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Priority Projects

3. Making a study for integral treating the solid waste in Sopiste Community

The present way of treating the solid waste can be qualified as irregular and chaotic. The solid waste from the houses is spread everywhere. There are several wild dumps or locations of garbage heaps near the lines of communication. Although the only regional dump in the Republic of Macedonia "Drisla" is located in this area, only 1/3 of the population have organized collecting the solid waste. This condition owes to the absence of a system for integral treating the solid waste in the Community. The wind, the rain and the process of the waste decay pollutes the environment and the natural resources, the air, the water, the ground and the vegetable and animal world. The waste makes the landscape ugly while the dumps take the fertile soil.

Project goal
The project goal is to make a study for integral treating the solid waste in Sopiste Community.

Task of the study
The study has to determine and establish:
- the gravitational area and the production of solid waste;
- the quantity and the type of the solid waste;
- treatment of the different types of waste;
- institutional frames and the organizational position of the treatment of the solid waste;
- the economic effects: profitability, efficiency, financial profit and expenses of the system functioning according to the integral and phase treatment of the solid waste.

Expected results
Implementing the phases of the study we are expecting more favorable effects:
1. reducing the quantity and types of the solid waste;
2. preventing the pollution of the environment and nature;
3. eliminating the possibility of impairing people's health;
4. improving the quality of life by transferring the wild dumps and cultivating the land;
5. economic benefit obtained from recycling the waste;
6. financial profit obtained from the work of the public enterprise for treatment of solid waste.


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