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Funny and unusal Bus stories written by our members

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[1] Wake Up

Submitted by: Charles Wiggins

Back in the 70's, I was on an all night turn around to New Orleans. I was loading passengers in N.O. for my 2:00 am  return trip to Mobile. This guy wearing a cowboy hat came forward to board my bus. I could tell he had been drinking or was on some thing. He had a ticket to Pass Christian Ms. He begged me to not turn him down . Against my better judgement, I let him board my bus, and he sat in the seat right behind me. Pass Christian is a flag stop on the beach highway that runs by the gulf.Our stop is next to a small craft harbour where some small boats are docked at. Upon arriving there, I pulled off the highway to let him off. Every thing had been fine up to this point. I opened the door to let him off, but he didn't move. He was sound asleep. I pulled and yanked on him till he finally woke up. I put his hat on him and helped down the steps. He seemed to be awake so I got back on the bus to leave.-----"SPLASH"---!!!!!!! He had walked down the hill and off into the water. A passenger helped me get him out of the water. This time I knew he was awake.

[2] Mustang Ranch

Submitted by: Dick Shelley Retired gearjammer Modesto, CA

I can add a story for you all.  In the late 80s, while I was working for LTR (Las Vegas-Tonopah-Reno Stages) in Reno, NV, I had a group of 40+ Japanese businessmen who were touring the automated JC Penny's distribution center.  They were finished by about 10am and I didn't have to have them to the airport until about 4:30pm.  I asked the "leader" what he wanted to do for the remainder of the time.  They had me and the bus all day.  After I made several suggestions of tourist spots, he said that they all wanted to go to the Mustang Ranch (a famous brothel, just east of town).  I knew that taxi drivers often took "customers" out there, but with 40+ I decided to call my dispatcher so that the Mustang would be prepared for our arrival.  The dispatcher got back to me in a few minutes with the message that it was a go.  I was told that additionally, I had to escort the group into the place.  So I took 40+ very happy guys out to the Mustang, cameras and all.  We all went inside and while they were doing their "thing", I was treated to a prime rib lunch in the employees' lounge.  Before they were done, the Madam came into the lounge and handed me an envelope with my "house cut".  I knew that taxi drivers got a cut, but wasn't sure if that was extended to bus drivers.  On the way back to town and the airport, they passed the hat for a driver's tip.  Naturally, you don't count this in front of the customers (nor did I in front of the Madam); so I just went back to the yard to turn in my paperwork.  When I finally counted everything, there was just under $3000.00.  Not to shabby for one day's work.  Of course LTR cautioned me about "promoting" trips to the Mustang.  


[3] 4104 Bus

Submitted by:Charles Wiggins

We had a driver named Owen Belcher, that had never driven a 4104. He came to work went out and started the 4104, which was sitting in the station. He loaded the passengers then started to leave. He pushed the clutch in to put it in gear, but nothing happened. He had started the 4 cylinder engine that ran the A.C.

[4] 4104 Bus #2

Submitted by:Jan Hobijn

I had a fellow working for me at Blue Ridge who I got know originally as a VSL driver, Barry Boles. Bales was funny as a crutch and had a quick sense of humour.

He had our 4104 in Charlotte one night, getting ready to double west bound to Knoxville. Greyhound's people automatically put the fuel hose in everything of ours that went through that station. Well the baggage handler started to put the fuel hose into the filler for the gas a/c engine and Bales saw him and stopped him, telling him that was for the "other" engine. The fellow gave Bales a fishy look and said,"....what, this bus has got two engines, come on!!!" Bales was up for it and with a straight face, he told him that was a special engine, a passing engine. Whenever we saw a Greyhound gaining on us in our rear view mirror, we'd just reach over and start that extra passing engine and pull away from them. The porter started hollering at his buddies saying, ".....hey man, come here and look at this bus what's got two engines, the other one for passing!"

[5] All Aboard

Submitted by: Daniel Silversides Marra

This is a story of an experiance I had while driving a local transit bus. Enjoy!!   The LANDIA Bus/ Railroad CONNECTION   During the mid 1960's, around 1962. I had been driving for Schenck Transportation Co., out of Floral Park, NY on Long Island, for about five years. The Summer pick had just gone into effect the previous Sunday. I was still fairly low on the seniority list, but I managed to pick a mid-day run, with Sunday and Monday off.

