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Still More Bus Memories

Still More Bus Memories

Go Big Red---Go Trailways


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(4) Still More Bus Memories  

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(9) Don's Greyhound Bus Memories

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[466] The 01 Eagle is the Okeene High School bus.

[467] Following The Leader---GO BIG RED !!!---

[468] The First Bus of Colonial Trailways

[469] Here's a picture of TNE 265, one of the 13 PD-4103's that passed to Safeway and Virginia when they bought it.   

[470] Here's a picture of Carolina C-835, one of that company's 4103's, headed north to Boston.

[471] B&M operator Wendell (Whenal?) at Portsmouth enroute to Portland with this coach. Note the "Vista-Liner VL-100" logo painted on the side.

[472] Interstate Bus Lines 4104 #IP71

[473] Interstate Bus Lines 4104 #IP75

[474] Beck Airstream Coach Body on a 31 passenger, heavy duty inter-city job built for Southeastern Stages on a Mack Bus chassis.

[475] A better picture of one of those Beck Airstream bodies, this one on a Chevrolet chassis

[476] The Interstate drivers (left to right) are Mickey Finn driving the B&A, John O'Leary probably on Portsmouth considering the changer on his belt, and Reginald Linscott apparently riding the cushions on one of them.

[477] This 1957 picture is of an EGL E-8200 loading for Montreal (operated by Vermont Transit to Burlington, VT and EGL to Montreal) and Quebec Central Lines #40 loading for Quebec City (EGL to Jackman Station, ME and then QCT to Quebec).

[478] Monroeville Bus Co.(Colonial Trailways) 1942 Timetable.

[479] Greyhound-Trailways Model 15 Eagle #7925

[480] TWI Maint.Truck

[481] Where The Road Ends

[482] Model 04 Eagle

[483] Kileen Texas Bus Station

[484] Blue Ridge Trailways Prestiege #7790

[485] A Pair Of Five's

[486] 1953 Capital Motor Lines Route Map

[487] Blue Ridge Prevost in the Blue Ridge Mountains

[488] TMN&O Dog

[489] Can anyone indentify this Bus Driver?

[490] Greyhound MCI model G-4100, (41 foot in length) designed especially for Greyhound, and then Greyhound decided to remain with a 45 foot bus.

[491] Arrow Stage Lines #9814

[492] Fun Bus

[493] Dick Maguire, former owner of Capitol Trailways of Pa.

[494] Interior shot of a 4103

[495] Terminal scene, with a 4106 (Carolina) done in the 60's.

[496] Tamiami Drivers

[497] Super Golden Eagle with a treehouse in the background

[498] Nice Black & White Picture of a Super Golden Eagle

[499] Blue Ridge Lines IC41 #217 (Not be be confused with Blue Ridge Trailways)

[500] Tamiama Trail Tours 4903 #T4518

[501] Smoky Mountain Tours Fitzjohn Roadrunner #121

[502] Smoky Mountain Tours Fitzjohn Roadrunner #122

[503] Peterpan 450_355

[504] Old Greyhound Bus Station in Jackson Ms. Now used as a office building

[505] 1931 Mack BK. (Bus is same model as #1931 in Greyhound historic fleet.) This bus belongs to Teche Coach Lines interurban or inter-city parlor coach in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Teche Coach Lines, was an early regional inter-city bus line, that served the states of Louisiana, Mississippi,Alabama, and Florida.  Teche Lines eventually became a Greyhound affiliate. (Postcard from the collection of Rick Russell)

[506] Greyhound Silverside bound for Key West, FL rolling down the Ocean Higway....

[507] Greyhound 102 DL3

[508] Greyhound's historic fleet at Phoenix, 1986 during Greyhound's Franchising program kick off

[509] 1931 white model 54A bus with rebuilt streamline body by Jefferson Lines at Minneapolis, MN. Now part of Greyhound Origin Center's collection at Hibbing,Mn.....

[510] Greyhound Canada Transportation Company new G-4500, note maple leaf flag on door.

