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January 3, 2002:

Night Owl Epilogue
The final chapter of the book is about to be closed...but has it finally ended? Reilion is dead, taken by the God of Death, yet Ignira is still alive. And now, Akane and Ranma must learn to work and live with each other, because they can no longer be separated...
Status: Parts 1-5, complete.
Epilogue: 10% complete

Akurei-ken Part 2
Akane now on the loose, and the Nerima gang must find her before she destroys herself and everything standing in her path.
Status: Part 1, incomplete.
Part 2: 21% complete

Cherry Blossom Light Part 6
The truth of the situation is still obscured, and worse yet, Akane had disappeared without a trace. Something dark and dangerous plotted within the shadows, even as Sakira Saotome fought to preserve all that she holds dear. Something bad is going to happen soon... Can the Nerima Crew stop it in time? Or will it consume them before they could even act?
Status: Parts 1-5, incomplete
Part 6: 0% completed

Namida Naisho: Tendo Nabiki
The night of the unspeakable horror seen through Tendo Nabiki's eyes, along with what happened after.
Status: Part 1, incomplete
Part 2: 50% completed

Ranma 1/2 Harvest Moon Chap. 2
Ranma and Akane finds out what had happened, along with a new challenge that they weren't sure if they could take on.
Status: Chapter 1, incomplete
Chapter 2: 20% completed

Power of the Spiral Dance Chap. 2
Ranma had a disturbing dream one night, and now he must struggle to find the "savior" of this world, a task he wasn't all that sure he want to take on.
Status: Prologue - Part 1, incomplete
Part 2: 65% completed

Another Typical Day Chap. 2
A mysterious girl named Bailu, and her older brother, Heiyu, appeared and they seemed to have something against Shampoo. Ranma and Akane appears just in time to be dragged into the whole mess. How nice.
Status: Chapter 1, incomplete
Chapter 2: 50% completed

BloodBade Part 2
Ranma takes on a demon on the way back from the market with Kasumi. Meanwhile, Akane must make a painful choice: run away from the problem, or stay and meet it head on?
Status: Part 1, incomplete
Part 2: 60% completed

Knocking on the Gate to Hell Part 1
Akane tries to cope with the knowledge of Ranma's ultimate death. Meanwhile, a young man sees a vision that influenced his goal, and the first of the "Dark Ones" shows up.
Status: Prologue, incomplete
Part 1: 30% completed


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