On Saturday, I worked an early morning straight run, on the Jamaica-Hicksville B route, via Hillside Ave, Mineola and Roosevelt Field. It was my first Saturday on this run, I deadheaded to East Williston, where I made my inbound trip, to the 8th Avenue Subway at 179th St., and, the Green Lines Bus Terminal, on Archer Ave in Jamaica.

I left Jamaica around 7:15 am, on my way to Hicksville, I was due to arrive in Mineola at 8:12 am. After leaving the 179th St. Subway, the next stop I made was at 214th Street and Hillside Ave to pick up a middle aged woman who flagged the bus. In those days, we still collected cash fares by hand. The lady hands me a one dollar bill, the fare was .37 cents to Mineola where she wanted to go. I gave her .63 cents change. She seemed quite upset, and asked me where the regular driver was. I informed her that I was the "new" driver, and would have the run for the rest of the summer. She told me that I was late, about 5 minutes. I explained to her that there was more passengers than I anticipated at the Subway stop, but not to worry, that traffic was light and I would be back on time when we arrived at her stop in Mineola. That's when she said " but you don't understand, I have to catch a train from Mineola Station to Landia" She said she could not miss that train, as it is the "Only Train" that stops at Landia, an Industrial area halfway between Hicksville and Syosset. I told her not to worry, that I would be on time, and she should have no problem making her train connection. "By the way I asked, what time does the train leave Mineola?" She then tells me that it leaves at 8:08, and we are not going to make it."You are right lady, because I am not due in Mineola till 8:12am." Then she starts pleading with me, "please the other Saturday driver would make the train for me. The Conductor holds the train and waits for me. "Please I don't want to lose my job" she say's. I told her I would do the best I can to see if I could make her train for her. The schedule was not too tight, and I managed to make up the lost 5 minutes, by the time I arrived at Willis Ave and Hillside Ave in Williston Park, at 8:01. In fact I was about 3 minutes ahead of time and was supposed to sit there until 8:04. This allowed me 8 minutes to get to the Terminal, Two miles away, but only 4 minutes to make her train connection. This poor woman was so upset, that I decided to try and make her train. Instead of waiting until my time, I took 3 minute's, and left at 8:02, three minutes HOT, which gave me barely enough time to make her train. I arrived at First St. in Mineola, where several passengers got off for the local hospital where they worked. Sure enough, the train was waiting at the station like she said. The only problem was there were two tracks, and the train was on the eastbound track at the far platform. The Mineola Blvd two lane bridge, crosses over the tracks at this point, and If I take her to the terminal on the other side of the bridge, I have to go over the bridge, and around the block, with two traffic lights, one of them bound to be red. There is No Way she would make her train!! At great Risk, I decide to let her off at the top of the bridge, where there is a stairway down to the platform. I open the front door, and as she gets off, she thanks me, and the Conductor also yells a thankyou and waves. Another Happy Customer. There are no Dispatchers out this early on Saturdays, so I was not worried about the few minute's I stole, to catch this train.

This same routine went on for the next 4 to 5 weeks, in fact I mentioned it to the Dispatcher, and he said not to worry about a minute or two, but wait for my time out of Mineola. I neglected to mention that I let her off on the Bridge. Everything went fine with me making her connection each Saturday. Then about the forth or fifth week, I pulled up to her stop, and when she paid her fare with a Dollar, I was only able to give her .60 cents change, as I had run out of pennies, back at the Subway stop. I told her I would probably have the rest of her change when she got off, and I also owed pennies to a few other passengers. After her stop, I made very few pick-ups, and most of them had no pennies either. The few pennies I got went to other passengers that got off before Mineola. As a result, when I got to the Bridge to let her off, instead of stepping off the bus, she say's "Can I have the rest of my change now, I Would like my .03 cents NOW". I quickly tried to explain, that I would give it to her the following week. She became addiment, that she wanted her change "NOW", and did not want to wait till next week. The LIRR Conductor is calling her to "Come On, we have to leave". I yell to him "GO, She's not taking the train today", and I quickly closed the door, and started to drive. Well you should have heard her. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, "What the Hell are you doing, You made me miss my train, you S.O.B., I'll get you fired for this". I told her to calm down, that she was right, and she should not have to wait till next week for her 3 cents change. I would get off the bus in the terminal and get more pennies. I also told her she would not have to worry any more if I would make her connection for Landia, as I would not even try!! She got off the bus, to find a Taxi, and that was the last I ever saw, or heard of her. The rest of my passengers Cheered!!!

