The Dudley Boyz

Height: Buh Buh Ray- 6'4''. D-Von- 6'2''.

Weight: BBR- 275 lbs. DV- 240 lbs.

Finishing move: 3D: The Dudley Death Drop

Titles held: 8x World Tag Team Champs, 1x WWE Tag Team Champs, 8x ECW Tag Team Champs, 1x WCW Tag Team Champs*

Manager/valet(s): Stacy Keibler

Real Names: BBR- Mark Lomonica. DV- Devon Hughes.

*: Bubba Ray Dudley has also been a 10x WWE Hardcore Champ.

The Dudleys arrived in the WWF after being 8x tag champs in ECW. They debuted during the last match of a tag team marathon, attacking Edge, Christian, and The Acolytes with 2x4s. The Acolytes got revenge soon after, attacking a stuttering Buh Buh Ray during an interview, as well as D-Von. They lost to The Acolytes at Unforgiven '99 after interference by Stevie Richards. The Dudleys worked up a respectable record, and targeted the recently reformed Headbangers as well as Kane and X-pac. They started to feud with The Hardy Boyz when they put Matt through Jeff, who was lying on a table. The Hardys got them back, but the Dudleys lost a tag team table match to them at the Royal Rumble. When D-von beat Jeff and Edge in a Triple Threat Match, they got a shot at the tag champs the The New Age Outlaws. They beat them for the titles at No Way Out. They lost the belts at WrestleMania in a Triple Threat Ladder Match with the Hardys and Edge & Christian. Edge and Christian won the match. They became involved with T & A but lost to them at Backlash. They lost a table match to DX at Judgment Day, and lost to them again in a table/dumpster match at King of the Ring.

They once again feuded with Edge & Christian and The Hardys, culminating in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match at SummerSlam, which Edge & Christian won. They grew angered when the RTC tried to censor their use of tables. They teamed with the Acolytes to lose to the RTC at Unforgiven. At No Mercy, they issued a challenge to five other teams for an Invitational Tag Team Table Match, which they won. They teamed with the Hardys at Survivor Series to beat The Goodfather, Bull Buchanan, and Edge & Christian. They went for the titles in a Four Corners Match at Armageddon against E & C, The RTC, and K-Kwik and The Road Dogg, but lost.

They won the tag team belts from Edge & Christian at the Royal Rumble and retained them in a Triple Threat Match at No Way Out against Edge & Christian, and Kane and The Undertaker. They lost the belts to the Hardy Boyz a few weeks later. Edge & Christian weaseled their way in to their rematch a few weeks later and won the belts with the help of Rhyno. However, they arrived at the arena just in time to get their title shot and beat Edge & Christian for the titles again with the help of their little brother Spike. They lost them back to Edge & Christian in TLC II, which also involved the Hardys, at WrestleMania X-Seven. They feuded with X-Factor when they started picking on Spike. They lost to them at Backlash, but won the rematch a few weeks later. They came to the aid of Spike again after Crash and Hardcore Holly attacked him for talking to their cousin Molly. The Dudleys and the Hollys feuded, but Spike and Molly started to fall for each other despite both sides' warnings. Eventually, the Dudleys turned against Spike for going against their wishes. They then won the tag team titles from Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit. Spike challenged them at King of the RIng, and got Kane to be his partner. However, the Dudleys still prevailed. After they lost the belts to the APA, they joined several former ECW stars and the WCW wrestlers to form the WCW/ECW Alliance. At Invasion, they teamed with Rhyno, DDP and Booker T to beat Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker, Kane and Chris Jericho when Austin betrayed the WWF and joined the Alliance. They teamed with Test to beat Spike Dudley and the APA at SummerSlam. They won the WWF Tag Team Titles from the Undertaker and Kane in September, beating the Hardys, Hurricane and Lance Storm, and the Big Show and Spike Dudley at Unforgiven. They lost the belts to the Rock and Chris Jericho, but won the WCW Tag Team Titles from the Hardys shortly thereafter, making them the only team ever to win tag team gold in the WWF, WCW and ECW. They won a tag title unification match with the Hardys at Survivor Series, and though the Alliance lost, got to stay in the WWF because they were the champs. They retained the titles at Vengeance, beating the Big Show and Kane.

They lost the belts to Tazz and Spike Dudley, and failed to regain them. In April, the WWE held a roster split, and both Dudleys were drafted to separate brands, Bubba to Raw and D-von to Smackdown. Bubba had success in the Hardcore division, and D-von became Reverend D-von for a time. However, when the Big Show was traded to Smackdown, D-von came over to Raw as part of the deal. At Survivor Series, he helped Bubba, Spike and Jeff Hardy beat 3 Minute Warning in an elimination tables match and the Dudleys were reunited. They went for the tag team titles, but were eliminated in a Fatal Four Way match at Armageddon.

Regal & Storm won the titles a few weeks later, and the Dudleys beat them for the belts at the Royal Rumble. However, their opponents went to Chief Morely to get a rematch, and he had the Dudleys ambushed before allowing Regal and Storm to get the cheap win. Morely then suspended the Dudleys, who continued to attack the tag champs at every opportunity, until they defended the belts against Rob Van Dam and Kane. The Dudleys attacked RVD and Kane, and it was revealed that Morely had reinstated them as long as they played by Morely's rules, which included being his henchmen. With Regal on the shelf, Morely declared himself and Lance Storm the new tag champs, and did things to humiliate the Dudleys, such as placing them in a match against their friend Trish Stratus and their half-brother Spike. The Dudleys struck back at Backlash, costing Morely and Storm the belts to RVD and Kane. Morely suspended them again, but when Co-GM Steve Austin was put in power, he reinstated them and they beat Three Minute Warning.