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(1) Bus Memories  

(2) Bus Memories-2  

(3) More Bus Memories  

(4) Still More Bus Memories  

(5) Trailways Forever Memories  

(6) Trailways Forever Memories-2

(7) Trailways Forever Memories-3

(8) Trailways Forever Memories-4

(9) Don's Greyhound Bus Memories

Go Big Red---Go Trailways

Come along and take a "Sentimental Journey" down Memory Lane.

Hello, my name is Charles Wiggins. Welcome to my website. Bus Memories contains over 1400 pictures of Buses, Bus Stations, Bus People, and other Bus related items.

I have been employed as a Trailways Bus Driver by Colonial Trailways in Mobile Alabama since July 4 1969.

All the pictures are spread out over eight web pages. Bus Memories, Bus Memories-2, More Bus Memories, Still More Bus Memories, Trailways Forever Memories, Trailways Forever Memories-2, Trailways Forever Memories-3 and Don's Greyhound Bus Memories.

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[01 Here's one of those DCSP Eagles 18509, heading for the old Denver Terminal after a run in from Pueblo and Colorado Springs.

[02] Pacific Trailways Boise Depot in the 1950's

[03] Interior of Boise Depot with Frank Aden's Dad Standing, ready to sell ticket

[04] One of the Intermountain Transporation Company Yellow Coach 843's

[05] Logo for Intermountain Transporation Company.

[06] Safeway Trailways #S-509 IC-41A.

[07] Five Star Golden Eagle With The Red Capet Rolled Out Loading Passengers In Terminal.

[08] Smallest Bus Station & Post Office in the U.S.

[09] Continental Southern & Colonial Trailways Terminal in New Orleans, LA before the renovations

[10] Linclon Trailways #173 YC-843.

[11] Big Red Combo

[12] Safeway Trailways #S-476 P37.

[13] Along The Tamiami Trail

[14] A photo from the Bob Redden archives Trailways collection.

[15] A photo from the Bob Redden archives Trailways collection.

[16] A photo from the Bob Redden archives Trailways collection.

[17] A photo from the Bob Redden archives Trailways collection.

[18] A photo from the Bob Redden archives Trailways collection.

[19] A photo from the Bob Redden archives Trailways collection.

[20] Capitol Trailways of Pennsylvania CP-829 GM PD-4106.

[21] Capitol Trailways of Pennsylvania CP-64 Flxible 29BR.

[22] Capitol Trailways of Pennsylvania CP-01 Fitzjohn.

[23] Capitol Trailways of Pennsylvania CP-4007

[24] Capitol Trailways of Pennsylvania CP-8131 96 A3.

[25] Capitol Trailways of Pennsylvania CP-834 MC-7.

[26] Capitol Trailways of Pennsylvania CP-857 MC-8.

[27] Capitol Trailways of Pennsylvania CP-832 S8M5303A

[28] Capitol Trailways of Pennsylvania CP-Mirage.

[29] Reading Transporation 3706 #218.

[30] Brooks Trailways Reading Transporation C-4110 GM PD-4104.

[31] Brooks Trailways B-1 Plymouth.

[32] Brooks Trailways B-114 Beck DH-1040.

[33] Brooks Trailways B-101 PD-4102.

[34] Brooks Trailways B-5 Buick-SU.

[35] Brooks Trailways B-18 Flx 288148.

[36] Brooks Trailways B-116 4106.

[37] Midwest Trailways #19772 Model 01 Eagle.

[38] Tri-State #261 29CR

[39] A Nice 3703

[40] Continental Trailways CT#222 4103.

[41] Continental Cresent #921 GM PD-4104.

[42] American Bus Lines #A-5502 GM PD-4104.

[43] Tamiami T-4518 GM-4903.

[44] Tamiami T-913 White 7788.

[45] Ader-23 Flxible-Airway.

[46] Modern Trailways #506 P-372 MCA.

[47] Tamiami T-2917 4103.

[48] Tamiami T-45121 Model 10 Eagle.

[49] Tamiami T-2971 GM PD-4106 Jacksonville Route.

[50] West Coast Trailways WES-9 IC-37.

[51] West Coast Trailways WES-5 IC-37.

[52] West Coast Trailways WES-8 IC-37.

[53] West Coast Trailways WES-3 Aerocoach P-37.

[54] West Coast Trailways Hat Badge.

[55] Continental Pacific Lines P-21 IC-37.

[56] Continental Pacific Lines P-36 228 JT1-55.

[57] Bus #77202, a "GM" fish bowl 1970 model with the VS-2 automatic (3 speed) and a 8V71 Detroit

[58] Indianapolis & Southeastern Trailways Yankee-124 Aero-Garwood- EFI

[59] Any of you fellas drive this critter? Appears to be an ACF 37PB model...

