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Trailways Forever Memories


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Go Big Red---Go Trailways

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[601] Scenic Trailways Model 10 Eagle

[602] Pickwick Nite Coach sold new to Pacific Nite Coaches...Santa Fe bought the buses, scrapped the routes, just wanted them to compete with Greyhound on their KC to Chicago service...Santa Fe actually put them in storage almost a year before putting them on the road.

[603] Burlington Trailways Yellow Coach #843

[604] Red Eagle? or Blue Eagle?

[605] Blue Ridge Trailways Ashville Lot. 3-MC-8's, 1-Prevost, 3-Eagles, and 1 PD-4104

[606] One of the very early Model 10's, the 16th one built, an American Buslines 1980 car cruises through typical Southern California landscape.

[607] Martha Allison, mom of the late Richard Allison at Panhandle, sent this picture to our own Ron Patterson and he scanned it for us. It's a Continental Rocky Mountain Lines, 1965 Bus & Car 01 Eagle, 1784, posed in front of the US Air Force Academy just outside Colorado Springs.

[608] Another shot of the same bus in a similar locale.

[609] 1940's Continental Trailways Bus Depot Sign

[610] A pair of Blue Ridge Trailways 4107's

[611] Blue Ridge Trailways #77922 Prevost Mirage

[612] Blue Ridge Trailways #77920 Prevost Prestiege

[613] Blue Ridge Trailways PD-4107 #77852

[614] Blue Ridge Trailways TDH-3301 #77152

[615] The lot at the old shop of Queen City Trailways

[616] Queen City Trailways 1963 PD-4106 #Q-6351

[617] This is a promo photo of Santa Fe's of a 1934 Yellow Coach Z-CP-788 with movie stars Ken Mainard and Gabby Hayes on the west end. The Yellow Coach # 7 was used on other advertising they did back then.

[618] A postcard of Smoky Mountains Trailways Bus on Highway Thru Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

[619] Bob Redden (left) ,Jon Hobijn (right) at Bus Bash.

[620] Santa, Otis Sanders, and Colonial Trailways Model 05 Eagle #5515

[621] Early Chicago Trailways Bus Terminal


[623] Old North Coast Lines System's Chehalis, WA terminal and mtce center (note rear end of bus protruding from garage door opening far left of picture...left bus is a 1931 Heiser built from the ground up with a Hall-Scott pan cake engine, only one, as far as I know, #600.Bus on right is a 1935 Kenworth KHO 33 with a Heiser Body.   

[624] Old Atlanta Trailways Bus Terminal showing the loading zones.   

[625] Manchester CPN Single Deck Bus

[626] 1906 Solid Tires Manchester Bus


[628] Toy Trailways Bus

[629] 4104 Trailways Bus in Oregon

[630] When you mean Bus!!

[631] Always Going Your Way

[632] America's New Buffet Coach

[633] Capitol Trailways Bus Bank

[634] North Coast Lines who ran from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, BC via Seattle.  The buses were built by Kenworth and although they were promoted nationally, their principle customer base was the Pacific Northwest. 

[635] 50's Trailways Bus Terminal in Houston

[636] Silver Eagle Emblem

[637] Continental Trailways Blotter

[638] Trailways 5 Star Service Ad

[639] Bowen Trailways Timetable Cover

[640] Adirondack Trailways Timetable Cover

[641] Smoky Mountain Trailways Hat Badge

[642] Blue Ridge Trailways Eagle model 10 # 77126, paused in Nashville beside the famous Ryman Auditorium, home of the Grand Ole Opry. The Ryman is still there, but Opryland that it spawned is gone, gone, gone and so is the bulk of Nashville's tourism base.

[643] 1983 Eagle Model 10-S Safeway Trails Inc. 32411

[644] Tamiami Trailways Group picture taken at a funeral in Tallahasse, Fl.

[645] Mack Buses model of a Trailways 4104

[646] Click here to Check Out the Mack Buses Website

[647] This postcard, probably from the 50s, has the following information on the back: "TRAILWAYS TERMINAL BUILDING -- 210 W. Fayette Street, Baltimore, Maryland. Located in the heart of the new downtown area, this terminal offers over 100 departures daily by the National Trailways System."