P.S.-- The other driver who made the connection for her during the week, heard about what happened, and he told her to forget about it too!! All over a lousy THREE CENTS. Go figure..

[6] A Good Mechanic is hard to find

Submitted By: Charles Wiggins

In the middle of the afternoon,Steve (a mechanic) was working on a bus out on the lot, and went to sleep on his creeper beneath the coach. One of the other mechanics noticed that he was asleep and called it to the attention of his friends. Together they pushed the bus away from Steve and left him out in the open. Then they threw some bolts to awaken him. When he finally awoke, Steve grabbed his tools and reached up to start working again. The kick the gang got from watching Steve fumbling into the air and trying to decide what was wrong, should keep him awake for a long, long time!"

[7] Eagle Anti Theft

Submitted By: Ken Barnhart

A month ago somebody told a couple stories about the woof-woof boys having stuff swiped from their new york holding pen.

I remember a guy stealing one of our 01s and when he got into a parking lot (he was drunk of course,if he was sober he da took an mci). He got her hung up over a concrete parking lot marker about 8 blocks from the barn. That's how the cops caught him. He didnt know to use that cylinder switch to get it into reverse. He musta be grinding all over the place trying to get into reverse, lol that wasn't there. The cop who filed the report and had brought the bus back to us on a wrecker was laughing so hard he couldn't stand up when he told this story (he had drove for us before becoming a cop,he knew how to put an eagle into reverse). I guess this drunk finally gave up trying to get up the old girl up off that parking lot marker. He knocked on a neighborhood door and asked the poor snook he woke up if he could get a silver eagle (I suprised this idiot could read the emblem plate of what he stole) in reverse. Then about this time the rollers showed up.

Post note to this story----- The only damage to the coach, was a damaged step well, which we were able to fix and a couple thousand metal shavings in the tran box. We didn't have a fence around the place, but after this little episode, two weeks later  lol we did.and this same gentleman who borrowed our "01" for a test spin returned after two months (The owner wouldn't proscute him the first time,dont ask me why), and this time borrowed a 4106, that he could drive and took out the gate, and this time the owner did proscute the guy. The moral is lol an eagle isn't for everyone, and who says general motors didn't build a good coach later on?

[8] Rock Lady

Submitted by: Keith Cruce

For many years there was a lady who traveled up and down the old Tamiami line from Atlanta to Miami. Her name? The drivers knew her in an instant with a look of fear on their faces...THE ROCK LADY. She traveled with many (Heavy)suitcases checked as baggage, but the over load she wanted placed in the bus with her. If her baggage could not go on the bus, she would stay and wait for the next bus. What was so valuable about the contents? ROCKS! Every time the bus stopped and she was able to get off, she would walked around and pick up rocks.....any kind of rocks. In the later months before she disappear, she started bringing her elderly mother, who looked to be in her 80's. She came to me one night in Tallahassee very upset. She handed me 5 baggage checks and said "look, don't you see the problem?' I said "no, are you going to Albany" and she said "Yes", but look at the numbers on the checks 455,456,457,458,459, they are right in order and any intelligent person knows thats bad luck!" I took her checks and secured random numbers and she was fine. Did I jog any body's memory with that story? "Go Big red"  KeithC

[9] Another Bus Story

Submitted By; Dan Marra

A Day in the life of Driver Dan


This is Third of a series of stories about my escapades as a Bus Operator, during the late 1950's through the late 1970's.

This episode began in the Spring of 1979. I was working the A.M. Spare Board (Extra Board) for MSBA Metropolitan Suburban Bus Authority, out of the Oak Street Depot, in Garden City, NY. It was a warm sunny Friday, and I was 04:30 A.M. spare, with a finishing time of 12:30 P.M.