[60] Southeastern Trailways #73297 102-D3.

[61] Carolina Scenic Trailways #301 Model 01 Eagle.

[62] Queen City Trailways #6354 #6354 GM PD-4106.

[63] Safeway Trailways #32310 Model 05 Eagle.

[64] ABL Bus#27505 New Square Look 05 Eagle introduced in 1969

[65] Indianapolis & Southeastern Trailways #73273 Model 10 Eagle.

[66] Jon Hobljn's 4104

[67] Jon Hobljn's 4104 Fall Picture

[68] Jon Hobljn's 4104 Fence Picture

[69] Indianapolis & Southeastern Trailways Terminal.

[70] Indianapolis & Southeastern Trailways Ford Fitzjohn.

[71] Southeastern Trailways #114 GM PD-4106.

[72] Indianapolis & Southeastern Trailways PD-3751.

[73] 1956 Golden Eagle Prototype

[74] 1956 Golden Eagle Prototype On The Road

[75] Jon Hobljn Driving Bob Redden's 4103 Red Ghost

[76] Monumental Motor Tours Model 10 Eagle. Photo was taken by Steve Hoskins.

[77] Greyhound Scenicruiser Bus

[78] Jackson Tn. Greyhound Bus Station.

[79] Greyhound Historic Fleet

[80] Greyhound Bus Station Muril 1939.

[81] Greyhound Bus with parcel trailer, as seen in northern British Columbia on its way to Whitehorse, Yukon (photo by David Leibold).

[82] 1931 Flixible Coach on a Buick Chassic.

[83] DCSP's Super Golden Eagles in front of the Colorado Springs Bus Terminal

[84] Consolidated Bus Lines (Trailways) 1928 Studebaker w/Freemont Body.

[85] Five Digit Fleet Numbers for Trailways.

[86] Front View of a Corgi Scenicruiser model sent in by Dave Dearstyne.

[87] Rear View of a Corgi Scenicruiser model sent in by Dave Dearstyne.

[88] Greyhound Bus Station Sign.

[89] 1954 Tommy Trailways Airide Bus Ad.

[90] Trailways Bus Station Fort Worth Texas.

[91] What a weird thing this is! Here is Claude Akins along with Fred MacMurray seemingly promoting Trailways Bus over Greyhound Bus as the way to travel. Akins is the ringmaster in this circus and all the performers are greyhound dogs--one is jumping through the Trailways hoop, one is wearing an Evel Knievel costume (foreground with his back to you), one is balancing a ball on his nose, one is juggling, one is being ridden by a monkey! And one (I hope you can see it from the photo) is next to the bus being driven by Fred MacMurray--not only next to it, he's peeing on it! I guess the whole point of this advertising poster is that's what Trailways thinks of Greyhound!!!

[92] A Canon Ball White Beck #B-29

[93] 1989 MCI 102A3 of Blue Ridge Trailways

[94] Mack MV-620 Front View

[95] Jefferson Bus Lines 1924 bus.

[96] A Fall Picture With a Pretty Red Burlington Trailways Bus.

[97] Wayne Phillips President of Captial/Colonial Trailways.

[98] 25 post cards of buses.

[99] Bus that bends rolls on made-to-order Goodrich Tires.

[100] 1935 Santa Fe Trailways Fitzjohn Bus Ad.

[101] COT MCI Model 09

[102] COT H345 Prevost

[103] COT Prevost

[104] Trailways Artwork of a 4104 & VL100

[105] Evergreen Trailways MC-9.

[106] Pacific Trailways GM PD-4103.

[107] R.L. Johnson & John J.Reardon

[108] Old Tamiami Ad

[109] Pacific Trailways Model 05 Eagle.

[110] TTT Bus #2917

[111] Blue Ridge Trailways Model 05 Eagle With a Model 10 Cap

[112] Pacific Trailways GM PD-4107.

[113] Pacific Trailways MC-7.

[114] Charter Trips By Airplane.

[115] Mt. Hood Stages Ad.

[116] Three Early Model Carolina Trailways Buses.

[117] 4902 GM Prototype Bus

[118] 1940 Carolina Trailways Time Table.

[119] Blue Ridge Trailways Model 10 Eagle Bus #77126.

[120] Blue Ridge Trailways #77922 Prevost Mirage

[121] Blue Ridge Trailways 1979 Prevost Prestiege

[122] A pretty picture taken by Bob Redden for TWI during happier times

[123] Carolina Trailways ACF Brill IC-37.