[511] A 1957 Fitzjohn FID Road Runner coach that has been restored by Bill Lawson at Deluxe Motor Stages of Michigan. It is fully operational, has the original bus interior and as you can see is immaculate. It has been repowered with a Detroit 671 and Allison automatic, replacing the original JT-6 and Clark 5-speed.

[512] Bill Lawson's historic fleet (most don't run) so you can see he's a collector.

[513] Capitol Trailways of Pa. 3704 #80

[514] Capitol Trailways of Pa. Model 05 Eagle #836

[515] Both Queen City and Southern Stages in Trailways ran Road Runners. Here's a picture of Q-2094 parked in Florence, SC and signed up for Augusta. Queen City repowered their Road Runners with 471 Detroits while Southern Stages choose the beefier Detroit 671.

[516] RB-204 in Trailways colors at Capitol Trailways of Pa. Terminal in Harrisburg Pa. at 4th & Chestnut. It originally was Consolidated CB-207. While Virginia took Consolidated's 4101's and 4104's into the VSL fleet, the Consolidated 4103's went directly to Royal Blue Coaches.

[517] Rio Grande Trailways 1946 Beck #1056

[518] Nice 2002 Bus (printable) calendar sent in by Howard Shaft

[519] Early Brewton Al.-Andalusia Al. Bus

[520] Dave's Restored 1944 3 bumper Flx Toy Model Bus

[521] Florida Greyhound's Grayline-Miami

[522] Davis Sight Seeing Tours

[523] Wylly-311 Mack 92G

[524] A 4501 Scenicruiser painted in Trailways colors

[525] This is an artist's conception of Flxible's proposed forty foot "Astraliner" for Continental Trailways.

[526] AGL-A2267 GM EXP-331 Left Front

[527] AGL-A2267_GM_EXP-331- Left Rear

[528] The original experimental vehicle, the GX-1 built in 1947

[529] GM-GX-2 Model 35 ft.

[530] GMS GX-2-Prototype-Rear. Picture taken at Penn RR station, Newwark, NJ.

[531] GMS_GX-2-Prototype-Front

[532] GLI GX-2, looks like it may have been taken at Boston terminal

[533] Flixible Vistaliner prototype

[534] GM-Styling 4501 Model

[535] IC-41A's at the old Union Terminal in Philadelphia at 13th & Filbert

[536] Santa Fe Trailways Bus Station Canton Il.

[537] Advertisement Flxible ran promoting their new dual level Vistaliner bus. In the ad, they used the prototype bus, destination sign under the windshield, smaller upper deck windshield and no sun foils around the rear windows.

[538] Burlington IC41 in color

[539] Here's 6813, one of Continental American's 1963 high-roof Golden Eagles getting ready to duck into New York's Port Authority Terminal to begin it's 60 hour transcontinental run to Los Angeles.

[540] Jon's 5 Star Service

[541] Clip-art VL100

[542] Clip-art VL100-1

[543] Clip-art VL100-2

[544] Clip-art VL100-fleet

[545] Clip-art 4104

[546] Former Tamiami Trailways dispatcher Keith Cruce

[547] Continental Western Lines 4901, a 1958 Kässbohrer SUPER Golden Eagle.

[548] Red Star PDA-3703 Postcard

[549] A black & white picture from 1966 and is taken in Norfolk, NE, where Arrow Bus Lines corporate offices are.

[550] Arrow Stage Lines Setra #9913 taken at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs in 1999.

[551] Arrow Stage Lines Setra #9527 in front of the Utah State Capitol in 1999.

[552] Arrow Stage Lines #6103 is one of their newer H3-41's.

[553] Super Golden Eagle

[554] Wilson's Super Golden Eagle

[555] Futurliners on Parade

[556] 1914 Hupmobile

[557] Early Greyhound Coaches

[558] America Bus Lines PD-4104 #A-5502

[559] Virginia Stage Lines 1946 Brill IC-41 #705

[560] A Little Boy's Dream

[561] A Little Boy's Dream II

[562] A Little Boy's Dream III

[563] One of Capitol Trailways of PA's 1948 GM PDA-4101's in front of the Pennsylvania State Capitol

[564] Capitol Trailways of PA's CP-817 in the old Wilkes- Barre Terminal

[565] Red Star Trailways 1942 Yellow Coach PG-2903

[566] Two Santa Fe ACF's, A small Flxible Clipper & a Southwestern Greyhound at Dodge City KS

[567] Safeway Lines Nov. 1936 Timetable

[568] NTBS Map Nov. 1936

[569] Nitecoach Highway Sleeper

[570] Trailways Finest Hour

[571] World Trade Center "Tower of Lights Memorial".

