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After going through my old list of links, I found out that quite a few are actually broken. So here I have a txt file with the names of the broken links here, and if anyone have the new address, please email me. And if you want to know what fanfics are on the broken link sites, please refer to the Old Fanfic Links where I have my old reviews. Thank you.

Broken Link List
Old Fanfic Links

Fanfiction Links:

Hearts of Ice
A spell cooked up by Shampoo gone terribly wrong and suddenly Ranma and Akane are ripped away from each other. Now Ranma searches desperately for a way to get her back, while Akane forges a way for herself in the Realm of the Gods, the Kami Plane. This is one of the greatest Ranma 1/2 fanfics, and if you're new to the fandom, this is as good of a place to start as any.
Incomplete, Epilogue

The Anything Goes Ranma 1/2 Studio
A large archive of stories done by Kahlil and Kiwi Noriega, siblings I believe. A lot of interesting ideas, certainly, although I have to admit, the writing isn't exactly the best. There are quite a few fanfics here and each are in various stages of complete and incomplete. If you're a fan of Rankane, then this is one of the stops.

Another one of the best ones, right up there alongside with Hearts of Ice. But beware, like all the good stuff, this isn't a one shot short thing, so if you're looking for a long epic, almost, then this is it. This one's a bit darker, but very believable with very nice writing. The one problem is, the author seemed to have lost interest in continuing the story for now, so you might have to wait quite a while for the next chapter to come out. But even then, what he currently have out is quite a treat as it is. If you're reading, get ready for a wild ride.
Incomplete indefinite

A Lesson in Love
This may not be an epic adventure, but it's still an adventure -- in love. A very good and quite believable of what could happen after the final wedding fiasco, it describes how the characters finally find their love. If you're a romance fan, and a supporter of Rankane, then this definitely a good place to stop by.
Incomplete, Part 19 & 21

Dreamspinner's Fanfic Domain
One of my favorite writers, definitely. Her site have synopsis for each one of her stories, and while I would normally give a few recommendations, it doesn't help if I recommend every one, does it? ^^;; But if you're a sucker for ULTRA sad angst, then take a peek at Wings to Fly Away. It is, by far, the saddest, yet somehow happiest Ranma 1/2 fanfic I've ever read. And if you're looking for a longer fic, her A Matchmaker in Tokyo is very hilarious, and there's definitely no Mary Sue-ism in there, I swear. ^.~ And as an added bonus, all her fanfics are complete, so no more cliffhangers!
All complete.

Studio Mako-chan
Once again, another extremely long story, but well worth the time. There are quite a few crossovers here with Ranma 1/2, but the only fanfic I've read so far is actually Destiny's Wish, which is about Nodoka making a wish to change the past, and she in fact wished for Ranma to be never taken away from her. It's certainly very interesting, and I had a great time reading it. There are seven volumes (yes, seven volumes) each containing four or so chapters. And yes, that means nearly 30 something chapters. But I swear, it really is worth you time. Just be sure you HAVE the time in the first place. ^^;;
complete...I think...

Remi's Favorite Ranma 1/2 Fanfic Links
A MUST STOP on your list of "to do"'s, this place probably have even more fanfic links than I do, and that's saying a lot. But don't mistaken it that her site is based on mine, 'cause it isn't. She made her link list long before I did, and I started making mine before ever stumbling across her place. ^^;; But I loveloveloveloveloveLOVE that place. Not only does she have over 3 pages of links, she also have an archive with her favorite short stories, ready for anyone's pleasure. Not only that, but she frequently updates the status, so we always know when a link is broken, or if something's new is added to the site linked. And yes, she even got synopsis of stories listed under the links. And she also wrote a few of her own fanfics, and all of them have promise, definitely. I adore her. ^__^

Daigakusei no Ranma/Daigakusei no Ukyo
Yes, this is the famous Ranma in College fanfic. Very, very long, but once again, very worth the time. The first, Daigakusei no Ranma details Ranma's time in College and his continued relationship with Akane, and after that comes Daigakusei no Ukyo, which details how she got over Ranma and the such. Both quite good, I hear, although I've only read DnR so far. And not only that, but apparently they even have a DnR manga in the making right now!