This gave me eight hours, unless I had to cover a run for an operator who called in sick, a common occurrence especially on a Friday morning. Around 05:30 A.M. the dispatcher has a run open on our Flushing to Glen Cove route (A day in the country), with a 1:30 P.M. finishing time, so I decide to take it. Upon completion of this run, I return to the depot, ready to head home for the weekend.

The P.M. Dispatcher who has sent out all his P.M. Spare Men, asked me if I would help out by working a few more hours, and I offered to cover another short run.

He needed me to take a bus like to (fictitious) North Hempstead Parochial High School, an all boys school, and pick up students going to towns of Hempstead, West Hempstead, Malverne, and Oceanside. (Note: The name of the real institute of higher learning has been changed, to protect the innocent.)

Note: This is a special school "Pay Bus" to alleviate crowding on regular line buses, and saves students from having to take three different buses.. I drive to the school, and pick up the young gentlemen, and at 2:30 P.M., I close the doors and begin the run to Oceanside. The route proceeds  through Garden City, and into Hempstead Terminal, I make a drop off only stop, and turn west on Hempstead Turnpike (Fulton St), the main east/west artery through town.

A few stops further along the route to Oceanside, is a far corner stop at Church (fictitious) Street, where Girls High School (Name also changed), an all girl parochial  School is located. It is around 3:00 P.M., and the school has just let out, and the school yard is filled with young ladies, heading for home. As I pull into the stop, to let two passengers off, I slide the door handle backward, releasing the rear exit door, so it can be pushed open by the exiting student(s). There are the usual whistles and greetings from the boys on my bus, which I really was not paying much attention to.

As soon as the rear door is pushed out, I re-set the door handle so when the door closes, it will automatically lock the door, and release the interlock, which holds the rear brakes and prevents the bus from moving.

I glance at my inside rear view mirror, and check on the boys going out the rear door, then I turn my left direction signal on, and check my left mirror to get ready to pull out into the traffic.

I'm watching the left mirror, and waiting for the door to close and the brakes to release, but nothing is happening. A quick glance to the right, and there is a Nun standing by the four foot high cyclone fence, and she is glaring at me, with that "biting her lip" look!! A look I had not seen in thirty years, since I was a student at Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic School in Brooklyn, NYC.. All I could think was "what is she looking at, and what did I do now??"

I turn my head all the way around to my right, look in the big right side mirror, and there are ALL FOUR WINDOWS pushed out and up. The rear exit door is still held open, and at least Nine MOON's, two from each window hanging out the side of the bus, and one from the open door!!!

I was speechless, and trying to keep from laughing so hard I could not get the words "Close those windows" out fast enough.

This had to one of the most embare,assing moments of my entire life!! The Nun (Sister) started yelling at the boys, and wanted to know what school they were from, but she soon recognized the school uniform the clothed boys were wearing. She's yelling "I want all your names, your principal will hear about this", "You dirty boys, blah blah, your parents will hear of this" etcetera, ecetera!! Before I could tell them to shut the widows, these guys had them shut, and pulled their pants up, and begged me to get going. "Please driver, get us out of here!!"

There was not much I could do, and I really did not feel like hanging around and listening to Sister, "Not Too Happy".

I pulled out of the bus stop and completed the trip to Oceanside.

I knew I was going to hear about this, and sure enough when I got back to the depot, the Dispatcher, a Supervisor and some drivers had already heard about what happened.

Needless to say they all had a good laugh about the Mooning of Girls Academy ladies. They said it was a good thing I did not wait around, as that Nun wanted to give me detention.. You can bet those boys got some kind of punishment for their dastardly prank!!  I have no clue as to how they could be identified from the view that was seen by all!!

On Monday my boss said I should have given the nun the boys names, but admitted, that as long as no one was injured, he would have probably done the same thing I did. After all, Why ruin a perfectly good day?.....