[572] Patches & Stuff

[573] Continental Bus System's very early 1953 GM PD-4104's parked next to a 1951 Continental Dixie PD-4103. Bill Luke, founder of BUS RIDE Magazine took the picture February 7, 1964 at Tyler, Texas. The 04 was 12 years old and the 03 14 years.

[574] Here is American's A-5502 4104,when it was brand new.

[575] The Belgian Bus & Car produced the Eagle buses for CT 1960-1976. 1973 they tried to sell Eagle even in the Nordic countries Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, but not until 1976 they sold their first three and the only Eagle. 1976 Bus & Car went bankrupt!! No more were sold. Enclosed is a picture of one of the Danish Eagle.

[576] Here are some pictures of a Bus & Car Model-17 city bus that got some interest in Seattle. I think some operated there for a time. They were also supposed to sell some to Israel. Not a bad looking car.

[577] Another View of The Model-17 Eagle City Bus

[578] M-15 Eagle Demonstrator

[579] The picture "Continentbus" shows the swedish Eagle delivered in 1976 to an operater who put the bus in service for the umbrella organization Continentbus, a swedish bus company similar to Trailways.

[580] The picture "Morocco" shows an Eagle in Morocco. 30-40 such Eagle was built in Belgium about 1970.

[581] The picture "Rankarna" shows the bus as rather new with the Continetbus sign. The group in front of the bus is a well known swedish country band called Rankarna.

[582] Rankarna produced a record called "Silver Eagle" and this picture can be seen on its sleeve. What a fantistic record!! The picture "Silver Eagle" can also be seen on above sleeve.

[583] Eagle M-20, produced by Bus & Car in Belgium  

[584] Eagle M-16, another bus produced by Bus & Car

[585] Eagle-45 Demo. A prototype bus produced in Brownsville with fully painted sides, raised roof and what Eagle International called the "Euro: cap.  The bus was a Model 15, 45 ft long (13,7 m) and 102 inches(259 cm)wide. 

[586] Greyhound Australia Model 05 Eagle

[587] Greyhound Australia Model 10 Eagle

[588] Greyhound Australia Model 05 Eagle with a Model 10 Cap

[589] Another Greyhound Australia Model 10 Eagle

[590] Capitol Trailways of PA. first MC-7 designed by Jon Hobijn

[591] ABL's 1958 Kasshohrer Golden Eagle

[592] Southeastern Stages Flxible

[593] Southeastern Stages 4104 at Greensboro Ga.

[594] A Southeastern Stages 4104 #172 at the old office in Atlanta Ga.

[595] A black & white photo of a Kassbohrer Super Golden Eagle

[596] Blue Ridge Trailways Silver Eagle Model 05 #77144

[597] SeaShore Trailways Eagle Model 10 #58101

[598] Winn Bus Lines in Richmond and their Prevost H345 which is painted like Air Force 1.

[599] Doug Woodie standing next to Greyhound Eagle 7770, a 1977 Model 10 original built for Trailways Bus System (TBS) in Dallas as 11134.

[600] Here is a picture taken many years ago. A Greyhound 50 passenger Duplex Parlor Coach that ran between Detroit & Chicago. Penn Greyhound (People's Rapid Transit at the time,1930, operated 2 between New York and Washngton, DC,numbered 3001 & 3002 and were renumbered also) Look it those old cars.

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(1) Bus Memories  

(2) Bus Memories-2  

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(5) Trailways Forever Memories

(6) Trailways Forever Memories-2

(7) Trailways Forever Memories-3

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(9) Don's Greyhound Bus Memories

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