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Forever Trailways Memories-2

Go Big Red---Go Trailways

Count continues;

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[801] Colonial Trailways Safety Director Curtis Wiggins

[802] Colonial Trailways Shop Manager Gary Wise

[803] Colonial Trailways Operations Supervisor Mary Williams


[805] Capital Trailways of Alabama

[806] American Trailways May 1953 Omaha-West Coast Time Table.

[807] Old 1940's Santa Fe Trailways Bus.

[808] 1950's Continental Trailways Map.

[809] Ozark Trailways Hat Badge

[810] May 1947 Santa Fe Trailways Time Table.

[811] Postcard of Tri-State Trailways Bus Terminal & Cafe in Winona Ms.

[812] Trailways Virginia Stage Lines 1946 Brill IC-41 #705.

[813] 1941 Tamiami Trailways Time table

[814] Collection of 8 Trailways Buses

[815] Carolina Coach Co. GM PDA-4101

[816] Ernest Tubb Silver Eagle Tour Bus Nashville Tn.

[817] New Bern,NC. Bus Station. This building replaced 812 Broad Street facility (see #325 in More Bus Memories)

[818] Buses that carried prospective land buyers to Coral Gables, Fl around 1924-25-26. 

[819] Seashore Transportation Co. 1942 Steam Powered #40 Beck.

[820] Pueblo,CO.Continental Trailways Bus Terminal.

[821] Trailways GM PD-4106 intercity bus circa 1961 at the factory in Pontiac, Mich.

[822] Norfolk Va Trailways Bus Station (front view)

[823] Norfolk Va Trailways Bus Station (rear view)

[824] Phila Pa STS Trailways Bus Terminal

[825] Nite view at New Orleans La Trailways Bus Station of Tamiami Trailways Model 10 Eagle #45113.

[826] Trailways Canada Prevost TS-102

[827] Continental Trailways 50's Bus Diecut Blotter.

[828] Trailways of New England #234, GM PDA-3703 intercity coach built cira 1946.

[829] This is the PD-4104 that Dick Maguire restored for his historic fleet, it even smelled new inside!  Dick had more money in the restoration than the bus cost new in 1956 from Truck & Coach in Pontiac. 

[830] Same Bus when it belonged to Reading Trailways.

[831] Capitol Motor Lines Trailways (Alabama) #93, a 1939 Yellow Coach PG-2902 when brand new at the factory in Pontiac, Mich. -

[832] Here's the left rear of that same bus along with the caption which identifies that CML bought two 2902's in 1940 but has a typo on the numbers, calling them 83 and 84 instead of 93 and 94 that is visible on the bus in the photo.

[833] Front of 2 PD2903's Safety Transit Carolina Buses.

[834] The Front of a ACF Safety Transit Carolina Bus.

[835] Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada with one of Pacific Trailways' 4106's operating on a Green Carpet Tour. This picture was used extensively on their brochures.  Green Carpet was owned by Norm Kneisel, PT's agent in Portland.  The bus is setting on the back lawn of the Canadian Pacific's Chateau Lake Louise

[836] Two Safeway Trailways Safety Awards

[837] This is a photograph of an interesting and rare coach: a Hotard Coaches repair job of an MC-8, located in Hotard's New Orleans facility. I'm not sure but I believe the photograph was taken by former Trailways Southern Lines employee, Alan Hickey; scanning courtesy of Joe Marshall.Posted by Amos Hemphill

[838] Prevost H-345 coach of Capitol Trailways of Pennsylvania, 18171.   

[839] Post card picture of Poe's Cafe and Continental Trailways Bus stop at Poe, California. Russell's Guide August, 1951 list four east and four west Los Angeles-Arizona schedules with 10 minute rest stops and one 35 minute meal stop.

[840] This is a uniform coat button from a Dixie Sunshine Trailways coat. This company came about as the result of the merger between the Dixie Motor Coach Company and the Sunshine Bus Line. Dixie Sunshine operated primarily in Louisiana and Texas. Circa 1945.

[841] Old Clemente's Rest Stop in State Road, Delaware. Greyhound Buses used the bays on the right hand side, Trailways Buses used the bays across the platform on the left hand side, and charter buses of all other carriers parked in the rear.

[842] PDA-3703 coach Number 90 in her WNY-Trailways paint. It was used on local services and then was parked in the back of the garage without an assignment.

[843] Michaud's restored PDA-3703. This bus was originally purchased new in 1947 by Western New York Motor Lines (WNY)  as their number 90.

[844] Cover of Tamiami's timetable issued January 1, 1949 and has the art work showing what they were running system wide, Aerocoaches.  The last Aerocoaches were purchased in 1948 although in 1956, when they bought Modern Coach, they did inherit 10 of the P-372 Models which were thought to be the best looking Aerocoaches ever built. 