KaraOhki's Pagoda
Lots of very nice fanfics here. Not extremely long, more fluffy and cute than dark and serious, so this is a welcome break if you've been reading Relentless and Hearts of Ice. It's been a while since I last read anything on this site, so I really can't tell if the writing is good or not, since my old self...well, let's just say back then MY writing sucked, too. ^^;; In any case, it's a good idea to check out all the stories, as I remember they weren't extremely long even though they're multiparters.

That's 1/2 My Goddess
A very well done Ranma 1/2 and Ah! My Goddess fusion, so if you're fan of both series, then you're in luck! It's a bit long, but it's not as long as, say, Destiny's Wish, or Relentless, or as dark. And I remember liking this fanfic a lot, although I know i won't be rereading it now mostly because I have no interest in Ah! My Goddess. But definitely check it out.

Angela's Fanfics
Up on par with Relentless in terms of seriousness and dark twists, her The Game was what first hooked me. Apparently it's based on a book...? Whatever the case is, while the opening is a bit unbelievable, overall the story is very well written, and very fun to read (I can't believe I just called Akane-torture fun... O.o) and I definite recommend it.

Quik's Nesting Place
The one shots are very cute, and I recommend it as quick breathers in-between reading Relentless, Hearts of Ice, or other longer and darker fanfics. The longer series are also very promising with interesting plots and unqiue point of views. It's a definite stop, especially if you prefer lighter and fluffier fanfics than dark twisted ones.

Ranma 1/2 Superhighway
Another link archive page. I don't like it as much as Remi's, but that's probably because this place doesn't gaurantee Rankane pairing. ^^;; In any case, this place have a huge list of fanfic links, and interestingly enough, they're actually organized by type rather than by, say, author's name or fanfic name. For example, one of the directories is called Altaverse Drive, which obviously indicates that the links in this direction are all alternative universes. I like this interesting layout. And if you're running out of fanfics to read, another definite stop along the road.

Allyn Yonge's Fanfic Page
The two most noted, that I remember, are Cats Have no Tears and Bloodfist, both are dark but VERY well done. I especially liked Cats Have no Tears. The plots are unique and twisted, exactly my type of stories. ^^;; And as for Bloodfist, you may notice that I did use the name in Akureiken, but it's only in passing, so I hope I won't be sued. Gomen! But really, though, the fanfics here are very nice, and as an added bonus, another author's also here for your enjoyment.

Transpacific Fanfiction
The home to some of the most twisted, yet the greatest, Ranma 1/2 fanfics. THIS is the home to the infamous Ill Met By Starlight fanfic, whereupon when Ranma arrives at the Tendo household, he is anything but stable... But that's not the only one here. Among the gigantic list of fanfics, the most well known are probably Waters Under Earth and Turning the Wheel, both very good although I've only read Turning the Wheel. Also be sure to check out Ghost Story, Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed? And my personal favorite, Last One Standing, a story with very good writing and very unique plot. And unfortunately, it also is unfinished. *sigh* Well, this is one of the definite stops, I can gaurantee that one.
complete; Last One Standing incomplete

Ashefae's Ranma 1/2 Page
The most notable fanfic here is probably Ashefae's Validation, which follows Akane as she got fed up with the chaos in Nerima and left, and naturally Ranma followed. I need to go back and reread this one as I don't remember much about it, but I do remember feeling very happy reading it. So do take a look? And there are a few other short stories here worth mentioning including Ryukenzawa and The Akane Factor.

Chima Baifeng Shengshan Chun
The title, as you probably noticed, is actually Chinese in pinyin. But I really can't translate as it's more of an idiom type of thing than something that can be directly translated. ^^;;; In any case, I absolutely ADORE this fanfic, and length-wise, it's definitely up there with Relentless, Transpacific Fanfiction stuff, and Hearts of Ice. And especially if you liked the dark stuff in Transpacific Fanfiction, then you NEED to read this one. There are four books total in planned, as far as I can tell, but only apparently half of the first book is finished. And unfortunately, it seems like the author lost interest, or had a VERY long writer's block, because it hasn't been updated since 2001. But whatever the case is, just reading whatever is currently up is a treat for any fanfic lovers. So read, read!

Ranma 1/2 Z & Z Neo
A Ranma 1/2 and DBZ fusion. I have to admit, I hold no great love for DBZ (I like it, but I'm certainly not obsessed) BUT this fanfic is something you really shouldn't miss. Even if you hate DBZ, you still should take a look if you're a Ranma fan. Very well written and with an interesting plot, and with this size, it's definitely up there in the hall of fame with Destiny's Wish and Hearts of Ice.

