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Trailways Forever Memories-3

Go Big Red---Go Trailways

Count continues;

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[886] Another photo of a Trailways Bus in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

[887] Jimmie Campbell in 1930 with a White with a Bender Body Southern Kansas Stage line Bus.

[888] Reading Trailways GM PD-4104

[889] New From MTH is the Premier flat car with Trailways Bus. If you've been collecting Buses, you'll want this oddity.

[890] 1948 Flxible Clipper

[891] Greyhound and Trailways Vintage Billboard Signs.

[892] I am going your way Soldier!!

[893] This Bus in front of Orbisonia Station, is a matching vintage vehicle restored to mimie EBT Transit #9, which no longer exists.

[894] Bonanza Buslines Hockey Puck.

[895] Pacific Stage Lines Bus. Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.

[896] Same Bus, Different View.

[897] Raz Transportation in Portland, OR, ran International/Thomas school buses Buses in Greyhound livery. bought new for the occasion. 

Retired Capitol Trailways of Pennsylvania driver Ronald Patterson sent in the following pictures. Thanks Ron.

[898] Restored CP-826 GM-PD-4106 with Ron Patterson in the driver's seat.

[899] Same Bus showing side, back and instrument panel.

[900] Jon's fully restored GM-PD-4104

[901] The first photo is the Museum of Bus Transportation Logo. They expect to sell 1,000's of tee-shirts with the LOGO, with Hershey,Pa added to them.# 2 is Ron Patterson & Dick Fullington.Dick is President of Fullington Trailways based in Clearfoeld,Pa. # 3 is Dick's Go-Cart that led the Bus Parade in Baltimore,MD last year. The people "Loved it".!!

[902] 1915 White. This is 3 photos of Fullington Auto Bus Company, before they joined the National Trailways Bus System in the mid 70's

[903] Museum of Bus Transportation New Home

[904] This is the first bus Capitol Bus Company used for passengers going from Pottsville, Pine Grove, Indiantown Gap Military Reservation & Harrisburg. Most riders worked for the State at the Capitol Building in Harrisburg. It was fully restored at body-Rite in Secacus,NJ. They did all of Capitol Trailways new upholstery & restorations.

[905] This 1927 Fageol was found in a garage in very,very poor condition. Dick had it flat-bedded from Oregon to Harrisburg @ no small cost for transportation. # 1-driver getting out of Fageol before driving it into the Bus Museum.# 2- Gear box & nameplate of Fageol Coachworks in Oakland,California.# 3-Instrumentpanel shot from 1/2 back of coach. All newly restored "Wicker Seats" as the Bus came with originally.

[906] First photo is Ron Patterson standing outside the door after parking CP-826 again for about it seems 6 or more times.Second photo shows me getting ready to shut down. The third photo is of the Instrument Panel for the GM-PD 4106.

[907] Postcard of Blue Ridge Trailways 102 A-3 in Charleston at night.

End of Ron's Pictures. Thanks for the Memories.

[908] Early Continental Trailways Driver Hat Badge

[909] Peter Pan/ Bonanza wasting no time in the changeover.

[910] Bus depot North Platte Nebraska ca 1950

[911] Here's a sharp PD-4905 of Safety Transit Lines of Eden, NC.  The colors were red and white, Eden is close to Greensboro and the company was owned by our own TBD member, Robert Gauldin.

[912] Safety Transit Model 05 Silver Eagle #8528.

[913] Topeka Ks dog house.

[914] In the store room at the Topeka Ks dog house, is a grim reminder of the past.

The next six pictures is just some of Bob Redden's Great Work.

[915] BOB REDDEN #1

[916] BOB REDDEN #2

[917] BOB REDDEN #3

[918] BOB REDDEN #4

[919] BOB REDDEN #5

[920] BOB REDDEN #6

Thanks Bob for taking your place in the History of Trailways with your wonderful photos.