[845] 1940 Rio Grande Trailways Bus

[846] Mill Creek Lodge Durango, Colorado with a Trailways Bus.

[847] Skagway Alaska Golden North Hotel with a Trailways Bus.

[848] Mobile, Alabama, Government Street looking West, showing Greyhound Bus Terminal and Admiral Semmes Hotel.

[849] American Bus Lines stop at Jacumba, California, complete with a Brill Bus leaving. 

[850] Sales folder for ACF coaches. From 1939. This colorful folder describes ACF coaches as delivered to SANTA FE TRAILWAYS.

[851] Trailways Hat Badge of Virginia Stage Lines, Inc. Charlottesville, Virginia Hook Fast Specialtes.

[852] Two Trailways Hat Badges made by the L.G. Balfour Company.

[854] DCSP Motorway 8906, a 1957 Kässbohrer Academy Express, one of two of these articulated buses that Continental bought a year before the Super Golden Eagles came.

[855] Joyce Wiggins,Charles Wiggins, and daughter Angie Wiggins at 2003 67th Annual Trailways Convention March 08 2003.

[856] Bob Beard and Charles Wiggins at 2003 67th Annual Trailways Convention March 08 2003.

[857] Charles Wiggins and Frank Montgomery, Vice President and General Manager of Colonial Trailways at 2003 67th Annual Trailways Convention March 08 2003.

[858] Colonial Trailways Driver Charles Wiggins and Dean Gredence, driver from Myer's Trailways, Export, Pa, who was selected Driver of the Year, Charter & Tour Division. Charles was chosen Driver of the Year for Scheduled Route Division. Picture taken at 2003 67th Annual Trailways Convention March 08 2003.  

[859] Colonial Trailways Driver Charles Wiggins accepting "Trailways Bus System Schedule Driver of the Year Award" at 2003 67th Annual Trailways Convention March 08 2003.

[860] Driver of the Year Crystal Glass Award presented to Charles Wiggins

[861] This picture of Clarence Brooks was taken in Dec. 1981 Birmingham, Al. After he retired from Continental Trailways,  he drove for Capital Trailways of Montgomery,Al.

[862] Trailways Ad Wall Clock

[863] Trailways of New England PD-4104.

[864] Trailways of New England PD-4106.

[865]Peter Pan Trailways GM PD-4106.

[866] Norfolk Va. Trailways Bus Station

[867] Hudson Transit (Short Line) Terminal in Paramus, NJ.  This was also used by Adirondack Trailways.

[868] HTL-97, one of the Gar Woods, which were on Ford chassis.

[869] Picture of HTL-61,YC-ZCP 788 still in use at Mahwah, NJ, in 1950, operating into its 17th year.

[870] A number of Trailways companies also operated these Gar Wood (and later Aerocoach) Model "E" buses, built on Ford chassis.  Here's a Carolina Coach Side View.

[871] VSL-124 Aerocoach Model "E" buses, built on Ford chassis.

[872] Santa Fe Trailways #85 Aerocoach Model "E" bus, built on Ford chassis.

[873] Trailways bus operated by Red Star Motor Coaches, Inc. in Salisbury, Maryland.

[874] Capital Trailways of Alabama 99345 Van Hool

[875] Not many people knew that M. E. Moore had an executive coach, an ACF Brill IC-41, painted cream and with only Continental's "Winged C" emblem. 

[876] Fresh at the factory in 1956, this VL-100 Flxible is lettered  as being owned by Indianapolis & Southeastern Trailways (Lessor) and De Luxe Trailways (Lessee).

[877] View of 40's and 50's style cars and a nice view of a Trailways passenger bus, seen at the Shopping Center, Fontana Village, located near Fontana Dam, North Carolina, N.C.

[878] 1930's Burlington Trailways Hat Badge

[879] Another Continental Trailways Bus Emblem.

[880] Florent Girard from Alma Quebec Canada, and his 1948 Beck Steeliner that he rebuilt as a Motorhome.

[881] Best Bus Going, and check out the cleaner.

[882] Trailways Terminal on Old New York Ave. in Washington D.C.

[883] Earlier photo of the same Washington D.C. Trailways Terminal showing three 4104's

[884] Hillboro Road buses getting a check-up in Durham North Carolina 1930

[885] Trailways of New England 904 at Hartford or possibly New Haven.  It was originally a Virginia Trailways bus 904 and was transferred to TNE when it was about a year old.

Now that you have seen the pictures, Check out Jon's Trailways History Corner for the story of Trailways, complete with pictures.
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