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Go Big Red---Go Trailways

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{201] Southern Trailways of Georgia #X119 Fitzjohn-FID

[202] P-372

{203] Tennessee Coach Trailways TC-454 3703

[204] Tennessee Coach Trailways TCC-66 Yellow Coach

[205] Model 07 Eagle

[206] Tennessee Coach Trailways TCC-605 4101.

{207] Tennessee Coach Trailways TCC-634 4104.

[208] American Bus Lines #27505 Model 05 Eagle.

[209] Continental Trailways 1954 ACF-Brill

[210] DCSP #8905

[211] DCSP #8907

[212] TCC-39303 Golden Eagle Model 05 Eagle.

[213] Even though the sign says Quaker City Bus, the terminal was actually Safeway Trailways.

[214] Washing the 1938 Federal

[215] 1950 GM Bedford

[216] 101 was the first bus painted as "Continental Trailways", this coach was a 1946 ACF IC/37, the bullet type headlight gives it away, only lasted one year

[217] Driver Bus Lines Fleet 1961

[218] Two ABL Drivers. Jerry Comings on left and Denny Youngdahl on right, holding Denny Jr.

[219] Baby Red Trailways Bus

[220] A Santa Fe Trailways brochure which invites the traveler into the "land of romance, mystery and beauty."

[221] Santa Fe Trailways 1930 Nite Coach.

[222] Missouri, Kansas & Oklahoma Trailways Sign.

[223] Continental Trailways Model 01 Silver Eagle Bus

[224] Trailways TS-102 Motor Coach

[225] Old Clarksdale Ms Greyhound Bus Station

[226]"Old Cleveland, Ohio Greyhound terminal"...GLI spent 4mil$$$ two years ago to completely modernize this terminal...soon it will be Greyhound's only remaiing art deco terminal out the 40 built in the late 30's and early 40's...

[227] Blue Ridge Trailways Bus #77618 a 1969 Model 07 wide body (102") Eagle

[228] Blue Ridge Trailways #77440_MC8.

[229] Blue Ridge-77446_102A3-Drayton Trailways Bus

[230] Blue Ridge Trailways GM PD-4108 Buffalo

[231] Opening of 5 Star Service in Silver Springs MD.

[232] Another view of the opening of 5 Star Service in Silver Springs MD.

[233] Albuquerque NM Continental Trailways Station.

[234] Clinton Murril at Tamiami Shop in Tampa Fl. 1958.

[235] Colonial Trailways (Monroeville Bus Co.) Flixible Clipper.

[236] Eagle Articulates-Both.

[237] Flagstaff Az. Continental Trailways Bus Station.

[238] Continental Trailways Houston Texas Treminal- mid 50's.

[239] Tamiami T-2996 1964 PD-4106.

[240] Tamiami T-3012 PD-4107.

[241] Wilson's Super Golden Eagle Front View.

[242] 1940 Carolina Trailways Beck.

[243] Old Columbus Ga Greyhound Bus Terminal

[244] Huntington WV Greyhound Bus Terminal

[245] Louisville Ky Greyhound Bus Terminal [246] Old Buffalo NY Greyhound Bus Terminal

[247] Old Toledo OH Greyhound Bus Terminal

[248] Wavery Tn Greyhound Bus Terminal

[249] Riverside Ca Greyhound Bus Terminal

[250] Southern Pennsylvania Bus Company Garage and Offices.

[251] Fire Destroys Southern Pennsylvania Bus Barn on 01/22/48

[252] One of Southern Pennsylvania Bus Company's Buses.

[253] Early Picture of Southern Pennsylvania Bus Company Bus and Employees.

[254] Pacific Trailways 1936 Yellow Coach slid into a snow bank.

[255] This Model is larger than most model buses you normally see. The Model 05 Eagle is 40" long X 11 1/2" X 8" wide.It is made of wood and plaster and has it's own platform and Glass cover. Because of its size, it would take two men to pick it up. It is believed to once belong to M.E. Moore, founder of Continental Trailways. This model is now displayed, along with the rest of his collection of model buses in the office of Frank Montgomery, V.P. and G.M. of Colonial Trailways Mobile, Al.

[256] 1920 School Bus

[257] In 1900, the Mack brothers introduced their first successful vehicle --- a 40-horsepower, 20-passenger bus.

[258] Historic Blue Ridge Trailways Hat Badge

[259] Colonial Trailways Model 10 Eagle #5519

[260] Keith Cruce hard at work at his computer

[261] This Early Mack 40 Passenger Model Bus was in service at New Orleans, La in 1923.

[262] CBL-4101 Bus #288

[263] Scale Model of an 05 Silver Eagle Built by Dave Dearstyne

[264] 1914 Stanley Model 812.

[265] 1915 White GBEE 3/4 Ton Covered Flare-Side Passenger Wagon.

[266] 1921 Graham Enclosed Bus.

[267] This Ford Model TT was the original courtesy bus for Qantas Airlines in Long Beach Ca.

[268] R-2105 belonged to Richmond Greyhound and was a 1947/48 GM PD-3751.

[269] 1940 Yellow Coach #439 PDG-4101 of Richmond GL...

[270] Union Bus Depot Lebanon Mo.

[271] Greyhound Buses Louisiana Mo.

[272] 1971 Ad for the sale of Continental Trailways Buses

[273] 1948 Trailways Bus Ad

{274] 1949 Trailways Bus Ad

[275] Early Trailways Silver Eagle Elblem

[276] A GM PD-4102

[277] New York City Port Authority Bus Terminal 09/07/1950

[278] Inside the lobby of the New York City Port Authority Bus Terminal

[279] Trailways of New England 05 Eagle #31528 inside the New York City Port Authority Bus Terminal

[280] Eastern Canadain Greyhound Lines, one of four 1936 Yellow Coach model 732, 29 passenger for service between Calgary and Edmonton..they proved to be greatly underpowered for hills and were returned to Yellow Coach for credit towards a future purchase..

[281] Flxible Vistaliner Bus Drawing

[282] Dina Olimpica Bus Drawing

[283] Flxible Hi-Level Bus Drawing

[284] Blue Ridge Trailways #88462 Dina-Avante Bus Drawing

[285] Amarillo Texas Greyhound Bus Depot

[286] Depression-era photograph of three Wills of Western Greyhound Lines. Typical of the company's fleet in that era,

[287] Mount Olive Greyhound Bus Station

[288] Greyhound/Trailways Bad Boys.

[289] The Great Greyhound Strikes.

[290] History Of The Eagle Coach

[291] Funny & Unusal Bus Stories

[292] Cotton Pickin' Good Bus Links


A Place To Honor The Memory Of Our Deceased Trailways Friends And Co-Workers

[294] 1945 Old Greyhound Bus Ads

[295] 1946 Old Greyhound Bus Ads

[296] 1947-1949 Old Greyhound Bus Ads

[297] 1950-1954 Old Greyhound Bus Ads

[298] 1940 Greyhound Postcard of Rib Mountain State Park US Highway 29, Wausau,Wisconsin

[299] Greyhound Bus in the snow

[300] Old Los Angeles Greyhound Bus Terminal (RTD Terminal)

[301] Old White Bus In Front of House

[302] Old Postcard of The Greyhound Bus Station at Jackson,Tn.

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