[921] 1948 Restored Flxible Clipper (front view)

[922] 1948 Restored Flxible Clipper (rear view)

[923] 1975 GMC Buffalo

[924] Mike Michaud and His Jitney in 1917

[925] Mike's 1925 REO "Miss Salem"

[926] As early as 1936, the GM&O predecessor GM&N had formed a bus and truck subsidiary, the Gulf Transport Company.

[927] 1948 Rare shot of Mid-Continent Trailways. This would be out of Woodward Oklahoma.

[928] 1953 Mid-Continent Trailways Map.

[929] Rear view Queen City Beck DH 1040.

[930] Kerrville Bus Co. Beck 9600

[931] GM-PDX-4901 or Golden Chariot Sales Literature Brochure #1.

[932] Golden Chariot Sales Literature Brochure #2.

[933] Golden Chariot Sales Literature Brochure #3.

[934] Golden Chariot Sales Literature Brochure #4.

[935] Greyhound bus depot in 1950's Charleston West Virginia. Photo by Richard Andre

[936] The fat one driving is Howard Shaft, Continental Central Lines Wichita Ks. The fatter one riding is Dale Ervin Continental American Lines St Louis Mo.The two of us have a total of 84 years of bus driving.

[937] Capitol Trailways of Pa. 4102 loading beside the station with the garage behind.

[938] New Bonanza J models, Coach #32014. Photo by Dave Dearstyne

[939] Rear View of the same coach #32014. Photo by Dave Dearstyne

[940] Trailways Bus Depot in Ruston La.

[941] Neat way to transport your Corvette on a 4501.

[942] Knoxville, Tn Bus Terminal

[943] Charlottesville Bus Terminal

[944] Charlotte NC Old Bus Terminal

[945] Old Highpoint NC Bus Terminal

[946] Old Tallahassee Fl. Bus Terminal in Color

[947] Another view of the Knoxville Tn. Bus Terminal.

[948] Rear View of the tracks at the Knoxville Tn Terminal.

[949] Johnson City Tn Bus Terminal

[950] 5 Star Continental Western Driver & Hostess 1969 Irene and Carl

[951] 5 Star Continental Western Driver & Hostess Irene & Stonie.

[952] 5 Star Continental Western Driver & Hostess 1965 Lola & Clyde Burnett

[953] 5 Star Continental Western Driver & Hostess Art Louden & Hostess.

[954] Trailways of New England #TNE 947, a GM PD-4104 intercity bus, in Portland, Maine in May of 1963

[955] Greyhound/Trailways Red & White Model 15 Eagle #7902.

[956] WOW!! I should have driven a city bus.

[957] 1922 White

[958] The writting on the side of the bus says "driver test clinic a public service of DIXIE SUNSHINE TRAILWAYS". Also on the side of the bus is what looks like an old and probably the first TRAILWAYS FLYING WING EMBLEM

[959] Flxible Vistaliner is a 1956 model which started out life as Virginia V-906 and then was transferred to New England.  A teenage Bob Redden took the picture in Boston almost 50 years ago. 

[960] TNE, 1951, PD-4103 without a/c. The east coast companies ran Raleigh-Boston thru cars.

[961] T-3022, a Tamiami Trailways PD-4107.

[962] A 1964 Continental Crescent Model 01 Eagle.

[963] Flitzjohn Duraliner from 1946 operated by Central Trailways, Nashville, Tn.

[964] Carolina Trailways PDA-4101.

[965] Indianapolis & Southeastern Trailways Areocoach.

[966] Indianapolis & Southeastern 3751 Silversides

[967] Another shot of Capitol Trailways of Pa restored PD-4106 #CP-826

[968] Reading Trailways 1950 PDA-3704

[969] Safeway Trailways S-466 Aerocoach.

[970] Ron & Dave standing by a 1927 Fageol at the Museum of Bus Transportation New Home

[971] Trailways Bus Tour, Portage AK.

[972] Greyhound MCI G-4500 #7004

[973] Greyhound MCI 102 DL-3 #6347

[974] 1937 Restored Greyhound Coach

[975] Pre-war New England Greyhound PDG-3701 backed in the old Park Square Greyhound Terminal in Boston.

