Val Venis

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 240 lbs.

Finishing move: The Money Shot

Titles held: 2x WWE Intercontinental Champ, 1x World Tag Team Champ, 1x WWE European Champ

Manager/Valet(s): Mrs. Yamaguchi San, Terri Runnels, Ryan Shamrock, Nicole Bass, Trish Stratus, Steven Richards, Ivory

Nicknames: The Big Valbowski

Other Aliases: Chief Morely

Real Name: Sean Morely

The night after WrestleMania XIV, we were shown a video of a porno star and director, Val Venis, who I guess is spearheading the new "attitude" gimmicks. Not those corny comic book gimmicks from the 80s, but the porno star, the vampire, the tortured soul, and others.

Val has not had a long WWF career so there is not much to write about. He made his television debut on Raw, beating Scorpio. He then beat Papi Chulo, and went to a no-contest with Dustin Runnels when the Undertaker attacked both men. He wrestled Dick Togo from Kaentai one week and after he won, he confronted Yamaguchi-San's wife. When Kaentai attacked, he took them out with a chair. Val showed tapes of himself and Mrs. Yamaguchi in bed, which infuriated her husband. He came out with a bunch of sausages and used a katana to cut them in half. He then threatened to "choppy choppy" Val's "pee pee." In a tag match against Kaetai, long time Kaentai rival Taka Michinoku betrayed Val and revealed Mrs. Yamaguchi was his sister. They dragged Val back to the locker room and stripped him down. When Yamaguchi San raised the sword, the lights went out and Raw ended. The next week, Val came out with John Bobbitt, and pretended that they had succeeded. He then raised his voice and revealed they had not succeeded after all, due to Mr. Bobbitt's intervention by turning out the lights. He then dumped Mrs. Yamaguchi San, saying that no woman was worth the kind of trouble she brought him. The next week, he took on all members of Kaentai, and won each match, until Taka handed him his first defeat. He got his first title shot at SummerSlam, but lost by DQ to D'lo Brown, after shoving a ref. He got into a feud with The Godfather for awhile, before being attacked by Ken Shamrock, when Val hit on his sister. At the Royal Rumble, Val tried to help Billy Gunn win the IC belt from Shamrock, but his help wasn't enough. He ended up beating Shamrock for the IC strap at IYH: St. Valentine's Day Massacre, but lost it only weeks later to "Road Dogg" Jesse James. He was unsuccessful in a Fatal Four Way at WrestleMania XV with the Dogg, Shamrock, and Goldust. In a stroke of bad luck, Nicole Bass became infatuated with him, but he agreed to take her on as his partner against Jeff Jarrett and Debra at Over the Edge '99. Bass laid a kiss on Val after the match, and Val actually liked it. However, their relationship was short-lived when Nicole dumped Val. Val had his problems with Prince Albert and Droz when they pierced his nose, so he turned the tables by tattooing Albert's ass. After that feud played out over the summer, he feuded with Steve Blackman and beat him at Unforgiven. When GTV caught Val putting Mr. Rocko, Mr. Socko's counterpart, down his pants, Mankind demanded it be returned. Val said he would, but turned on Mick. They wrestled at No Mercy, with Val winning. His next feud was with The British Bulldog. They were to wrestle for the European Title at Armageddon, but D'lo Brown interjected himself, making it a Triple Threat Match. Val still won and became the European Champ.

He held the belt until February, where he lost it to Kurt Angle. He was injured shortly after that, and returned a few months later. He began teaming with T & A and took on Trish Stratus as his manager. He feuded with Chris Jericho, Hardcore Holly, and Chris Benoit over the IC belt. He qualified for King of the Ring by beating Al Snow and Jeff Hardy. He beat Eddie Guererro at the PPV, but lost to Rikishi in the semi-finals. A few weeks later, he won the IC belt from Rikishi. He retained it in a rematch at Fully Loaded. He lost the belt in a tag match at SummerSlam where the stipulation was if he or Trish were pinned, he'd lose the title. They wrestled Eddie Guererro and Chyna, and Chyna pinned Trish. He dumped Trish, and a couple of weeks later joined the RTC. They beat The Dudley Boyz and The Acolytes at Unforgiven. He teamed with Richards to beat Billy Gunn and Chyna at No Mercy. He wrestled Chyna in a singles match at Armageddon and won.

The RTC continued their feuds with Jerry "The King" Lawler and the APA. Around WrestleMania X-Seven, they raised the ire of Tazz. At WrestleMania, Tazz and the APA beat Val, Bull and the Goodfather. The RTC started to have problems after failing to stop The Undertaker and the group split. Val left WWF Television and didn't return for the rest of the year.

He returned at the 2002 Royal Rumble, back to being a porn star. He had several midcard feuds with Mr. Perfect and Lance Storm throughout the winter.