pub access in Eureka   links to public access television in the US   compiled copies of federal legislation    

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This manual was first written as a set of handouts for classes, but the volume of material increased to the point where it was impractical to print it for the students. So the material was posted on the internet where they can read/print what is important to them. The manual has grown to include computer and internet technology and is in a constant state of re-writing and updating, as new information comes online and sites are discontinued. You are welcome to print and use any material needed for classroom or field use. The pages are discriptive from my experience of videotaping 800+ sports events and pretty much the spectrum of videotaping possibilities.

This page lists/links over 50 online videomanuals, the list is a continual state of organizing, the effort is to select some of the better reads for you. I have included these choices, because other authors will have a different point of view and will provide you with additional information on the subject of videoproduction.

Adobe Preimere will be the first set of links on the page, other program/application links are being developed. Video Toaster, Screen Play, Miro, are only a few of the linksets which are being added. I would like to encourage you to check out the Apple G4 and 'Final Cut Pro', the entry of Apple into the video editing area has recieved a number of positive comments.

The variety of subject matter which these links cover will surprise you. This page will offer you much 'food for thought'. Interviewing is one of the most important arts you need learn if you are to be a professional videographer. With the majority of work in the commerical world, being reporting, and documentary - being able to frame questions and encourage answers will give you an edge some video professionals do not have.

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As the beginner in video, you may belive the picture is more important than the words/sound. ((speech, music, and sounds carry most of the emotion and the message")) SO SORRY! BUT 80% of your video is the sound. For all practical purposes the movies make a slient film and voice/sound over it in post production, the documentarian tries to capture the best audio from the natural setting, (it's difficult). This page links to many aspects of audio.


Computers have (Im talking to the choir here) become an all important aspect of our lives, this page has technical links and support information you may need or want. Computer building, repair and maintaince is a home exercise, we simply have to face the fact that they break down both mechanically and in their programming. This page of links should direct you to the information you need.


This page is devoted to glossaries, dictionarys, and search engines. Our language is growing daily and the meanings of words and abbrevations are often unclear. This is especially true in the technical world. The search engine selections will take you to 100's of specialized search engines. Search Engines are a tool for finding specific sites on the interent. No one search engine has all of the links to the millions upon millions of internet pages/addresses. If a page is to be listed anywhere it must be submitted to a search engine. You pick the ones which will benefit your content and need.


Indepth video technological applications are addressed here. New technology and inventions which have not been widely applied is one of the aspects of this page. Included are links to information on Patents, copyrights, and trademarks.


Making internet webpages is the subject of this page, here you will find all of the software needs, scripts, and codes needed for the construction of a web site. Streaming video over the internet will probably be a major point of interest to you, if so there are a large selection of links. You will also find many program download sites.


This page refers to chatrooms and their use as a communication medium. Chat rooms have a huge impact on many people. Instant messageing and computer to phone communication are very useful tools. Excite chat and AOL chat use 'Vplaces ' browsers to interconnect people, this browser is an excellent application for such communication uses. I began my computer education in Excite chat and found the experience positive. I talked, played backgammon and chess, learned paint shop pro, and html with online friends.
At this writing 'Excite has lost Vplaces software and is attempting to create a new browser similar in function to Vplaces'. The impact of excite losing vplaces can be stated this way, at any given moment 30,000 or more people would be online within excites server, a my last check less than 2000 were present.


These teaching resources are included to benefit the individual who may have no training, yet because of their experience or interest have the responsibility of guideing and teaching. This is especially directed to those of you involved in Public Access Television. To a very large degree the training at public access education is limited to "Here is the equipment, these are a few controls, now you can use it." All of the various manuals and tutorial links have been provided here for you access and use in your classes. The few links on this "TEACHING RESOURCES" page contain a wealth of information for the teacher.

Nonprofit orginizations generally have untrained and unprofessional - board members, staff and volunteers Additional information is provided for dealing with Nonprofit orginization, personality and personell problems, you will find a set of links which address and offer solutions for some situations.


This page is written for the benefit of EUREKA SPRING PUBLIC ACCESS TELEVISION. The creation of this access station has been a 3 year process, with its starts and stops. A 501c3 non-profit charter exists and board of directors is being formed.


Here is a collection of all of the public Access station links in the United States which I could locate. I created this page, because at the time other sites were not being updated. They are listed by alphabetically by state. It took a while to find them. If your station is unlisted - please email me with the subject heading =fix this links= ( to get my attention ).


This page is a copy of the U.S. Federal laws governing the establishment and operation of public access television.

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