[976] A shot of an Almeida Aerocoach loading at their terminal just a few doors away.

[977] The picture of the MacKenzie Line Beck loading shows the Greyhound Terminal off to the right.

[978] Greyhound Lines 6129 Eagle, SE 05-19999 Ex-Trailways laying over in Albany,NY (8/24/89)

[979] Another Old Trailways Eagle 10 in Sheep (BLUE) clothing.

[980] American Bus Lines IC-41 #579

[981] Here is a photo of W D Cornett with a white with bender body in Oklahoma City Southern Kansas Stage Lines 1929. Photo sent in by Howard Shaft

[982] Here's a picture that should give some interest, it's the one-off ACF deck and a half car operated by Continental as their bus "The Continental."  This picture shows it considerably long in the tooth operating for Penn-Jersey Coachways in Southern New Jersey. Photo sent in by Jon Hobijn

[983] Here is a picture of Jimmy Cambell and Paul woolrige and a White with Bender body shot in 1930 in Wichita Ks Southern Kansas Stage Lines. Photo sent in by Howard Shaft

[984] Here is the Dog's "UNTOUCHABLE" Bus Line TNM&O G4500 at Wichita this morning. Photo sent in by Howard Shaft

[985] Bowen Bus Center Fort Worth Texas.

[986] Bonanza's Single Axle MC-9 #8405. Photo sent in by Dave Dearstyne

[987] Close-up shot of Barbara Dearstyne (Dave's beautiful wife) with Bonanza's Single Axle MC-9. Photo sent in by Dave Dearstyne

[988] LV Hanna 1940 Santa Fe pass. Photo sent in by Tom Hanna

[989] Martz Trailways Hat Badge & Tie Pin.

[990] Safeway Trails GM PD-4104.

[991] 1964 Silver Eagle Bus Ad.

[992] 1930's Trailways Bus Puzzle.

[993] Norfolk Southern operated buses in the Norfolk area and became part of Carolina Trailways.

[994] The Barabra Worth Cafe Bus Depot for the Burlington American Bus Line.

[995] Dixie Hotel and Bus Station in New York City with a diagram of the basement turntable. Photo sent in by Gerry Jones

[996] The basement turntable at the Dixie Hotel and Bus Station in New York City. Photo sent in by Gerry Jones

[997] The Lobby of the Old Dixie Hotel and Bus Station in New York City. Photo sent in by Gerry Jones

[998] Great Southern Coach GM-4905 #805 ST Louis. Photo by Bob Redden.Sent in by Gerry Jones

[999] Intermountain Bus Lines.

[1000] L.V. Hanna in his Santa Fe Trailways uniform. Picture was taken Perhaps mid to late '40s. Photo sent in by his son, Tom Hanna

[1001] Tom Hanna in one of his toys Photo Sent in by Tom Hanna.

[1002] Trailways Company bus was taken at Fountain, Colorado in June 1952.

[1003] 1930 Pickwick Duplex, 51 passenger belonging to Pacific Greyhound Lines...Pacific Greyhound also operated Pickwick NIte Coaches, side windows arranged in groups of 3 windows, one large center window with a smaller window on each side and a large post section between each group of windows...Pennsylvania GL and GLI (Chicago - St. Louis) also operated Duplexes...

[1004] Union Pacific Stage Bus. Photo taken at Denver Co. Bus Staion about 1932. Union Pacific Stages bus is a 1929 White model 54A with a Bender body...UPS and Interstate Transit Lines (which owned UPS) each had a large fleet of this model..

[1005] Cannon Ball Stage Line. Photo taken Mancos Co. June 1942

[1006] This ACF-IC-41 is part of the Lawson Fleet.

[1007] Capitol Trailways of Pa #851 converted into a Motorhome.

[1008] A model of a Trailways Model 01 Eagle, built by Dave Dearstyne.

