John Cena

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 240 lbs.

Finishing Move: The F-You

Titles Held: 3x WWE Champ, 3x WWE United States Champ, 1x World Tag Team Champ

Cena arrived in WWE in the summer of 2002, after Kurt Angle called out anyone to face him. He took Angle to the limit and nearly beat him. The next week, he nearly beat former WWE Champion Chris Jericho and then beat him in the rematch at Vengeance. He came out to the ring two days later, along with Rey Mysterio to help out Edge against Jericho and the UnAmericans. However, Jericho and the UnAmericans left for Raw before they could get their revenge. Cena had impressive showings against the likes of Kurt Angle, but never managed to beat him. In the fall, Smackdown GM Stephanie McMahon initiated Tag Team Titles for Smackdown. Cena teamed with Billy Kidman, but they didn't make it past the first round. Cena and Kidman were at odds, and Cena turned against him. On the Halloween episode of Smackdown, Cena dressed up as Vanilla Ice and showed everyone his rapping skills. He made that a part of his persona, and brought back Bull Buchanan as his lackey, renaming him B-2. They feuded with Rikishi, but B-2 soon left WWE.

Cena replaced him with a man by the name of Redd Dogg, who was traded to Raw shortly after his debut. Cena went back on his own and challenged Brock Lesnar to a match. He lost, and Lesnar injured Cena's knee after the match by giving him an F5 into the ring post to prove a point to Kurt Angle. It enraged Cena, who vowed revenge against Brock as soon as he was healthy. Cena returned a few weeks later and entered himself in a tournament for a WWE title shot at Backlash. He beat Eddie Guerrero, the Undertaker and Chris Benoit for the right to face Lesnar. However, he once again came up short against Lesnar at Backlash. He teamed with FBI members Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli to beat Chris Benoit, Spanky and Rhyno at Judgment Day. He entered the tournament for the US Title but was cost his first round match against Billy Gunn by the Undertaker. Cena challenged him to a match at Vengeance and lost, but won a rematch a few weeks later. Cena went after Eddie Guerrero's US Title, but lost by DQ. The rematch was a parking lot brawl, where the returning Chavo Guerrero cost Cena the match. Cena challenged Kurt Angle next, and lost to him at No Mercy. He was rumored to be Brock Lesnar's choice for the fifth member of his team at Survivor Series, but an attack by A-Train changed his mind. Cena instead joined Angle's team and won the match for his team after giving an F-You to the Big Show. He beat the Big Show a few nights later in a non-title match and then was entered in a battle royal for a shot at the WWE Title on Thanksgiving. Cena and Chris Benoit's feet both hit the floor at the same time, and they ended up being co-winners. A match occurred the next week, and Benoit won due to distraction by the Big Show.

Entrance Music Lyrics

So... you think you're untouchable?

(chorus) Word Life
This is basic thuganomics (basic thuganomics)
Word Life
I'm untouchable, but I'm forcin' you to feel me
Word Life
This is basic thuganomics (basic thuganomics)
Word Life
I'm untouchable, but I'm forcin' you to feel me

Whether fighting or spitting
My discipline is unforgiving
Got you backing up in the defensive position
An ass kicking anthem
Heavyweight or ban them
holding camps for ransom
the microphone phantom

Teams hit the floor in this new fight joint
Like a broken needle, kid, you missin' the point
We dominate your conference
with offense that's no nonsense
My theme song hits, get your reinforcements
We strike quick with hard kicks
ducking night sticks, bare knuckle miss
Who fight this?
Beat you lifeless, you'll never survive this

Give a guy like Alzheimer's
Two face rappers walk away with four shiners
the raw rhymer turning legends into old timers
My insight is like a viper bitin' though your one liners
New Deadman Inc.,
and we're about to make you famous
Taking over Earth and still kicking in Uranus

You ain't advanced enough to process
potential, phonetical concepts
Our objects are foreign
Like block test, parts to test, you're complex
Regardless of your finesse
Your fitness is a condition
of business, you're lame vision
of an underground physical image
Underneath, undermined your old typical image
With the decision of percentages
in a collision of sentences
Poetry beats your mics, we untouchable
Like righteous sluts with no crevices

Streets unite, we rock higher with dumber beats
Your cats couldn't come this hot
and burst off in the summer heat
But guess who changed, kill your birds the first time
You better stay worthy of my filler or worst rhymes
I'm better than nice, check the veteran stripes
When you beside yourself with fear, I kill you
Bury you twice, despite the cover of night tracking
your flight Like guerilla warfare, where the grass is dense
The approach of me is a quick way to get referred to in the past tense
Said that when lights and mic is on, the crowd is dead
Like in a mission when you on the TitanTron