Ranma 1/2: Elseworlds
Yes, this is the infamous Elseworlds series. ^^ The Elseworlds series is written by a group of various different writers, and each are talented in their own way. I actually especially like the Elseworlds series because of the alternative universe idea, which sounds very fun indeed. I don't know if all the fanfics here are Rankane or not, so read at your own discretion if you're a diehard Rankane fan, but if you're not, then by all right, go get 'em. ^-^
complete stories, incomplete series

Lady Lioness' Den
Belong to Me is a sweet and fluffy Rankane one shot, so if you're in need of a break from Transpacific Fanfictions, then drop by and take a look. Awakening Blind Eyes is also pretty good, involving Kasumi I believe, from what I remember of it when I first read it. It's another fluff, I think, so once again when you're in need of a longer break from the series of dark stuff, then come and read.

Equal Romance
It's a tad bit unbelievable that everyone found someone to love, but then again I LOVE that, because that means everyone's happy. ^0^ The pairings are Ranma/Akane, Ryoga/Ukyo, Mousse/Shampoo, and Kuno/Nabiki, so I'm extremely happy since they're all pairings I love. Be forewarned, this fanfic DOES contain ADULT SITUATION. So don't read if you're underage, or if you're offended by those type of things.

Ranma's Apartment
LOTS of very very good fanfics here including, of course, Ranma's Apartment. But my favorite multparter here is actually THE CLAN, about a secret in the Saotome matriarch's family, and a few problems that crops up along the way. I definitely recommend that. And if you're not afraid of adult situation, then take a look at Hot and Cold Running Ranma and it's analysis and Return of the Instant Nannichuan and it's sequel. And also, a one shot that I particularly like, The Tomboy Solution. Very cute (although might be a bit of a hazard to your health).

Dave Eddy's Fanfics
The most notable here being Nekophobia, The Togetherness Factor, and Second Time Around. Nekophobia is where Akane somehow acquires the cat curse, The Togetherness Factor is where Ranma and Akane somehow became stuck together, and Second Time Around is where Ranma wishes not to be cursed...and the wish sends him back in time just in time to be cursed again. ^^;;; Nekophobia is completed and very good, although apparently the ending is somewhat disappointing (according to my old review). The Togetherness Factor and Second Time Around are both quite promising. So take a look!
complete; incomplete

Tiger Claw
A quite dark and long story, this one is also up there with Relentless. When a sorceress arrives and an old enemies returns, things get turned upside down, and Ranma now takes a plunge into the dark side of his soul, and it's dark seductive powers. And the Neko-ken turns out to be a lot more than what it first appeared to be.

MmeFleiss' Ranma Fanfics
Lots of cute stuff here including one shots Cooling Off, Girl Talk and Not Quite Love at First Sight. And among the longer stories, there's the well known Wasurerarenai (Unforgetable), and a cute and crazy little thing called Double Trouble. Very interesting and fun, and a welcome break from, say, Tiger Claw.

Nightelf's Elysium
With a lot of interesting fanfics including the Sunrise Chronicles, and the Iris Tales. But my favorite actually happens to be Clothes Make The..., an unforgetable and certainly hard to explain story. And unless you're definitely a diehard Rankane fan, I'm not sure if you should read this. ^^;; But it really is very good, and VERY unique.

Fire's Fanfics
The home to the well known Destiny's Child and Sailor Ranko. I don't THINK I've read Destiny's Child, but I have read Sailor Ranko and I love it. In fact I even started a side story to it, with permission from Fire, of course, but I never managed to finish it. Unfortunately. ^^;; But whatever the case is, if you like Sailor Moon, then this is definitely something you should take a look. And even if you don't like SM, then it's STILL something you need to take a look.

X-ile's Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction
Quite a few crossovers in here, and most of them are continuuations. The most notable that I remember are Sight Beyond Sight and First Knight, the former an interesting alternative universe, and the latter a Ranma/Sailor Moon crossover continuuation.

