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Trailways Forever Memories-4

Go Big Red---Go Trailways

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[1101] Tourists from a Santa Fe Trailways Bus looking up at the statue of ElCid in Balboa park. Picture taken in 1937. Contributing Institution-San Diego Historical Society.

[1102] Central Texas Trailways and Greyhound Bus Lines both serve the Waco Texas Intermodal Transportation Center

1103] Louisiana Coaches is a leading tour bus company in New Orleans.

[1104] Race in America,1961. A segregated waiting room at the Jackson Ms Trailways Bus Terminal.

[1105] Silver State Trailways in Southern CA.

[1106] ElCamino Trailways in Northern CA

[1107] 1941 General Motors Yellow Coach PG 2505 Bus.

[1108] New York Trailways Coach entering Depot off Carlisle Street.

{1109] In 1946 Auto manufacturer produced a prototype 63 passenger (Articulated) all-aluminum Bus.

[1110] New York Port Authority Terminal

[1111] Interior of the Port Authority Bus Terminal Basement Level

[1112] Peter Pan Bus Lines MCI J-4500 in New York.

[1113] Academy Bus Lines #1855

[1114] 1932 Yellow Coach Z-CN-670 Eastern Greyhound Lines of Ohio

[1115] Salem Greyhound Lines Depot 1965

[1116] Greyhound Bus Station in Columbia SC, built in 1938-39.

[1117] Greyhound MCI 102DLW-3 in White Plains New York

[1118] Lakeland Bus Lines Bus #8719 in Summit, NJ

[1119] Coach USA Bus #55958

[1120] Coach USA Red & Tan in Hudson County (New Jersey)

[1121] A 1927 Fageoll Safety Coach delivering Vacationers to the Hotel Rockaway in the early "30"s.

[1122] ACF Brill Bus of the Santa Fe Trailways Fleet.

[1123] GM featured is one of 335 manufactured by General Motors between 1948-1950

[1124] 1954 Sceni Cruiser was the first bi-level coach.

[1125] Cajun Coach built in Allentown Pa around 1905

[1126] A 1954 GMC Model PD-4104

[1127] A 1949 GMC makes a regular scheduled stop.

[1128] 1947 Flexible Clipper transfers its passengers at the train station.

[1129] A 1912 White Company Model 20,leaving the ferry on the Brooklyn side of the river.

[1130] 1927 Fageol Safety Coach stop for a little tinking on its way to Tulsa,OK.

[1131] 1936 Yellow Coach Bus approaching its stop following a thunder storm in Miami Beach.

[1132] Beautifully restored TDH-4512 (ex-Sacramento Transit #128)

1133] Another View of that restored TDH-4512

[1134] Continental Trailways along with Ford Motor Company Experimented with a turbine powered 1969 Model 05 Eagle. The Eagle used was American Buslines 29511 and the engine installation was done by Ford in Detroit. In 1970 it went into regular service running from New York City to Los Angeles via St. Louis.

[1135] Picture of the Turbine-Engine that was used in the 05 Eagle.

[1136] Continental Trailways Ford Turbine powered Silver Eagle bus is inspected by officals of Holiday Inn and Continental Trailways.

[1137] Blue Ridge cars running a shuttle for the Roanoke Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society.

[1138] Blue Ridge Trailways MC8 #77436 at The Train

[1139] And the race is on. At The Train

[1140] Blue Ridge Trailways #77436 & #77624 at The Train

[1141] 1951 Packard At The Train

[1142] Here is a nice picture 0f Adirondack's 62916 parked at Albany NY garage.(picture sent in by Dave)

The Next Three pictures of Transit Buses were sent in by Danny.

[1143] (1) Dayton MVRTA

[1144] (2) Miami Mta55

[1145] (3) 889 SEPTA FLYER
During the war, the Office of Defense Transportation ordered some changes to the B&MTCo. routing, such as the line from Keene to Peterboro was transferred to Granite Stages, later bought by Vermont Transit. After the war, the B&MTCo. transferred routes to other companies or discontinued routes. In 1952, the B&MTCo. became part of the Trailways Bus System, and a new headquarters was built in Cambridge, Mass.

Similar to the stories of the demise of the streetcars, the Boston & Maine Transportation Co. was losing its passengers to automobiles as highways were being improved. Unlike the B&MTCo.'s parent, it was much easier discontinuing a bus route than a rail line, and slowly the shorter routes disappeared, then longer ones. One creation from the discontinuance of bus service was the Concord Coach Lines, first operating the city lines of Concord as well as other longer distance runs to the south. Concord Coach Lines today is now Concord Trailways, which operates buses between Boston and Portland.
The next eight picture below are of the Boston & Maine Transportation Company.

[1147] Boston Maine 276 in Concord

[1148] Boston Maine 338 in Concord

[1149] Boston Maine 434 in Manchester

[1150] Boston Maine 441 at Park Square

[1151] Boston Maine 717 in Portland

[1152] Boston Maine 779 at Park Square

[1153] Boston Maine 781 in Concord

[1154] Boston Maine 783 in Concord

[1155] 1935 Yellow Coach Z-CT-843 Vin 350 Burlington Trailways #97

[1156] Burlington Trailways Gibson #98 PG-2901 1941

1157] Pac Greyhound Lines P-520-PD-3751

[1158] Pac Greyhound Lines P-2530-PD4104

[1159] Greyhound Bus Lines #9396 PD-4103

[1160] Carolina Coach Charter Picture

[1161] Three new Van Hools for Endeavor Trailways

[1162]Paradise Trailways,New York, First Van Hool of Miami

[1163] TTT 4103 on the Gandy Bridge between Tampa & St Peterburg

[1164] Virginia Trailways Air Ride parked beside Tamiami General Office in Tampa, is ready for a thru run to NYC.

[1165] Tamiami Freightways Trucks

[1166] More Tamiami Freightways Trucks

[1167] Denver-Boulder Bus Company Aerocoach photos by Don James, Jr., the grandson of I.B. James, one of the five "founding fathers" who came up with the "National Trailways System" idea in 1935.

[1168] In the attached 1950's photo, Don James, Sr, owner of Denver-Boulder Bus Company, is the third person from the right. My best guess is---and I doubt if Don, Jr, would know---this coach was probably one of the FIVE "Glass-Top" Aerocoaches purchased by Burlington Trailways in 1948.....the James family had close ties to Burlington for years and I.B. had at one time been BTCo President. The photo was taken in the gold mining town of Central City, CO, "The Richest Square Mile on Earth".

[1169] 1938 Carolina Coach Company Garwood Model-EFI

[1170] 1941 Santa Fe Trailways Aerocoach Model-EFI

[1171] 1942 Virginia Stage Lines -#124 Aerocoach

[1172] Aerocoach on display at the Bus Museum

[1173] Aerocoach P-372 MCA-Demo

[1174] SOS-98 Aerocoach

[1175] Queen City Coach

[1176] MCC-506- P-372 MCA-01753 P373MC

[1177]1949 AeroCoach I&S-508 P372-MCA

[1178] Hammond Transportation LTD#481- 1948 FLXIBLE CLIPPER Rear View.

[1179] Hammond Transportation LTD#481- 1948 FLXIBLE CLIPPER Front View.

[1180] Short Line Finest

[1181] 1922 White Touring Car before it was painted red and became "Little Red"

[1182] Little Red In Trailways Colors

[1183] Little Red After Being Sold To ABC

[1184] Red With A Pretty Lady

[1185] Little Red Two

[1186] Little Red Three

[1187] Little Red Four

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