Chris Jericho

Height: 6'2''

Weight: 233 lbs.

Finishing move: The Walls of Jericho

Manager/valet(s): Howard Finkel, Chyna, Stephanie McMahon

Titles held: 1x WWE Champ, 2x WCW Champ, 7x WWE Intercontinental Champ, 1x ECW Television Champ, 3x World Tag Team Champ, 1x WWE European Champ, 1x WCW Television Champ, 4x WCW Cruiserweight Champ, 1x WWE Hardcore Champ

Nicknames: The Ayatollah of Rock and Roll-a, Y2J, Wrestling's Living Legend

Real Name: Chris Irvine


Chris Jericho debuted in August of 1999, claiming that he was here to save the WWF. He confronted several top stars over the weeks, including The Rock, The Big Show, and The Undertaker. He made his wrestling debut against Jesse James, but lost by DQ. He targeted Ken Shamrock and put him out of action in a First Blood Match by making him bleed internally. He took on Curtis Hughes as a bodyguard and used Howard Finkel as a toadie, but fired him shortly after he hired him. He lost to X-pac at Unforgiven. When Chyna won the IC belt from Jeff Jarrett, Jericho was the first to step up and challenge her. They met at the Survivor Series and Chyna scored a huge upset. However, Jericho defeated her a month later at Armageddon to become the Intercontinental Champion, or as he called it, "the Interchrisinental Champion."

In a rematch with Chyna, they pinned each other at the same time and were declared the first ever co-IC champions. Jericho beat Chyna and Hardcore Holly at the Royal Rumble to become the sole possessor of the belt. Chyna then started a partnership with Jericho. He went up against the Euro champ Kurt Angle at No Way Out and lost the IC belt to him. Chris Benoit soon became involved in the feud, and a two fall Triple Threat Match was set up for WrestleMania for both of Angle's belts. Jericho was pinned in the first match by Benoit, but Jericho pinned Benoit in the second match to become European Champ. He lost the belt the next night to Eddie Guererro, when Chyna turned against him. Jericho went up against Benoit ab Backlash for the IC belt but lost by DQ. In a match with Triple H, he won the World Title, but the decision was reversed when HHH and Stephanie McMahon threatened Earl Hebner. A few weeks later, he won the IC belt from Benoit only to lose it back to him six days later. He also failed to beat him in a submission match at Judgment Day. Jericho then qualified for King of the Ring, beating Test and Edge. He lost in the quarterfinals to Kurt Angle.

He continued the feud with Triple H, losing to him in a Last Man Standing Match at Fully Loaded. He lost a two out of three falls match to Chris Benoit at SummerSlam, and was then targeted by X-pac. He beat X-pac at Unforgiven, and in a cage match at No Mercy. A feud erupted with Kane shortly thereafter because Kane was targeting all the "pretty" people who labeled him a freak. He lost to Kane at Survivor Series but won a Last Man Standing Match against him at Armageddon.

He won the IC title from Chris Benoit at the Royal Rumble in a Ladder Match, but was attacked over the next few weeks by the returning X-pac and Eddie Guerrero, who were both gunning for the title. A Fatal Four Way was made for No Way Out and Jericho retained his title. He began having problems with new Commissioner William Regal who booked himself into a title match with Jericho at WrestleMania. Jericho won, but attacks from Regal and Angle over the next few weeks led to a partnership with Benoit out of necessity. Regal challenged Jericho to a Duchess of Queensbury Match at Backlash, but never revealed the rules. It turned out to be a ploy by Regal to screw over Jericho, and managed to win over Chris. Jericho and Benoit began having problems with Edge & Christian. Jericho entered himself into the Tag Team Turmoil Match at Judgment Day, where the winning team would receive a tag title shot. Jericho's mystery partner turned out to be Benoit, who had gotten screwed out of a win by Edge & Christian earlier in the night. They won the match and then beat Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H the next night to win the tag belts. With HHH put on the shelf with an injury, they targeted Austin and his World Title. They both received shots but were unsuccessful. A Triple Threat Match between the three was made for King of the Ring, but Austin first made sure they lost the tag team belts to The Dudley Boyz. Austin managed to retain the title at the PPV. When WCW and ECW invaded WWF Programming, he teamed with Austin, Angle, Undertaker and Kane at Invasion against Booker T, DDP, The Dudley Boyz and Rhyno. The WWF lost when Austin turned on them by stunning Angle. Jericho once again insulted Stephanie McMahon, so she sent Rhyno to destroy him, but Jericho beat him at SummerSlam. He took on Rob Van Dam for the Hardcore Title at Unforgiven, but came up short. What started as a misunderstanding between him and the Rock escalated to a personal war for the WCW Title at No Mercy. Jericho finally "won the big one" by beating the Rock. He lost the belt back to the Rock a couple of weeks later, and the friction between them almost costt the WWF the winner-take-all elimination match at Survivor Series. The WWF side won, and the Alliance was history. A unification tournament was held at Vengeance to determine an undisputed champion. Austin retained the WWF title over Angle and Jericho beat the Rock for the WCW Title. Booker T and Vince McMahon helped Jericho beat Austin, and Jericho became the first undisputed champion in wrestling history.

