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Unfortunately as back when my obsession with Ranma was at its peak, my writing at that time was also quite bad. In other words, while I now have better taste in reading and writing, the stories posted here at this point are all not very good. So please keep that in mind that these are definitely not my best work. ^^;;;

Cherry Blossom Light
Akane never knew that her fiancee had a twin sister. But then again, neither did Ranma. She came out of the rain, accusing Genma of trying to kill her. Her name is Sakira Saotome. Since the arrival of Ranma, Nerima had seen some really crazy stuff, but now with the appearance of this mysterious, powerful, yet so very fragile girl, things became a whole lot more complicated and dangerous. Because a new enemy who somehow followed Sakira is now kidnapping random Nerima crew and turning them against each other! Only one person knew the reason, but unfortunately, the Nerima crew is running out of time...
prologue | part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5

Night Owl
complete, more or less
Houses getting trashed and people being injured were normal occurances in Nerima, and no one ever thought too much about it, because no one was ever seriously hurt. In fact when Ranma and his entourage arrived the district had never been so safe. But that security was suddenly smashed to pieces when a carcass turned up looking as if something was feeding on it. And then attacks followed, each becoming more dangerous than the last, until Ranma finally realized that something was seriously wrong. And if he doesn't do something about it, he just might loose the one person he value the most.
part 1 | part | part 3 | part 4 | part 5

Namida Naisho
Akane has a secret, a secret no one must ever know. A secret that had been killing her from inside for years. But now, she must reveal the secret because if she doesn't...
Ranma will die.
akane tendo

In this world there are three forbidden techniques, the least of which is the Nekoken that Ranma unbiddenly learned. The second is the Sakkiken, the Blood Fist. And the last, the most powerful and the most dangerous one, is the Akureiken, the Demon Fist. When Akane disappeared after killing a begger boy, Ranma learned that half of the Akureiken training was taught to her before her mother died, and that she was now completely out of control without the focus point. And now Ranma must find her and somehow tame her before she destroys everyone in her path.
part 1

We all know that Akane belongs to Ranma. Yet, just how far will our young hero do to ensure she stays his? A dark tale of insanity and obsession.

Another Typical Day
An original flavored fanfic, crazy new challengers and same old fiancees and all, starting with another typical day. :)
part 1

Ranma 1/2: Harvest Moon
Ranma is a hot-shot Martial Artist, everybody knows that. But what happens when we stick our favorite hot-shot and his violent girlfriend in a situation that doesn't need Martial Artist? See Ranma. See Ranma plow the fields!
part 1

An accidental wish made true, the mistakes a powerful half-demon named Inuyasha made caused a ripple that became a crashing wave in the life if his descendents. Years had passed, and what had happened was forgotten like the mist at dawn. But the full consequence of Inuyasha's wish has yet been purged. Now, a young woman whose blood contains those of the Unpure Ones must battle to prevent all that she cares for from being destroyed by a power even she could not imagine.
part 1

Knocking on the Gate to Hell
An untimely accident brought the news of the fatally wounded Ranma to the shocked ears of those he know, and Akane must now cope with the inevitable death of the one she holds most dear. Meanwhile, deep within the embrace of the darkness, a young man with no knowledge of who he is, or where he came from, must fight to keep himself from the clutches of the Dark Ones and fight toward the light; toward the face of a young woman he knew and love, one that he will never give up.

Sword of Magic
Meet Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo, the most unlikely partnership there ever was or will be!
Ranma Saotome's family was killed in a bandit raid, destruction of his home in one night, leaving him to fend for himself. Becoming a master swordsman, Ranma seeks revenge for the death of his family and the people he loved.
Escaping the hated marriage for money, Akane Tendo learns the ways of magic and vows to help all people in need of a champion.
Guided by the magical stone, Kyreen, Akane joins up with Ranma and together, they seeks the destruction of the infamous City of the Thousand Bandits.


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