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Priority Projects

4. Tourist organization of the Bozguni Cave

The Bozguni cave is situated in the area of the village Patiska reka 30 km far from Skopje at 1150 meters height above sea level. The access towards it is by asphalt road and mountain lanes about 20 minutes walking. Inside, the cave is very huge with abundance of cave ornaments in color and with mineral water. There are snails, butterflies, centipedes, crabs and several endemic underground base animals. Considering the cave's shape and the treasure it fulfills all the conditions to be educational center for the people especially for students who study natural sciences. It is also a very convenient place for holding some cultural manifestations. 

Goal description
It is necessary to make a project for promotion of the cave region in the tourist-educational center together with the technical documentation for putting the cave in order.

Description of the previous steps
In spite of the fact that the cave region is well studied by speleologists, Geographers and the forest rangers, the Community does not owe any technical documentation to put it in order. We only have a monograph of the region Patiska Reka, made by the Speleology Association "Peoni".

Expected results
The project will contribute to the economic progress of our community, raise the tourism, raise ecology consciousness and create new initiatives for employment.


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