[648] Santa Fe Trailways~Race with a Rabbit

A couple of photos from Continental's PR Department.  The first one is their first 4104 and the second is the first production Kässbohrer Golden Eagle in 1957 after the test with the prototype model.  Both are shown in from of 315 Continental Avenue when it was a Trailways house.

  [649] Their first 4104

[650] Kässbohrer Golden Eagle in 1957

[651]Continental Trailways Bus Depot in Phoenix Az.

[652] Continental Trailways Bus Depot in Lincoln Nebraska

[653] Continental Trailways Bus Depot in ST Louis Mo.

[654] Continental Trailways Bus Depot in Pueblo Co.

[655] A side view of a model Corgi Yellow Coach 743 of Burlington Trailways

[656] A front view of a model Corgi Yellow Coach 743 of Burlington Trailways

[657] Union Bus Station Jacksonville Fl 1944

[658] Envelope advertising National Trailways Bus System

[659] Bus factory photo circa 1930

[660] International Harvester original bus photo Circa 1920-30's

[661] Old Atlanta Ga Trailways Bus Station in 1969

[662] The San Antonio Tx Trailways Bus Station after it was remodeled.

[663] Model 05 Eagle Bus Artwork

[664] Trailways Emblem Artwork

[665] Colonial Trailways Variety Pack.

[666] Continental Trailways Bus Schedules (Denver-Salt Lake City)

[667] Continental Trailways Bus Schedules (Omaha-West Coast #8 Nov. 1953)

[668] 1953 Continental Trailways Bus Calendar

[669] Trailways Master Operator 20 Years Safe Driving

[670] Trailways Master Operator 24 Years Safe Driving

[671] Old Trailways Bus Station in Tallahassee Fl

[672] Burlington Trailways New MCI E4500 caught on a schedule in Indianapolis

[673] Southeastern Trailways New MCI J4500 at their shop in Indianapolis

[674] Old Trailways Bus Adds 1945

[675] Old Trailways Bus Adds 1946

[676] Old Trailways Bus Adds 1947-1949

[677] Old Trailways Bus Adds 1955-1954

[678] 1953 picture of the Capitol of Baton Rouge La. showing a Continental Trailways Bus

[679] First Bus In America Mack 1960 Print. Color print measures 8 X 10 inches. This was given out by Mack Truck Inc. maker of the first bus in America, and was the first in a series of prints done by Howard Nostrand Jr, in celebration of Macks 60th Anniversary.

[680] Old Trailways Bus Station in Gulfport Ms.

[681] Dave Dearstyne's GM PD 4103 that was once Bob Redden's "Red Ghost".

[682] Dave Dearstyne's Tinker Bell & Wife Barbara

[683] Peter Pan Trailways Model Bus

[684] American Bus Lines #5212 PD4103

[685] American Bus Lines #5211 PD4103

[686] This Mo-Ark Trailways Driver Hat Badge Number 22 is extremely rare. Mo-Ark Coach Lines joined the Trailways organization in 1938. Headquartered in Springfield, MO,it operated buses from Kansas City, Mo through Memphis, TN to Florence, AL, and from Springfield, MO to St. Louis Mo. It was purchased by American Bus Lines in 1947 and absorbed into the company at that time.

[687] The old San Antonio Texas Trailways Bus Station, before it was remodeled. This is the depot where PBS News anchor Jim Lehrer's father was terminal manager.

[688] Calfornia Thruliners at San Joaquin Valley Ca.

[689] 1949 Trailways Bus Ad

[690] Some colorized Trailways Artwork that you can write on.

[691] These Cream & Crimson Luxury Liners of Carolina Trailways, serve principal cities of North Carolina and Virginia.

[692] Corpus Christi Texas Trailways Bus Station

[693] Prevost H3-41 Adirondack Trailways 62960.

[694] Lone Star Trailways

[695] Martz Trailways (OLD)

[696] Martz Trailways (NEW)

[697] The toy model of the 40 ft Flxible that Moore at Continental was talking to Flxible about building.  The bus is called the Astraliner. 

[698] Western Trailways of Canada Coach

[699] Continental Trailways ACF Brill in front of the Capitol

[700] The New Trailways Vista-Liner VL-100. The Bus of the Century Folder.


[702] Railking Trailways Die-Cast Bus

[703] 17110 is a 1982 Trailways Tennessee Model 10 Eagle

[704] Trailways Depot in Savannah Ga. (loading zone view)

[705] Blue Ridge Trailways in Charleston, SC, which was inherited from Coastal Trailways & Trailways Inc.

