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More Bus Memories

More Bus Memories
"The Journey Goes On"

GM PD-4104 (Old #476)

Go Big Red---Go Trailways


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(9) Don's Greyhound Bus Memories

The "Sentimental Journey" Continues Down Memory Lane.

(Link count continues from "Bus Memories")

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[303] Greyhound's historic fleet's 1937 Yellow Coach 743 #1937

[304] Jimmy Hasting and Roy Jenkins standing at the front of a Continental Trailways Bus #C-1915,a ACF Brill IC/41 Diesel

[305] Continental Trailways 5 Star Luxury Service Timetable Cover For The New York - San Francisco Route

[306] Super Golden Eagle 5 Star Luxury Service between Los Angeles and San Francisco

[307] Two Continental Trailways Original Badges and One Carolina Scenic Trailways Badge

[308] Trailways Patches For Blue Ridge,Standard Trailways Patch,Dixieland Route,and Queen City.

[309] Continental Bus System GM PD-4103

[310] 5 Star Luxury Service between Seattle - Los Angeles

[311] Timetable For The Seattle - Los Angeles 5 Star Luxury Service

[312] Continental Southern's 15647, a 1975 Model 05 Eagle parked in the Capital Trailways Terminal in Montgomery,Al.

[313] A Schenck bus that Daniel Marra frequently drove. It is one of three 1961 GM TDH-5301's (529, 530, & 531), purchased by STCo.

[314] Thanks Jon Hobijn & Bob Redden For Caring and Sharing

[315] Santa Fe had an eastern and western division.These two 1946 IC 41's are western division buses and both were bought in the same batch, but W-1701 on the left has had a later style horizontal grill added replacing the vertical grill on W-1711.

[316] The last Aerocoach bus purchased by Southern Stages out of Macon. This was Joe Terry's outfit from Macon that ran as part of the Dixieland Route between Augusta, Macon and Columbus. GA.

[317] Adirondack Trailways Service For 10-28-56 With GM PD-4104's

[318] Timetable Cover For Adirondack Trailways 5-Star Golden Eagle Luxury Service

[319] Timetable For Adirondack Trailways 5-Star Golden Eagle Luxury Service

[320] Concord Trailways MCI-102DL3 Coach #804

[321] The story of how a Greyhound Scenicruiser became a Trailways Scenicruiser in the movie "That Night".

[322] The old Traction Terminal Bus Station which was originally built for the interurban cars of the Indiana Railroad. I&S later bought out the Indiana Railroad bus lines.

[323] One of Southern Trailways' (Southern Stages of Macon, GA). Fitzjohn Roadrunners. (a poorman's 4104)

[324] 5-Star Golden Eagle Luxury Service Complete with Hostess and Red Carpet

[325] Picture of Seashore in New Bern on Broad St.{US17& US70)(Raleigh and Wilmington left and Beaufort and Norfolk right). What you have there is the renovated station which was redone in the mid 60's, possibly 1965 or after, but for sure by June, 1967.

[326] Old Trailways Bus Terminal in Indianapolis Ind.

[327] Bus number 504 in the fleet of St. Louis-Cape Bus Lines, a GM PDA-3703 from the mid to late-40's.

[328] Back when the 4104 was the latest thing on the road, someone in Missouri Pacific's management and shops decided that it would be a money saver if they rebuilt some of their mid-40's PDA-3702's and 3703's to look more like the new air rides. They used a 4102/4103 front end and 4104 side windows.   

[329] 1945 GM PD-3302 bus, delivered without any crome and probably in prime gray paint.

[330] Empire Stages Bus #8911 with Gerald Jones standing in front of it.

[331] Albert Malay in front of the 743 that he drove for Greyhound

[332] Chuck Kelly standing in front of the Historic Greyhound 1948 ACF Brill IC/41.

[333] Continental Western Lines Super Golden Eagle #4901.

[334] Little 2903 GM coming out of the Trailways Station in St. Louis. It belongs to Wallen Bus Lines who ran down towards Ironton and Ellington, MO.

[335] Dixie Greyhound Lines Silversides coming out of their Terminal in ST. Louis heading toward Memphis

[336] Los Angeles & The Pacific Electric

[337] Los Angeles & The Pacific Electric #5162

[338] Carlonia Coach's 1942 Yellow Coach PDA or PGA-3701 #C4166

[339] Carlonia Coach GM PD 4107 Bus #85821

[340] 1940 Yellow Coach PG-2502 belonging to Northland Greyhound Lines, used only duing Spring thaw on back roads where there were weight restrictions prohibiting the larger silverides, etc..some of their bigger buses were put on blocks to save tire rental costs during this period..