[124] Carolina Trailways GM PD-4104.

[125] Another Picture of a GM PD-4104.

[126] Carolina Trailways ACF Brill.

[127] Carolina Trailways MCI-102.

[128] Two Blue Ridge Trailways 4107s

[129] Bradenton Fl. Trailways Bus Station

[130] Santa Fe Traulways ACF-29P.

[131] Santa Fe Trailways Sleeper Coach.

[132] 1954 ACF Brill

[133] Continental Trailways Model 01 Eagle

[134] Capital Trailways of Al. Aerocoach #P-37

[135] Jacksonville Trailways Bus Line.

[136] COT 05 Eagle #5507

[137] 1950's Trailways Silverliner.

[138] Golden Eagle Five-Star Ad.

[139] Old Burlington Trailways Ad.

[140] Henry J or a GM PD-4103.

[141] Burlington Trailways Yellow Coach.

[142] Museum of Bus Transportation and a GM PD-4104 at the Grand Opening .

[143] Capitol Bus Company (later Capitol Trailways of PA) at the Museum of Bus Transportation Grand Opening

[144] Early Bus of Martz Trailways at the Museum of Bus Transportation Grand Opening.

[145] Trailways Bus Driver member. Jim Lehrer was the guest Speaker at the Grand Opening of the Museum of Bus Transportation.

[146] 1952 Vintage Greyhound Bus Lines Ad.

[147] Another 07 Model Eagle

[148] Continental Dixie Lines D-1203-IC-41 AD.

[149] Continental Southern Lines #912 IC-41.

[150] Santa Fe Trailways #1846-IC41

[151] Continental Pacific Lines-No5

[152] Sunshine Bus line 182 White 54A.

[153] Interurban-101-37PB

[154] Marilyn Monroe Vintage Bus Stop Movie Poster.

[155] Vintage 1940's Realistic Toy Company Greyhound Bus.

[156] Greyhound Bus Lines Coast to Coast Hat Badge.

[157] Greyhound Hat Badge, Leave The Driving To Us.

[158] Vintage Double Decker Bus in Chicago Il. 1920's

[159] 1939 Greyhound Bus Lines Ad.

[160] Old T.N.E driver Bobby Artis along side Dave Dearstyne and a Peter Pan/Bonanza Bus. Photo by Dave Dearstyne

[161]Go Big Red-Go Colonial Trailways

[162] From Left to Right-Russell Talbot,Standing H.O. Dulaney,AL. State Tropper, Thomas Jordan, and Guy Wilkinson.

[163] Left to Right-Owen Belcher, Steve Pickering, Tex Hutcherson, Guy Wilkinson, Jimmy Hall, Frank Smith, and D.J. Powell.

[164] Reading Trailways GM PD-4104.

[165] The corner of Tulane and Loyola, mid-1950s. Since 1958, this has been NOPL's corner, but this is how it looked over 40 years ago, after the old courthouse and jail were razed, before the Tulane University Medical Center rose across the street and before the Trailways Bus station closed its doors.

[166] Fullington Trailways

[167] Northwestern Trailways 102EL3

[168] C&J Trailways

[169] Rim Rock Trailways Billings Montana

[170] Utah Trailways

[171] 1931 Pontiac/Grant

[172] 1935 Bedford/Grummet

[173] 1937 Federals

[174] 1938 Federal

[175] 1946 Missouri Pacific Trailways Calendar.

[176] New York City Greyhound Bus Terminal on 34th Street with a 1936 Yellow Coach #719 parked in Lane One.

[177] 1945 Santa Fe Trailways Scenic Vacation Ad.

[178] 1952 Trailways More Thru-Buses AD

[179] 1951 Trailways Operates Thru-Buses

[180] Look at these low Trailways fares.

[181] 1951 Trailways Thru Buses

[182] 1952 Trailways Buses Ad

[183] 1951 Route Of The Thur-liners AD

[184] 1953 Trailways AD

[185] Colonial Trailways 5-Star Service

[186] Trailways Bus Driver Club

[187] St. Louis Cape GM PD-4103

[188] 1945 Burlington Trailways AD

[189] 1945 Santa Fe Trailways AD

[190] 3,460 miles apart and both served by...Trailways 1945

[191] Men of Good Will 1946

[192] More and Quicker 1945

[193] Bond Buyers Can Be Choosey 1945

[194] Their Popular "Going Home" Way! 1945

[195] 1930's Burlington Trailways Bus.

[196] New Faster Bus Schedules

[197] 3 Day Pass 1945

[198] 1936 29 passenger #845 Yellow Coach

[199] 1948 GM PD-3751

[200] 1948 GM PD-3751 front view.

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