The Basham Brothers

Height: Doug Basham- 6'2''. Danny Basham- 6'3''.

Weight: Doug- 240 lbs. Danny- 252 lbs.

Finishing Move: The Ball and Gag

Manager/valet(s): Sheniqua

Titles Held: 2x WWE Tag Team Champs

Real Names: Danny- Danny Hollie.

The Bashams debuted on the WWE Smackdown roster in the summer of 2003. They got a win over Spanky and Rikishi and a tainted victory over Chris Benoit and Rhyno. They were then portrayed as S & M enthusiasts, and were given a dominatrix manager by the name of Sheniqua. They lost a rematch to Benoit and Rhyno and continued their journey through the tag ranks. They finally got a break at No Mercy when they beat the APA with help from Shaniqua. This impressed new Smackdown GM Paul Heyman, who gave them a title shot against Los Guerreros. They won the belts, and beat Eddie and Chavo in the rematch at Survivor Series.