The World's Greatest Tag Team

Height: Charlie Haas- 6'2''. Shelton Benjamin- 6'2''.

Weight: Haas- 238 lbs. Benjamin- 245 lbs.

Finishing Move: Haas- The Haas of Pain. Benjamin- The Dragon Whip.

Titles Held: 2x WWE Tag Team Champs

Manager/valet(s): Paul Heyman

Other Aliases: Team Angle

In December 2002, Kurt Angle was put out of action by Brock Lesnar with a knee injury. To make sure it didn't happen again, Angle's manager Paul Heyman brought him two protectors, Shelton Benjamin, who had been a roommate and teammate of Brock Lesnar at the University of Minnesota, and Charlie Haas. He named them Team Angle. Chris Benoit, meanwhile, won a shot at Kurt's WWE Title at Royal Rumble 2003. Team Angle ambushed Benoit on behalf of Angle. They lost their debut to Benoit and Edge by DQ after interference from Angle. They both competed in the Royal Rumble match, but were eliminated by Lesnar. A few weeks later, they beat Los Guerreros for the tag team belts, and defended them successfully against Chris Benoit and Rhyno and Los Guerreros in a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania XIX. However, that night Kurt was put out of action for two months at the hands of Brock Lesnar. Team Angle beat Los Guerreros at Backlash, and were forced in to a ladder match with them at Judgment Day. However, Chavo Guerrero injured himself, and Eddie chose Tajiri as a replacement partner. They took the belts from Team Angle, and delighted in tricking them into DQing themselves in rematches. However, when Angle returned, Haas and Benjamin were nowhere to be found. When confronted by Angle the next week, they said they had resentment toward Kurt for abandoning them, and Angle kicked them out of Team Angle. Haas and Benjamin won the tag titles back from Eddie Guerrero and Tajiri, and proclaimed themselves to be the World's Greatest Tag Team.