[341] Continental Trailways Model 01 Eagle #35210

[342] One of Carolina's 1974 05's loading at the Asheville Terminal for Winston-Salem, Raleigh and Norfolk.

[343] Blue Ridge Trailways First Eagle

[344] Southern Trailways 29BR Flxbile before the "Continental" got added onto the name.

[345] Picture of Interurban Trailways ACF Model 37-PB

[346] Queen City Trailways GM PD 4106 #Q6359

[347] Albuquerque New Mexico Continental Trailways Station. This station open in July 1958, just before the long Continental Western Strike.

[348] R. J. Andres retirement from Continental Western lines after 33 years. He started with Santa Fe Trailways. Mr. Andres is the driver next to the lady in the wheel chair which is his wife.

[349] This Santa Fe Cap badge was given to Gerald Jones by Floyd McCamy. He started his driving with Santa Fe Trailways. Gerry has had this badge over 30 years.

[350] H.O.Dulaney, my uncle in his Trailways uniform.I am not sure what year this was taken. Maybe someone could guess what year, by the cars in the picture

[351] Continental Trailways Central Lines, Vistaliner taken at the Chicago garage almost 40 years ago.

[352] John Vickers found this post card of a 1946 ACF Brill IC-41 with two happy youngsters sitting in that fabulous front seat up by the driver... could life be any better?

[353] Picture of George Starns, Charles Wiggins, and Guy Wilkinson

[354] Greyhound GM PD-4104 used int the Elvis movie "Tickle Me".

[355] This is a large model of an Eagle 01. At least 6 feet long.. In glass case and had interior lights that lit up the inside and also lighted running lights.. This model was in the office of Wilson bus lines..

[356} Part of a set of PR Vistaliner pictures

[357] This is a picture of the Trailways Bus Terminal at 13 and Arch in Philadelpia.. Torn down several years ago to make room for a Convention center...

[358] Another View of the Trailways Bus Station in Philadelpia

[359] Loading Docks View of the Trailways Bus Station in Philadelpia

[360] Big Beck DH-1040 Scenicruiser look-alikes.  There's wasn't an used Queen Car, it was one of the buses that Beck sold to Cuba with Beck holding the paper and then were repopped and brought back to the plant at Sydney, Ohio. 

[361] Another shot of Big Beck DH-1040 Scenicruiser look-alikes.

[362] Brooks Bus Line,1963 PD-4106 in front of Brook's Terminal in Detroit at 7301 Harper Avenue

[363] Brooks Bus Line,1963 PD-4106 showing more of the filling station that he used for a terminal

[364] Here is the first production MCI-J4500 model, and it goes to Peter Pan as their number 700

[365] Right side view of Peter Pan's new MCI-J4500 #700

[366] Front side view of Peter Pan's new MCI-J4500 #700

[367] CSS #476, a 1960 GM PD-4104 Photo-A

[368] CSS #476, a 1960 GM PD-4104 Photo-B Showing Ed Sunday & Wayne Phillips

[369] CSS #476, a 1960 GM PD-4104 Photo-C Showing George Starns

[370] CSS #476, a 1960 GM PD-4104 Photo-D

[371] CSS #476, a 1960 GM PD-4104 Photo-E

[372] CSS #476, a 1960 GM PD-4104 Photo-F

[373] CSS #476, a 1960 GM PD-4104 Photo-G Showing ED & Wayne

[374] CSS #476, a 1960 GM PD-4104 Photo-H showing Ed & Wayne

[375] CSS #476, a GM 1960 PD-4104 Photo-I Showing Amos Hemphill

[376] CSS #476, a 1960 GM PD-4104 Photo-J Showing Joe Marshall, Thanks Joe for sending in all these great pictures

[377] "A Boy & His Dreams" (A young Doug Woodie)

[378] Here's a picture of Continental Dixie Lines D-1117 parked at 315 Continental Ave for a publicity shot when the air rides were brand new.   

[379] A 1964 Model Eagle 01 SMS Bus #7211 under the ramps at NYC's Port Authority Terminal

[380] Waynesville, NC, a 1950's era station, with a picture of Carolina 85960 in the loading zone.

