Eddie Guerrero

Height: 5'8''

Weight: 220 lbs.

Finishing Move: The Frog Splash

Titles Held: 1x WWE Champ, 2x WWE Intercontinental Champ, 2x WCW/WWE United States Champ, 4x WWE Tag Team Champ, 2x ECW Television Champ, 2x WWE European Champ, 2x WCW Cruiserweight Champ

Manager/valet(s): Chyna

Nicknames: Latino Heat

Eddie Guerrero is a member of the Guerrero family, who are wrestling legends in Mexico. Eddie has wrestled all over the world, in Mexico, Japan, and WCW. He arrived in the WWF in January of 2000, along with his fellow disgruntled WCW employees Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Perry Saturn. They were invited guests of Cactus Jack and got involved in his feud with D-generation X. At the time, Triple H was in power alongside Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and stated that the Radicals would receive contracts if they could beat D-generation X in a best of three series on Smackdown. The Radicals lost all three matches, and Eddie sustained an elbow injury. The next Monday, they turned on Cactus Jack and revealed that Triple H had given them contracts as long as they would join him. Eddie started to lust after Chyna, but she rejected his advances. Eddie's first WWF PPV was WrestleMania 2000, as he teamed up with Malenko and Saturn to lose to Chyna and Too Cool. The next night, Chyna turned on her friend Chris Jericho and helped Eddie win the European Title. He defended the title successfully against Essa Rios at Backlash, and the Radicals had a falling out. Eddie beat Malenko and Saturn in a Triple Threat Match at Judgment Day. Eddie moved on and qualified for the King of the Ring tournament, but lost to Val Venis in the first round. He lost the European belt to Saturn at Fully Loaded, and set his sights on the IC title. He and Chyna teamed against Val and Trish Stratus in a special tag match at SummerSlam, in which whoever pinned Val would become the new champ. Chyna scored the pin, and Eddie started to get jealous. In a Triple Threat Match with himself, Chyna and Kurt Angle, he pinned an unconscious Chyna while pretending to be concerned about her to win the belt. Their relationship was on the rocks, and Eddie grew more upset when Chyna agreed to pose for Playboy. The relationship ended when Chyna caught him cheating on him, which prompted Chyna's friend Billy Gunn to come to her defense. Billy won the IC belt from Eddie in November, but not before Eddie, Benoit, Saturn and Malenko reformed the Radicals. Eddie, Saturn and Malenko lost to the Hardy Boyz and Lita at Armageddon, and Eddie was put out with another injury.

He returned in February 2001, and immediately went after Chris Jericho and the IC title. Unfortunately, fellow Radical Chris Benoit also wanted the title, and they competed in a Fatal Four Way with Jericho and X-pac at No Way Out, which Jericho won. Benoit ended up leaving the Radicals, and Eddie won the European Title the next month at WrestleMania X-Seven from Test. Eddie lost the belt to Matt Hardy a few weeks later, and actually ended up alligning himself with the Hardys and Lita over the next month. However, Eddie was suspended for a real life drug problem and went into rehab.

He was eventually released by the WWF, until he turned up almost a year later in April 2002, taking out the Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam. He beat RVD for the IC title at Backlash and then beat him again at Judgment Day. He made enemies with Steve Austin, and also confronted his old friend, the returning Chris Benoit. Later that night, Guerrero lost the belt back to RVD in a ladder match, and Austin came down to beat him up. Eddie turned the tables after help from Benoit, Flair and Arn Anderson. The next week, Austin walked out of WWE, and Eddie was mad because he lost his high profile match with him. He and Benoit blamed Flair and attacked him, setting up a match at King of the Ring. Flair beat Eddie after Bubba Ray Dudley countered Benoit's interference. Bubba Ray and Spike Dudley beat Benoit and Guerrero in a table match at Vengeance. A few nights later, Eddie and Benoit jumped from Raw to Smackdown, and helped Kurt Angle go after the Rock. He lost to Edge at SummerSlam, but then beat him at Unforgiven. They settled the feud in a no holds barred match on Smackdown, which Edge won. Eddie started teaming with his nephew Chavo, and entered the tournament for Smackdown's WWE Tag Team Champions. They beat Mark Henry and Rikishi in the first round, but lost to Benoit and Angle in the next round. They competed in a Triple Threat Match for the titles at Survivor Series, finally winning the belts. Eddie's friendship with Benoit had dissolved by that point, and he lost to Benoit at Armageddon.

Eddie and Chavo held the titles until February, when they lost them to Team Angle. They sought a rematch, but also had to contend with the team of Benoit and Rhyno. The three teams had a triple threat match at WrestleMania XIX, with Team Angle retaining. Los Guerreros got a rematch at Backlash, but lost. They got one more shot in a ladder match at Judgment Day, but ten days beforehand Chavo injured his bicep. Eddie chose Tajiri to replace him, and they won the titles. They retained over Team Angle in rematches, using the Guerrero mantra of "Lie, Cheat and Steal." They finally lost the belts back to the former Team Angle, now the World's Greatest Tag Team, in July. Eddie turned on Tajiri after the match by putting him through the window of his lowrider. Meanwhile, Stephanie McMahon brought back the US Title to Smackdown, and Eddie won the belt, defeating Ultimo Dragon, Billy Gunn and Chris Benoit in the finals at Vengeance. Rhyno also tossed his hat into the title race, and Guerrero defended against Benoit, Tajiri and Rhyno at SummerSlam, retaining the title. John Cena was the next to seek a title shot, and Guerrero faced him in a parking lot brawl. However, Chavo made his return and helped Eddie win the match. The next week, they won the tag titles back from the World's Greatest Tag Team. They rode high for a few weeks, but then Eddie lost the US Title to The Big Show at No Mercy. The next Smackdown, he and Chavo lost the tag belts to the Basham Brothers. Chavo started to have ill feelings toward his uncle, blaming him for the loss. He started to accuse Eddie of stealing the spotlight, getting on his case even more after they lost the rematch with the Bashams at Survivor Series.