[1009] Picture of the 44th 1937 Yellow Coach 743 delivered to Pennsylvania Greyhound Lines, #P3743,,,has been repainted in Battle of Brittain paint scheme...it sure shows its wear and tare during WWII...the P could be made out as a R, which would indicate it was on lease to Richmond Greyhound, but the why the Pittsburgh destination sign???...when this bus was new and until 1956, Pennsylvania GL's numbering system included the year purchased as the first 2 digits and 3rd and 4th digits were the bus #, resulting in the first bus being #00, such as P3700..

[1010] Where The Going Is Tough

[1011] 1941 NationalTrailways Bus System Calendar

[1012] Here is a night shot of a dog at the Towanda service area on the Kansas Turnpike.

[1013] 1919 Pierce Arrow

[1014] Here's a somewhat rare picture of Jack Craft's Consolidated Trailways CV-306, a pretty air ride pulling into Roanoke's Trailways Terminal

[1015] Driver cockpit of a American Bus Lines ACF Brill IC-41.

[1016] Interior of the American Bus Lines ACF Brill IC-41.

[1017] The American Bus Lines car is a 1948 model that they ran as featured equipment on their transcontinental runs. It was a 32 passenger car with a buffet and lav.

[1018] Eagle In The Snow

[1019] The Limiteds Are Back

[1020] New England Greyhound Lines ACF IC-41 #8121.

[1021] American Bus Lines ACF IC-41 #6582.

[1022] Warwick Stage Lines ACF IC-41.

[1023] Turn Your Speakers Up For This One.(slow to load, but worth it)

[1024] Here is S-609 in 5-Star configuration on display prior to TNE's inauguration of Five-Star service between Portland, ME - Boston, MA - New York, NY and hence via Safeway to Washington. (Photo sent in by Edward L. Ramsdell)

[1025] Trailways ACF Carolina Scenic IC-41.

[1026] Carolina Trailways ACF C-44 Suburban.

[1027] Philadelphia Pa Trailways Bus Terminal

[1028] 1957 Trailways Travel Ad.

[1029] A Continental Central ACF IC-41 set up as a 5-Star coach with buffet and lav which would have made it a 32 passenger coach.

[1030] Seven years before the Trailways Association was founded and almost 25 years before the Boston & Maine Transportation Company (B&M) joined the NTBS here is ACF model 508-2-B-3 Observation, B&M number 404, a 29 passenger 1928 ACF deck and a half.

[1031] Colonial Trailways Prevost Bus #95530 at the Battleship U.S.S Alabama in Mobile Al.

[1032] A younger, smaller, lighter Bob Beard trying to sell his book.

[1033] Tamiami Trailways #45118 Model 10 Eagle.

[1034] Another Shot of that 45118 Tamiami Eagle

[1035] 1994 Neoplan Cityliner and operated by Capital City Trailways of Ga/Atlanta Ga.

[1036] Southern Kansas Greyhound Bus Lines ACFs

[1037] 1951 Factory photo of a Trailways New England GM-PD-4103

[1038] Charles Wiggins(left)Accepting His One Million Miles Award from Guy Wilkinson(right)in 1981.

[1039] Two Millon Miles Award that was presented to Charles Wiggins in 1995.

[1040] ABL Coach #5223 PD-4103

[1041] CCC Coach #C6904 PD-4903

[1042] Continental Trailways #1101 PD4104

[1043] American Bus Lines #25101 Model 10 Eagle at Lake Tahoe.

[1044] MCI Greyhound 102 D-3 at Mt Olive Ms

[1045] Greyhound Model G 4500 at Mt Olive Ms Bus Station.

[1046] Mt Olive Greyhound Bus Station.

[1047] Mt Olive Greyhound Bus Station

[1048] The front of the new Greyhound/Amtrack Terminal in Jackson Ms.

[1049] Mobile Bus Getting ready to load in Jackson Ms.

[1050] Greyhound Bus Loading Zones in Jackson Ms.