[380] One of Bob Redden's shots of the Ashville NC Bus Station

The Next 3 pictures are of Continental Trailways HQ in Dallas,Tx.

[381] (Picture-A) of M.E.Moore's "milliion dollar" facility at 315 Continental Dallas Tx, when it was brand new with the one-off deck and a half Brill parked out front.

[382] (Picture-B) of the general maintenance bays at the time it was built, but they are the same today - without the ACF's, of course - which were attached to and directly behind the offices.

[383] (Picture-C) shows the fuel islands and storage area in the early 1970's.  If you look closely youcan see one of the GM 40 ft fish bowl transits whiche ran suburban service in Dallas.

[384] Another view of CPL Bus#-42303

[385] Another view of CPL Bus#-42230

[386] Blue Ridge Trailways Model 07 Eagle #77616

[387] Blue Ridge won the Trailways Fleet Safety Contest and got a nice plaque. Here is a scanned picture of part of it.

[388] Another shot of a Blue Ridge Trailways 4107

[389] Adventure Travel on the green Tortoise Bus

[390] A restored Pacfic Trailways PD-4103

[391] MCI Inland Empire Stages Bus#9026

[392] A Restored San Diego Transit Bus #638

[393] Pacfic Trailways PD-4103 Bus #154

[394] This is a restored Greyhound PD-4104. It is not in Greyhound colors. The owner is standing by the door.

[395] A Restored Greyhound MCI Model 07 Bus#1968

[396] Amarillo,Texas Bus Depot

[397] Gerry Jones in 1954, holding a 12 coupon bus ticket used to sell a round trip from Amarillo to Miami

[398] Bakersfield Ca. Bus Station

[399] Trailways ACF Bus Built Prior to World War Two

[400] History of Two Early Trailways Bus Lines (part 1)

[401] History of Two Early Trailways Bus Lines (part 2)

[402] Flxible VL100 demonstrator that was made up for Greyhound. Not sure if GL ever operated the coach. It was made up for Greyhound, going over as a possible replacement for the Scenicruiser??? and it looked good in Flxibles sales brochure. Greyhound lost interest in Flxible at the end of WWll, as it was looking for a larger bus than Flxible had yet made.

[403] Trailways AD of a GM PD-4104 with number C-5406. This is a eastern number before they came into the Continental Trailways family.

[404] You could always tell Carolina's 4104's as they carried the roof stripe farther down the roof of the bus.  Here's part of a cover from timetables in the 50's with a Carolina 04 on the left and the normal roof stripe on the bus on the right.

[405] Here is a picture of the new waiting room in Albuquerque, when this station opened in Aug of 1976. This station was owned by Greyhound and Trailways. Today Greyhound owns the whole station. It has been sold to the city of Albuquerque, and Greyhound will move to the new transportation center.

[406] Reading Transportation 1948 Flxible Model 29BR Bus #46

[407] Carolina Coach GM Model SDM-5108 Bus #C-5404

[408] 1936 Trailways Timetable Cover

[409] Advertising piece from the center of the 1936 timetable.

[410] Picture of Marvin E.Walsh

[411] Here are a recent picture of Marvin Walsh(left).It was taken in September, 1996, at our 4th National Trailways Reunion.Pictured with him is retired A B L (Pittsburgh) driver, George Jameson(right).

[412] This picture was taken in September, 1999, I believe, at the opening of the new suite of offices of the Trailways Transportation System (old NTBS).Pictured are Marvin Walsh, past president of the NTBS. To the left of Marvin is Gale Ellsworth, current President of Trailways.

[413] Safeway Labor Contract Signing. Hope everyone got a nice raise

[414] One of Adirondack's 4106's

[415] Safeway Labor Contract Signing Photo #2

[416] Pictured is a 1938 model Flxible Clipper which is most unusual for the time period as it was air conditioned.

[417] This timetable shows a Bowen ACF 37-PB a year prior to the sale in 1942.   

[418] A publicity shot of 581, a Rocky Mountain 4101 which was ordered by Rio Grande Motorway but delivered after the purchase by M.E. Moore.

[419] 1935 ACF Brill H-9-P Enroute to Nashville

[420] Southeastern Greyhound ACF Brill H-9-P

[421] Blue Ridge Trailways Prevost Prestige Bus# 77920

[422] Model 15 demo. without the silversides, but with a modifed cap to update the busses appearance.