Careful Destiny
Certainly a very interesting fanfic with an unique plot. Getting his hands on a broach that grants him two wishes, Ranma naturally wish to not be cursed. And now Ranma must learn to live with not knowing any martial arts, a martial artist sister who hates him, and with Akane engaged to Kuno instead. Poor Ranma. Nothing ever do go his way. ^^;;

TeW's Ranma Fanfics
I have yet read any of the incomplete fanfics, but I recommend every single completed one on this page. Countdown is very well done and almost sad in a way, but happy at the end. And certainly not what you expect. Just Not Proper involves Kasumi and WHY the Tendo girls (and in particularly Akane) don't do anything that's "just not proper." And the two most notable fanfics here are Proper Punishment, where Ranma was forced to play parent to Akane when she reverts to her old behavior, and Thought of the Mongoose, whereupon Akane learns a powerful new technique. Very, very good and certainly well worht your time.

A fanfic that I really like, but I couldn't find a site or even the email address of the author. Heck, I don't even KNOW who the author is. But this doesn't belong to me, and if could I would give all proper credit to whoever wrote this. As a completist, though, even though I have no permission to post this here, I will want to put this up for readers' enjoyment. I just adore it so much to NOT post it. So please, don't sue me! If ANYONE know who wrote this, or knows a place where it is hosted, PLEASE email me and tell me. I want to give the proper credit to where they're due.

Stiffanie's Ranma Fanfiction
A few cute and fluffy Rankane fanfics including Resolution where Ranma actually thinks about his relationship with Akane. Waiting For You is also quite good, although I never managed to finish it. Well worth your time, and especially if you're in need of some cute fluff to brighten your day. ^0^

Lin Lee's Fanfics
Mmm, yum! One of my more frequented Ranma fanfic sites, Lin Lee also like Akane more than the other characters, like me, so her stories are the stuff that I would be very interested in. If you're an Akane fan, definitely take a look. Her Akane Chronicles is absolutely superb, and I really like Obedience. Once again, if you like Akane, you REALLY need to stop here.

Lord Archive's Fanfictions
Quite a few very long multipart Ranma fanfics, including Second Chances, where something bad happened and Akane wishes for a second chance. Her wish was granted and she arrived back in time ready to prevent all the mistakes that happened--only to make a whole slew of new ones. Shattered Lives (Rejected) is where Nodoka finds out about the curse in the first meeting, and Ranma was rejected in way much worse than death, and things just continues to roll down hill. And another very good one, Hard Life: Nekoken is Out of the Bag, whereupon the Nekoken plays a very big role.

Starlight's Fanfics
A few interesting fanfics, Crossfire and An Alliance of Powers. A tad bit cliche, not extremely well written but passing, and a bit OOC. Take a look, but if you've been reading Relentless, Transpacific Fanfictions, and Hearts of Ice, this might be a bit disappointing. On the other hand if you haven't read many fanfics, just a newbie and want some easy to read Rankane stuff, then by all right, go ahead. :)

The Lambda Shrine: The White Seal Scrolls
I recommend all four stories in the White Seal Scrolls as all of them are VERY well done. The only one out of the four I haven't read is the last one Child of Innocence. I also hold very fond memories of Ran-ma-ge: The Eye of the Storm. If you go for long epics, then the stuff in the White Seal Scrolls are it. I haven't actually read anything in the Red Seal Scrolls, so if you're curious, go take a look.

Carrot's World
The only one I can somewhat remember that I read here is A Saiyan's Tail, which is where Nodoka married Goku instead of Genma and Chi Chi married Soun. You should take a look, but I really don't remember much about them.

Chiesai: Dreams of Darkness
Another one I had to host here. Once again I couldn't find author's email address, or a webpage, so I hope no one sue me. *cringe* If anyone do know her email, or know a place where it's hosted, please tell so I can give all proper credits. ^-^

Demon Saya's OTHER Fanfiction Page
A lot of fluff and romance here. Not exactly the best written, but it's cute if you like Rankane. I don't like how she make Akane cry at least once in every fanfic, but then again if you're a mush fan, definitely go take a look. ^^;;

Sakichan's Fanfics
Only three fanfics here but all three are worth reading. Good for in between reading dark stuff. I really like Blind Desperation, whereupon it's time for Akane to save Ranma instead. A nice place for a quick stop. :)

Whimsicle Fancies
Home to the Nerima Episodes. I personally never read it, but I heard good reviews and recommendations for it. So go for it if you have nothing left to read. Not sure if it's completed or incomplete, so you'll have to see yourself.


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