Hope you enjoyed the ride.. Daniel (Silversides) Marra

[10] "And The Walls Came Tumbling Down"

Submitted By: Jon Hobijn

The garage where I started with ABL,was on an alley with one door in the center.  All the buses had to be backed in, not straight back, but a 90º turn from the left beyond the door.  It was two buses deep and three buses wide, but inside the door, away from the direction you were backing from was the superintendent's office.  They hired a new guy named Joe Robelee, and he came back in off a charter at 2 am.  He was backing out of the dark into the lit garage through the single width door.  He realized, he hadn't cut it deep enough and so put it in 1st to pull forward.  The ACF grunted and pulled forward.  What he didn't realize is that the right corner of the rear bumper on the ACF had hooked a 2x4 brace for the super's office and when he pulled forward, the ACF pulled the whole office down.  He backed in over the debris,  locked up, and was never seen or heard from again, not even for his last check.  In the morning, the superintendent came to work to find his office and everything that was stored above it, laying on his desk.

[11] A Professional Driver is Always Prepared

Submitted By: Bob Bryson

  I had the pleasure of knowing and working with John E. McDonald (BRI, MoPAC, Victory) for over 10 years.  While I was supposed to be his supervisor, all too often it seemed he was the boss.  Prior to leaving for work he'd call in and tell us he was on the way and to be sure there was fresh coffee.  This and the habit of usually being right was enough to keep me on my toes.  Just after we got our first copy machine that had a reduction feature we were playing with it in the office and one of the things that we reduced was the run sheet.  After more than several reductions we had it down to the size of a large postage stamp.  Now I knew I had him, I placed it on his clip board for the afternoon run.  All in the terminal knew about it and waited expectantly to hear his grumping about us not having any work to do.  Upon his arrival he got his coffee, checked the dispatch log, noted his bus assignment and picked up his clipboard.  He took one look at the run sheet, sat down at the drivers desk, reached into his drivers bag and pulls out a humongous magnifying glass and proceeds to fill out the run sheet.  YOU WIN MAC........

[12] Bus Seats or All you ever needed to know about the Bus Business

Submitted By: Bob Bryson


I couldn't have been more than 5 or 6 when this happened which is why I remember it so vividly.  My father worked for Smokey Mountain Tours (a Grayline Operation not to be confused with Smokey Mountain Trailways) in Asheville, NC.  We were meeting a schedule at the Asheville NC Union Terminal on Coxe Avenue one evening when Hamish Turner pulled in with a 4104 he had just purchased somewhere.  He drug dad and I through the coach.  I wasn't real impressed since I was extremely fond of the Fitzjohn Roadrunners which Tours operated and thought the "Airrides" were pretty ugly compared to them.  Ahhh, youthful ignorance.   In the course of conversation Dad mentioned that "the seats were pretty beat up and what was Hamish going to cover them with?"  Without batting an eyelash Hamish immediately replied "Behinds"*.   

To this day I've never heard of a more simple explanation of the bus business.  Anyone else want to give it a try?  

*Not really, but you can imagine what it was, which was why I remember this so well.  For a long time it was the word rather than the thought that made the impression on me.

[13] No Beer On This Bus!!

Submitted By: Charles Wiggins

A few years ago, I was on a early morning run to Montgomery, Al. I stopped at the bus station in Monroeville, Al. The station was closed at that time of the day. All my passengers were asleep, so I walked back to the restroom on the bus. On the back seat of the bus, a passenger was sleeping with a can of beer in his hand. An ice cooler was sitting on the floor. I opened the cooler, and it was full of beer. I decided to get rid of the beer, instead of waking up all my passengers, by putting this guy off the bus. I carried the ice cooler off the bus and put the beer in the lock-box. He had one soft drink in the cooler. I put the soft drink back in the cooler and carried the cooler back to where I found it. I continued my trip on to Montgomery. I expected this guy to wake up and start fussing about who drank his beer. I never heard a word from him.

When he got off the bus in Montgomery, he walked by me and smiled and kept on walking. I guess the smile was to thank me, for not putting him off the bus in Monroeville.

[14] Don't Take The Rocks!!