[423] Blue Ridge Trailways Modified Model 10 Eagle Bus #2943

[424] Here's Another one of Blue Ridge Trailways buses with Caldwell's caps. This one was a Bus & Car square look 05 Bus# 77142

[425 Boston & Maine Transporation Co IC-41, that were never painted in Trailways livery, although they operated when the company was run as Boston & Maine Trailways

[426] Another shot of a Boston & Maine Transportation Co IC-41

[427] Boston & Maine Transporation (Boston & Maine Trailways) 4103 Bus #805 painted in Eastern Trailways livery(red Trailways on roof in "gypsy lettering" on a cream background) as used by TNE, B&M and Maine Central.

[428] Another B&M 4104 #814 painted the same way.

[429] 5-Star Hostess, Marsha Plexico and Operator Al Plexico Standing in the doorway of Continental Panhandle Coach # 42303

[430] 5-Star Hostess Marsha Plexico Standing by the Galley area Of the same bus.

[431] Tamiami Eagle Model 05, #TTT-45575

[432] One of Roy McBride's stunning self propelled Model 15 Eagle miniatures. The little bus is self propelled and if memory serves me right, I think it can carry two, the driver and a passenger. I would suspect that Roy would still build one but I have no idea of the cost,

[433] A Midwest Model 05 Eagle Number 19564

[434] Continental Panhandle Lines Golden Eagle #42303

[435] Continental Panhandle Lines 102C3SS #42101

[436] Continental Panhandle Lines Golden Eagle with Driver & Hostess

[437] CCl 01 Eagle #3741

[438] United States Air Force Academy. & 01 Eagle

[439] Blue-Red, GLI #7717 & Trailways #4787

[440] UBL 01 Eagle #1790

[441} Fred Rayman's restored ex-Tamiami 4104, #T-2949

[442} This Eagle is a 1967 Model 02 Eagle that was a experimental bus. It was 102" wide, 40 feet long, two axle and embodied many of the styling features which later showed up on the 1969 Square Look model 05's.

[443] Rear View Of the 1967 experimental bus, Model 02 Eagle

[444] Central Texas Trailways 01 Eagle

[445] Capitol Trailways of Pa, 1986, Parade of Progress, celebrating "50" years!!

[446] Ron Paterson, a driver for Capitol Trailways of PA.

[447] Another St. Louis-Cape Picture

[448] Safeway Trailways Model 05 Golden Eagle #32310

[449] Photos of 2 deck and 4 axle coaches of National Production Advancing that is in Rosario City, Argentina, in M.E.C.A. They are building buses with 2 deckes for a company in Houston Texas, and another one in New Mexico with a total of 40 units all together for this year.

[450] Busscar Photos sent in by Alberto

[451] Safeway Trailways Golden Eagle #32310

[452] ABL Bus #25101 at Lake Tahoe

[453] An Old 4103 Bus Model sent in by Dave before restoring.

[454] The Old 4103 Bus Model sent in by Dave after restoring. What a difference! "Great Job Dave".

The Next Four Pictures Are 40 ft. Becks

Beck only made twelve of these 40 foot cars, the DH-1040's, four of which were originally purchased by Queen City, 3-43 passenger cars and 1-47 passenger car. Seven others, 4-39 passenger jobs with two lavs and 3-43 passenger cars with a single lav, went to Cuba's Autobuses Habana-Oriente (Havana Eastern Bus). The final unit was used by Beck as a demonstrator and was subsequently sold to Queen City. These buses had air power steering, independtly powered air conditioning and were powered by a huge Cummins NHRBS-600 diesel.

[455] Cuba Beck

[456] Beck 1040

[457] Beck 1040-A

[458] Queen City Beck

[459] Jack Milton has this picture hanging in his computer shack  of two Eagles sitting below the volcano "POPO" southeast of Mexico City. The customer was Estrella De Oro. Both were powered by 8V71s, one with a 10 speed and the other with a 7 speed.  The Picture is almost 3' x 4' , taken in the 80s.

[460] Continental Southern 05 Eagle #155532

[461] Continental Bus System 05 Eagle #11557 (rear view)

[462] Continental Bus System 05 Eagle Combo #11579

[463] Continental Bus System 05 Eagle #11557

[464] Pine Hill Trailways MC9 #72903

[465] From the 1950's is an interesting view of the McAlester, OK bus station with Oklahoma Transportation buses loading.

This Page Was Made With Pictures Sent In By Trailways_Bus_Driver Members.

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