Height: 5'10''

Weight: 285 lbs.

Finishing Move: The Gore

Titles Held: 1x ECW Champ, 1x WCW United States Champ, 2x ECW Television Champ, 3x WWE Hardcore Champ

Real Name: Terry Gerin

Rhyno was the last ECW Heavyweight Champion before signing with the WWF. He immediately alligned himself with Edge & Christian, helping them win the tag team titles from The Hardy Boyz, though they lost the belts to The Dudley Boyz later in the night. A few weeks later, he helped them win the belts again in the TLC II match between those three teams at WrestleMania X-Seven. A couple of weeks later, he won the Hardcore Title from Kane. He defended it successfully against Raven at Backlash and againt The Big Show and Test at Judgment Day. However, he lost it the next night to Big Show. A week later, Chris Jericho won the belt from Show. With the 24/7 rule in effect, Rhyno gored Jericho and won the title. He made it to the Final Four of the King of the Ring tourney by beating Jeff Hardy and Tajiri. He also lost the Hardcore betl to Test. Unfortunately, his friends Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle also made the Final Four. He lost his semi-final match to Edge. The next night, he regained the Hardcore Title from Test but lost it seconds later to WCW Superstar Mike Awesome. Rhyno joined other former ECW Stars along with the WCW wrestlers to form the Alliance in July, and invaded WWF Programming. He teamed with Booker T, DDP and the Dudleys to take on Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Undertaker, Kane and Chris Jericho. The Alliance side won when Steve Austin turned his back on the WWF to join them. Rhyno was enlisted by Stephanie McMahon-Helmsely to take out Jericho, but he lost to him at SummerSlam. He won the WCW US Title from Tajiri at Unforgiven and kept it until the day after No Mercy, when he lost it to Kurt Angle. He was suspended indefintely for that from the Alliance the next night.

He really left because of a neck injury, and finally made his return in February 2003, teaming with Chris Benoit. They went up against Los Guerreros and Team Angle at WrestleMania XIX for the Tag Team Titles, but lost. He entered a tournament to crown a number one contender for the WWE Title, beating Big Show by DQ in the first round, but losing to Benoit in the second round. He teamed with Benoit and Spanky to lose to John Cena and the FBI at Judgment Day.

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