Submitted By: Ron Patterson

While on one of Capitol Trailways Tours, a 31 day Tour to California, I caught 8 people collecting rocks (Huge) & putting them in the baggage compartment (Grand Canyon) & later in the Painted Desert, more people put rocks in the baggage bin. When I put the Bus in first gear I stalled it twice. I knew something was amiss! I opened the bins & saw all of those collector Rocks & I got on the PA System & asked who had been putting Rocks in the bin. About 12 or 14 hands went up & I told them it was against the law to remove Rocks from A National Park! You should have seen them all trying to go out of the door at one time. After that trip, I always made an announcement before we got to Yellowstone, or any other Natioal Park, that it was unlawful to take rocks or anything else out of a National Park. That put an end to the Rock Collectors Dreams! I made 13 of the California Tours & one Alaska Tour. I reminded everyone that there could be no collecting for Treasure to take home & one man said,"How about a Small Piece of Glacier"?? I told him no again because it was to heavy & he reminded me, that by the time we got 200 miles South it would be melted anyway! We all had a fine time.                                                                 

[15] Peanut Butter & Jelly

Submitted By: Ron Patterson

I had a 10 day Charter from Hbg, Pa to Plantation, Fla in 1976 & there were 12 youg girls 16 to 18 years old. As a lot ot TTT drivers well know, Plantation is just a few miles from Ft Lauderdale. We had 4 Female Chaperones for the young ladies. It was a 2 day trip & I drove the Company Car down to South of the Border to get fresh. I had almost 12 hours to rest & the food was free for all Bus Drivers, even those deadheading. So I went to bed to get fresh on my hours.        

  When the driver arrived with the Bus, I gave him the key to the room, since we always had 2 queen size beds to a room & he went to bed for his 10 hours to get ready to go back to Harrisburg.     

 We spent the first night in Savannah,Ga & left @ 9AM the following morning. When we got to Plantation, I dropped the girls at some dormatory & I stayed on the beach for the next 7 days & I just happened to stay at a motel that was run by a man from Hbg & he was so happy to see a Capitol Trailways Bus pull into his lot that he met me at the front door & greeted me like a life long friend! He Comped all of my meals & I paid him with cash Capitol had given me for expenses. After checking in I took the Bus down to Hialea Garage for full Service & drove back to the motel. I had a great time & got a really nice tan.      

 Upon arriving home, my Wife asked me how the trip was & I decided to make a smart-alec remark! I told her it was like leaving a "Smorgasboard coming home to Peanut-butter & Jelly" & she slapped my face so hard, both sides hurt!! The next trip, I just said it was a "Good Trip Honey"! I first threw my cap in the door & asked if it was ok to come in (I meant SAFE) & she said as long as you give the right answer.     

 We had only been married for 3 years then & now we will celebrate our 28th Wedding Anniversary on Dec 15, 2001. What a woman, to put up with me for 28 years. I know she is going to Heaven for putting up with a "SAINT" (ROTFLOL) like me.

[16] Armed & Dangerous

Submitted By: Ron Patterson

On one trip south out of Elmira,NY bound for Harrisburg,Pa, I was stopped (Flagged down actually) by the Pa State Police & asked if some undercover agents, PSP & ATF agents could ride down to a small station stop in Laceyville, Pa. I of course said sure, no problem. They informed me there was a man about 25 yrs old getting on & for me to act normal & that he was armed & dangerous. They sat 2 behind me & scattered into the next 3 rows of seats.        

 All of the agents & PSP looked like they hadn't shaved in a week & had on dirty boots & overalls. When I got to Laceyville, I helped a lady off & asked the young man for his ticket & asked him where he was headed. He told me NYC & I said I would call Scranton & get Martz Trailways to hold 15 minutes for me. When I said that, ALL of the PSP & ATF came off the Bus before you could snap your fingers & we were quickly surrounded by 4 PSP Cruisers with the officers guns drawn. They had him handcuffed & frisked in less than a minute it seemed like. He had 3 hand guns, a sawed off shotgun inside his coat & the biggest knife I had ever seen in my life. They checked his luggage & found 12 sticks of dynamite & blasting caps & detenator cord.From then on I always wondered what people dressed like him had on them. It never happened since, but once was enough! Believe me!!

I went into the Store that was our agent & had a cup of coffee before I tried to drive away & even then my left leg was a little bit weak & shaky letting out the clutch. You never know who is riding with you nowadays, or even back then. Have a nice day.