Jericho beat the Rock once again at the Royal Rumble, and beat Austin at No Way Out after interference from the nWo. He gained longtime rival Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley as a business partner to get at Triple H, but only got caught in the middle of their break-up. He lost the title to HHH at WrestleMania X-8, and got rid of Stephanie after HHH won a Triple Threat Match against Jericho and Stephanie, where Steph agreed to leave the WWF if she or Jericho lost the match. The roster split occurred, and Jericho was drafted to Vince McMahon's Smackdown brand. He started teaming with Kurt Angle to play Hulk Hogan and Triple H off one another. HHH then beat Jericho in a Hell in a Cell match at Judgment Day. Jericho entered the King of the Ring tournament and received a bye in his qualifying match, due to his opponent Edge hurting his shoulder. Jericho confronted him and then attacked him, hospitalizing him. He beat the Big Valbowski in the next round, but lost to Rob Van Dam in the semi finals. Edge returned the next month and beat him in a cage match. Jericho was one of the first to jump to Raw under new General Manager Eric Bischoff, along with his friends the UnAmericans. He made an immediate impact by taking out Ric Flair. They met at SummerSlam, and Flair won the match. Jericho won the rematch at Unforgiven, and then teamed with Christian to win the World Tag Team Titles from Kane and the Hurricane. Jericho got into it with Booker T, who teamed with Goldust to take on him and Christian at No Mercy. Jericho and Christian won, and Jericho received a shot at the World Title in the first ever Elimination Chamber match at Survivor Series. He went up against Triple H, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Kane and Shawn Michaels. Jericho was the fourth man eliminated, and then he and Christian lost the World Tag Team Titles to Booker T and Goldust in a Fatal Four Way at Armageddon.

The next night, he confronted Shawn Michaels, saying how he had lost his respect for him. He told Shawn to prove he still had it by volunteering to be number one in the Royal Rumble and going all the way, just like he did in 1995. Shawn did so, and Jericho subsequently won a match that allowed him to choose his own number. Instead of opting for a higher number, he chose number two. He and Christian helped eliminate Shawn quickly, and Jericho almost made it to the end before Shawn helped Test eliminate him. He had a match with Test the next night, and accidentally injured Stacy Keibler. Jericho refused to apologize sincerely, and managed to beat Test on Raw. He beat Jeff Hardy at No Way Out, and finally had his showdown with Shawn at WrestleMania. HBK beat him, but Jericho teamed with Triple H and Ric Flair to beat him, Booker T and Kevin Nash at Backlash. When Raw Co-GM Steve Austin reinstated the Intercontinental Title, Jericho entered himself in the battle royal to crown a champion at Judgment Day. He came close, but was double crossed and eliminated by his friend Christian. He then admitted to being the man who put Lance Storm up to trying to run over Goldberg a few weeks back, and wanted him for a match at Bad Blood. Goldberg beat Jericho in the match. Jericho then decided to go for the World Title at SummerSlam in an Elimination Chamber match against Goldberg, HHH, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton and Kevin Nash. Jericho pinned Nash but was later pinned by Goldberg. Jericho went for his buddy Christian's IC Title at Unforgiven in a Triple Threat Match that also included RVD. Christian retained, and Jericho continued his quest to get rid of Austin as Raw co-GM. Eric Bischoff proposed a Survivor Series match involving his team vs. Austin's team. If Austin won, he could raise all the hell he wanted, and if Bischoff won, Austin would be fired. Jericho lasted until the end, until he was pinned by HBK, but his team ended up winning. Meanwhile, Jericho and Trish Stratus began to fall for each other, and it looked as if things were heating up with Christian and Lita as well. However, Trish overheard Jericho and Christian talking that they had a bet to see who would nail their girl first and she and Lita were heartbroken. They confronted Jericho and Christian, who tried to pass it off as a joke. When they were rejected, Jericho seemed genuinely apologetic. Bischoff made a battle of the sexes match between the four for Armageddon, which Jericho and Christian won. Jericho continued to insist that he was very sorry for what happened.

Entrance Music Lyrics

Come on, you know I gotcha. Come on. (Yeah, one)

Break the walls down! (Break down the walls) (Ahhh)

For those about to rock,
Whatcha want?
And you know you're Judas,
And I'm your priest.
Baby, what I got is not from the least,
Bring it to the stage in the rage of the beast.

Step in the arena and break the walls down!
Step in the arena and break the walls down!

So sure... so right...
Yeah... (Yeah)

Awaken from a deep sleep,
And you're all weak.
You're living in the agony of defeat.
I am the master of your whole week.
I am the pastor, flock you like sheep.
Step in the town and break the walls down!
Your heart beat is the only sound,
Step into the light and then you know,
You were stopped and dropped by the walls of Jericho!

You feel me now? (Coming down)
Come on! Break the walls down! (Jericho)
For those about to rock, step to the clock.
For those about to jump, I will pump.
For those about to go, watch me flow.
Break down the walls of Jericho!

Whatcha want?
I?ll break?em down!
Whatcha got?
Jericho, run?em out!