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"Ecology informative center in Sopiste Community"

Sopiste Community faces significant number of ecology problems, which lead to degradation of the basic natural property of the community. According to the LEAP (local Ecology Action Plan) analyses, the employed in the community institutions and the citizens are not ecology educated.
At the same time, the citizens are more and more unsatisfied because of the fact that they cannot solve certain ecology problems. The LEAP project of Sopiste community is a beginning step for cooperation between the local self-management and the population. They have some suggestions about how to solve the ecology problems.

General goal of the project 
The project goal is to enable better communication and cooperation between the Local Self-management Community, the citizens and the non-government organizations in the community, the citizens to have better access to the information about the environment conditions, education, raising the public consciousness and taking initiatives for solving the problems.

Concrete goal
The concrete goal is opening Informative Center, which will be used by the citizens as service for information exchange, advice and ways of better solving the ecology problems by contacts between Sopiste Community citizens and the Local Self-management and the non-government organizations.

Expected results
The project will contribute to:
- bigger information of the citizens about the ecology problems;
- bigger education on different questions;
- better communication with the local authority;
- solving problems from the close environment;
- improving the quality of life.

The public consciousness for solving ecology problems will be raised by organizing actions and the citizens will feel that they are a very important part of the community i.e. that their voice contributes to the improvement of the living conditions.

The center has a phone, computers connected to Internet and two employed persons who work there and prepare the information accessible to all the community citizens.



Community Sopiste
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Sopiste Community Advisory Office
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Ecology Informative Center in Sopiste Community


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