Submitted By:Larry Miles

When I  first  came to  work in  Cincy in June of 1976, I was working   Baggage  Man on 3rd  shift.  One of  my favorite things to  do was  to  ride the  bus to Chicago  and sight see, mainly   for my  love of  trains, especially  subways and  commuter  rails.

One such trip I made  in the  fall of  1976.  Dave Sadler worked a run that   arrived in  Cincy from Indy about 8:45 a.m. and then laid over till the  1:10 a.m. schedule  to Chicago.

The  Virginia Stage Lines  schedule from  Huntington had  brought in about  10-15 as I recall  the events some  25 yrs  ago. This was a  non-stop run  to  Indianapolis--I was  sitting in the first seat on the  passenger  seat, and  fell asleep  on the  way to Indy.  In those  days the  bus exited I-74 onto Southeastern Ave and  then  turned  left on Washington St for the  trip  to the  station.  At that time there were 2  Trailways Terminals in Indy, TWI  had the  Trailer  across from Greyhound and SET had the Terminal on  Senate Ave.

When we  pulled into the  TWI Station there were  2 or 3 Police Cars and when Dave Sadler opened the door, one  came to the  door and  asked the  following  question "Where  is the   guy holding the gun on the girl in the back of the  bus?"  As you remember, I  told you this  was a  non-stop schedule from Cincy-Indy. As it turned out, in one of the police cars was a middle aged drunk fellow, whose face was all tore up, and bleeding.  The  office told us what had  happened. 

This  fellow had  come  in on the  bus  from  Huntington, WVA  and  when the  bus came in on Southeastern Avenue and was  turning on to Washington St, he  said  he noticed a  man with a  gun in back of  bus threatening a girl.  He  told  police he  jumped out  the  restroom  window to warn the   police in Cincy.  I  guess if  he was  sober the   jump out of the  bus  would have  killed him. The  police did  find a rifle in a  suitcase  on the  bus and  some money in the seat belonging to the  man.

Another  anecdote  involving Dave Sadler.

  Around  Halloween, he  left on the  same 1:10 a.m. schedule and  somewhere around the  IN-OH state line  someone  through a  pumpkin off bridge, hitting  windshield of bus,  only  one  person complained  about  being injured, a  man in back of bus--Dave  brought the  coach back to Cincy.  He then  said, next  run  bid, he said  he was  going back to Chicago where  it was safer.

Larry Miles, Louisville, KY  

[18] Don't Push That Button

Submitted By: Warren Golson

When I was about 6 or 7 years old, I had the pleasure of going on a charter with my dad to The Great Smokey Mountains. He drove for Capital Trailways and every year he would drive the same group to the mountains on the first week in June. I had been on several schedules and a few charters with my dad prior to this trip and everytime he would let me sit in the drivers seat, he would always remind me not to push the emergency stop button. Well, curiosity got the better of me and I just had to see what would happen if I pushed that button. We were in Georgia in the middle of no where when I had this major brain cramp so my dad had no choice but to fix the bus himself. It was a 1966 Silver Eagle Model 01 and for all who may remember it was bus # P-238. My dad had to take up the floor all the way down the aisle to put the linkage back in place. That was, of course, after the smoke cleared. It was probably about 100 degrees outside and 200 degrees inside that bus.

Needless to say, my dad had to come find me after he had fixed the bus. I knew my behind was not going to be able to stand the punishment I was going to get so I hid behind the building we were parked in front of. I remember hearing his hard sole shoes crunching on the loose gravel as he was coming toward where I was hiding and I started to pray that I would die quickly. I was sure he was going to kill me. He called my name only once and I came out from my hiding place expecting the worst and was greatly surprised. HE DIDN'T KILL ME! He did, however, explain to me that he would like very much for my behind to stay out of the drivers seat for at least the remainder of that trip. I was more than happy to oblige since he was going to allow me to live.

It wasnt' until after he passed away that I found out why I was able to continue living that day. He told my mom about my "adventure" when we got home and as he explained to her all the events of that afternoon he got all red in the face and angry all over again. He didn't carry out any punishment that day because as he put it, "I was mad as hell and I would have killed that boy!"

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