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Priority Projects

The suggestions and the conclusions from the "Local Action Plan for environment protection of Sopiste Community" caused making projects whose realization is from the highest priority level but they need financial support:

1. Making Master Plan for the wastewater with the dynamics of realization in Sopiste Community region
Author: Ljubisa Jovanovski, mayor of Sopiste and Biljana Stevanovska, local coordinator

2. Water supply in Gorno Sonje
Author: Zoran Jovanovski – member of LUK, Biljana Stevanovska, local coordinator

3. Making a study for integral treating the solid waste in Sopiste Community
Author: Stevo Gorcev, member of LUK, Biljana Stevanovska, local coordinator

4. Tourist organization of the Bozguni Cave
Author: Mounting climbing club Peoni; Biljana Stevanovska, local coordinator

5. Mobile agrochemical laboratory in function of soil control and environment protection in Sopiste Community
Author: Prof. D-r. Vidoja Trpeski, a member of RG of Agriculture; Biljana Stevanovska, local coordinator

6. Sopiste Community Recreation center
Author: Ljubisa Jovanovski, mayor of Sopiste, representative and Biljana Stevanovska, local coordinator.


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