[706] ACF Brill IC-37

[707] Fred Raymen's restored 1958 GM PD-4104.  Of interest to us is the fact that the bus was originally Tamiami Trailways  T-2949.

[708] One of Pine Hill Trailways New Prevost XLll Models

[709] A Luxurious sight seeing bus stops at a Lodge on the Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park.

[710] Smoky Mountain Trailways Bus c~1945

[711] Continental Trailways Bus Center in downtown Denver Colorado, 1950's.

[712] Tennessee Coach PD-4103

[713] Smoky Mountain Traiways PD-4103

[714] Queen City Coaches PD-4103

[715] Old Trailways Bus Station & Shop in Alexandria, La.

[716] The old Trailways Bus Station at West Trade St. in Charlotte NC.

[717] The same station in Charlotte after it was remoded.

[718] This is a promo photo 16x20 of an Santa Fe Trailways ACF 37P given to WD Cornett by Aaron Greenleaf.

[719] Mt Laurel NJ Trailways Bus Station in the 1980's

[720] Anderson Bus Bash Oldie

[721] More Trailways Artwork

[722] Two Continental Trailways Eagles and a VL-100 at the old hotel in New Glarus, Wis.

[723] Capitol Trailways of PA PD-4106

[724] 1940 Yellow Coach PDG-3701 Burlington Trailways Dieseliner.

[725] Teaching The Old Dog New Tricks Decal.

[726] Who was Parker Stages? If you know email me.

[727] Santa Fe Trailways Bus Depot in Wichita Kansas

[728] This is a picture of Colonial Trailways Driver Dave McCormack that recently lost his battle with cancer. Thank you Amos Hemphill for the picture. Also thank you Jay (Biloxi Ms Station Manager) for doing the scan.

[729] Virginia Stage Lines PD-2903

[730] Trailways Gulf Coast Route Cover May 1970

[731] Trailways Gulf Coast Route Timetable May 1970

[732] Sexy Santa Fe Trailways Ad.

[733] Here's an ad for the plastic company connected with the manufacture of the Trailways toy bus.  It was a replica of the Flxible Astraliner designed for Continental in the mid-50's.

[734] 4104 and drivers in front of the Personnel Training Institute in Richmond, taken in the 60's. If you remember, it was run by a preacher at one time. Are you in this picture?

[735] Model 01 Golden Eagle on a rain slick highway.

[736] Interesting post card of the late country music legend Ernest Tubb, standing in front of his record store and Vistaliner.

[737] One of the very early Model 10 Eagles, American Buslines, Inc. 25101, a 1980 model and specifically the 10th Model 10 produced.

[738] Another shot of 25101 that Bob Redden took at Lake Tahoe.

[739] Colonial Trailways Van Hool Model 2145 #95569

[740] Colonial Trailways 29 passenger ABC M-1000 on a Freightliner Chassis. Big is not always better.

[741] This is a 1930's era postcard showing a bus pulled in at a bus stop. The sign on the bus is "Rio Grande Trailways". The caption on the postcard reads "The Famous Sapinero Hotel, Resort. Sapinero, Colorado on U.S. Highway 50"

[742] 1957 Night View of Chicago,IL. Downtown Trailways Bus Depot.

[743] Here is a photo that was taken at Liberal Ks in the late 1930's. The car was a plymouth with a rack and destination sign on the roof. They ran them from Liberal to Albuquerque. The driver on the left is Dudley Schinnerer. The other driver is unknown.

[744] Red Ghost #1

[745] Red Ghost #2

[746] Red Ghost #3

[747] Tri-State Trailways Bus Station at Jackson Ms.

[748] Crescent Trailways Hat Badge

[749] Santa Fe Trailways Art work and details of America's Most Wanted Bus

[750] Blue-Ridge Trailways Bus #77448 at Sluder Floral-Snowflake Farm in Crossnore, NC

[751] 1965 Model 01 Silver Eagle

[752] This is a black & white factory photograph showing two of ten (#'s 601-610) Virginia Stage Lines Trailways 3702 intercity buses ready to be delivered to the customer sometime during World War II, probably in 1945.

