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Priority Projects

2. Water supply in Gorno Sonje

The village and the settlement Gorno Sonje have 3000 inhabitants with defined urbanization but without water supply and sewerage system. People provide drinking water from individual wells, which in the last several years are very poor and are risky for their health because of the underground-contaminated water.

Project general goal
The project goal is to make water supply system for the village and the settlement Gorno Sonje by connecting it to the water supply system form the primary pipeline in the village of Sopiste.

Previous steps
A project for water tank with water pump has been realized so far at the village Dobri Dol but it has to be revised because of the today's needs of the village.

Expected results
The water supply system will enable the citizens provide with more quality living conditions, reduce people's efforts to find clean drinking water and eliminate the risk of getting diseases owing to the contaminated water.


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