[1051] Jackson Ms Greyhoud Loading Zones

[1052] Greyhoud MCI Model G-4500 at Jackson Motel

[1053] Southeastern Stages being fueled in Jackson Ms

[1054] Another view of that Southeastern Stages bus being fueled.

[1055] Colonial Trailways Office and Shop in Mobile, Al.

[1056] Trailways Model 10 Eagle number 45118.

[1057] A neat picture of an old Burlington Trailways bus, a 1936 Yellow Coach Z-CT-843 which carried 33 passengers. This is the type of bus that Burlington (and Overland Greyhound_ both ran from Chicago to California and it inaugurates Burlington's service to the West Coast. Burlington bought 24 of these in 1935 and another 14 in 1936 for a total of 38. This was the last conventional (motor forward) bus Yellow Coach made.

[1058] AEROCOACH-The Coach of Tomorrow-Today!

[1059] Florida Motor Lines

[1060] Where was this picture taken?

[1061] Center Restaurant and Bus Terminal Oxford PA.

[1062] Greyhound MC-5 Bus

[1063] Greyhound Fishbowl bus

[1064] Fitzjohn and Carolina Scenic Stages Trailways

[[1065] 5 Star Hostess Diana standing in the door of a 1961 Golden Eagle. Diana is the wife of list member Gerry.


The next 3 pictures are snapshots of paintings of Joe Priselac. Great Work Joe. You are a very good artist. Thanks for sharing them with us.

[1067] Trailways Brill on the west side of Loveland Pass in the early 1950's pulling out eastbound from a rest stop at Wildwood Lodge just above Dillon Colorado.

[1068] Greyhound 743 in the early 1940's on old Route 66 somewere near the New Mexico Arizona border.

[1069] A Denver Tramway Corp. Marmon-Herring No. 646 trolley coach westbound at Colfax Ave and Broadway in Denver with the State Capitol in the background. It's late May 1950 and all streetcar routes left in Denver will be replaced by trolley coaches and GMC diesel busses on June 6,1950.

[1070] Santa Fe Trailways Shop in Los Angeles 10/17/1946

[1071] Beatrice Alabama Trailways Bus Station In 1955

[1072] "Sorry But Ed Martin Had To Drive This For 3 Years"

Coach USA is now Coach America and they have changed their paint scheme. These photos have the historical significance of showing the older paint scheme used just before the change in name. Presented here are both the interior and exterior of a MCI D4500 (2003 year model I think) that was operated by the Houston Division. I took these photos a day or two after I drove this bus on a charter.

[1073] Exterior of the MCI D4500

[1074] Interior of the MCI D4500

[1075] 1958 Kassbohrer Super Golden Eagle in Colorado

1076] Danny's Bus Terminal

]1077] CSX Winter Train

[1078] Penn Greyhound Lines P-5316 PD4104

[1079] Jackson Ms Police and their dogs watch as a Trailways Vistaliner Bus carring "Freedom Riders"arrives in Jackson Ms. May 24, 1961

[1080] Guard watches over Freedom Riders that are traveling on CML P-220 a Flxible 228 JT on Interstate 55



1083] Albuquerque Greyhound Ticket Counter

[1084] Albuquerque Greyhound Waiting Room

[1085] Northwestern-204 102D3

[1086] Burlington Trailways 6230 J4500

[1087] LakeFront 0856252 J4500

[1088] LakeFront Trailways AE10

[1089] Lakefront Trailways MC9

[1090} Lakefront Trailways 102A3 8547-39

{1091] Continental American Lines 6811, A 1963 Bus & Car Golden Eagle

[1092] G DiConstanza D/BA Flagship 1105 George Zeiba

[1093] Flagship-183 102 DL3

[1094] Flagship View from the left side

[1095] Missouri Pacific 908 PDA-3704

[1096] Trailways Bus Lines Zippo Lighter


[1098] MARTZ BUS #702

1099] Frank Martz Coach Co Inc.

[1100] Busses At The Front. Rough Work For London Buses

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