[753] American Bus Lines PD-4103 #5217

[754] More of Dave Dearstyne's Models

[755] An Old Cast Iron Model of a Trailways Bus.

[756] Early Trailways Bus

[757] Santa Fe Trailways Victory Liner, The Plywood Bus.

[758] The Best Bus Going

[759] One of the first Brownsville produced Model 05's by Eagle International, 11592 of Continental Bus System of Dallas. Fall colors seem to set it off nicely.

[760] "Little Red" at the grand opening of the new Trailways Terminal in Washington D.C. 

[761] Go Big Red--Go Trailways. Two more of Dave Dearstyne's Great Models.

[762] The Philadelphia Pa terminal at 13th & Arch came with Safeway/s purchase of Quaker City Bus Co..  The Filbert Street Terminal was Safeway's traditional terminal in Phily. 

[763] Here's a picture of the 13th & Filbert Street location with two Safeway cars and a Public Service car.

[764] Bluefield WVA. Bus Station in 1958. It served Virginia Trailways, Tennessee Coach Trailways, Black & White Transit and Reynolds Transportation.

[765] 2003 Trailways Bus Calendar

[766] Reading Trailways GM PD-4104

[767] Concord Trailways New Coach

[768] This photo shows the Union Bus Station in Desoto County Florida after reconstruction. The Trailways Bus Co. used this station.

[769] GM PD-4104 Art. A View From Behind The Wheel.

[770] Capital Motor Lines (Capital Trailways) Bus Depot Sign

[771] Safeway Trailways Model 10 Eagle 32411

[772] Adirondack Trailways MC-8 62815

[773] Burlington Trailways Model 05 Eagle 68506

[774] American Bus Lines PD-4104 27117

[775] Early Trailways Bus Depot Porcelain Sign

[776] Picture from a 1969 Continenal Trailways Pocket calendar.

[777] Trailways Knoxville Terminal built by Tennessee Coach.  It was at 414 Main S.W.  The building was owned by the heirs of the Tennessee Coach Estate and is long gone. Picture-A

[778] Trailways Knoxville Terminal built by Tennessee Coach.  It was at 414 Main S.W.  The building was owned by the heirs of the Tennessee Coach Estate and is long gone. Picture-B

[779] Trailways Knoxville Terminal built by Tennessee Coach.  It was at 414 Main S.W.  The building was owned by the heirs of the Tennessee Coach Estate and is long gone. Picture-C

[780] Florence SC Trailways Terminal

[781] Florence SC Trailways Terminal Loading Zones

[782] Dave Dearstyne holding Bob Beard's Book

[783] Old Trailways Member Logo

[784] Old Trailways Bus Photos

[785] Circa late 1920's hand-tinted Albertype postcard of a Burlington Trailways coast to coast bus at the Allen Hotel and Restaurant in Wells, Nevada.

[786] C.C.C. 85824 PD-4107

[787] Ex-Adirondack PDA-4101 running for Arrow Bus in ADT's livery,

[788] Leesville La. Trailways Bus Station.

[789] M.K.& O. Trailways PD-4103 Bus #295.

[790] Greyhound and Trailways Vintage Luggage Tags.

[791] Ex Capital Motor Lines PD-4104 #P-222.

[792] Old Hotel Dixie showing a Short Line Bus entering the terminal from 43rd Street.

[793] Capital Trailways of Alabama Model 10 Eagle #99270. Picture taken in Birmingham, Al.

[794] Capital Trailways of Alabama MC-9. Picture taken in Birmingham, Al.

[795] Queen City Coaches 1950 PD-4102 #Q1601

[796] Queen City Trailways Bus Depot Sign.

[797] This driver was well known to Tamiami drivers, especially those working out of Tampa and Tallahassee.  This is John's dad, W. G. (Red) Vickers, who slipped over to Southern Greyhound after being a Florida Greyhound driver before that company disappeared in one of many Greyhound corporate shuffles.  

[798] Indianapolis & Southeastern Trailways Fitzjohn-Ford.

[799] Original photo postcard with view of the Trailways Bus Depot terminal located in Bend, Oregon.

[800] Another view of the Trailways Bus Depot terminal located in Bend, Oregon.   I would date this around 1940 based on the automobiles on the far left side. Also on left side is Trailways Concessions "Fountain Lunches Dinner".

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(5) Trailways Forever Memories

(6) Trailways Forever Memories-2

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