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Old Testament Survey. Class notes and quizzes for Old Testament Survey Class at the
Boca Campus of Reformed Theological Seminary
Genesis. The Book of Beginnings
Exodus. The Book of Redemption
Leviticus - The Book of Worship
Numbers - The Book of Wanderings
Deuteronomy 1-4. The Historical Prologue
Joshua. The Book of Conquest
Judges - The Book of Heroes
Ruth - Romance of Redemption (Includes Charts)
Ruth - Sermon Series by Rev. T. J. Campo (12 Sermons)
1 & 2 Samuel. Series by John Stevenson
1st & 2nd Kings. Series and Charts
Ezra: Rebuilding what Once Was (10 Lessons)
Job: Where is God when Bad things Happen?
Psalm 45: A Love Song of the King
Proverbs: An Introduction
Ecclesiastes. Series by John Stevenson
Major and Minor Prophets. Seminary series by John Stevenson
Old Testament Theology. A collection of class notes from Dr. O. Palmer Robertson's class on
Old Testament Biblical Theology, taught at Knox Theological Seminary in the 1990's


Gospel of Matthew: The Gospel of the King (Loose notes)
Gospel of Mark: The Servant who Came to Save (Series)
Gospel of Luke: The Coming of the Son of Man (Series)
Gospel of John: The Son who came to Save (Series)
Acts of the Apostles. The Witness to the World (Series)
Romans: The Righteousness of God (Series)
1 Corinthians: Godly Living in a Godless World (Series)
2 Corinthians 8: God's Grace in Action
Galatians: The Epistle of Freedom (Series)
Ephesians: Our Life in Christ (Series)
Philippians 2:25-30. The Fellowship of Friends
Colossians 3:9-16. New Clothes for a New Life
Thessalonian Epistles: The Epistles of Hope (Loose notes)
2nd Timothy: Reflections from an Old Guy to a Young One (Series)
Hebrews. Epistle of the Superiority of Jesus (Series)
James: The Epistle of Shirtsleeve Christianity (Series)
1st Peter: The Epistle of Faithful Suffering (Loose notes)
The Epistles of John: The Epistles of the Beloved Disciple
The Book of Revelation. Theology in Pictures (Series)


Designed to be Like Him. What it means to be in His Image
It Started in a Garden. The Story of Salvation
Free! The Doctrine of Redemption
Our Righteous Standing! The Doctrine of Justification
Lordship Salvation - The Importance of a Faith that Works
Have you been Born Again? - The Doctrine of Regeneration
Sanctification - Called to be Holy

Biblical Archaeology (17 Lessons & Appendix)
The Temple: Photographs of a Model of Herod's Temple
Greek Verbs. A brief overview of the Greek Verbs as found in the Greek New Testament.

Studies in Systematic Theology. A Series by John Stevenson
Apologetics. A Series of Studies in Evidences for the Christian Faith
How Our Bible Came To Us. A seven-part Series

The Trinity - One God or Three?
God's Work in Salvation: A Study Guide by Rev Bradford Hunter
Worship Chart: God-Centered Versus Man-Centered Worship
Mission Chart: God-Centered Mission Versus Man-Centered Missions
Parental Partnering: Raising up Worshippers in the Home
Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation? By Calvin Beisner
Infant Baptism. A brief study of the issues surrounding the Baptism of Infants

Dispensationalism: Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth
Eschatology: Teachings about End Times
Rapture - Part 1: The Rapture Question
Rapture - Part 2: A Critique of the Pre-Tribulational Rapture View
Preterism: Why I am Not a Preterist
The Day of the Lord: A Chart outlining the New Testament passages dealing with the Day of the Lord
The Millennial Question: A short discussion of some of the popular Millennial Views


These tend to be very long downloads as they make use of considerable graphics, maps and other
sorts of images. They are available for use in teaching situations, but are not for re-publication.

Big Idea of the Old Testament - Part 1. Genesis
Big Idea of the Old Testament - Part 2. Exodus-Ruth
Big Idea of the Old Testament - Part 3. The United Kingdom
Big Idea of the Old Testament - Part 4. Poets and Prophets

The Big Idea: Genesis.
The Big Idea: Exodus.
The Big Idea: Leviticus.
The Big Idea: Numbers.
The Big Idea: Deuteronomy.
The Big Idea: Joshua.
The Big Idea: Judges.
The Big Idea: Ruth.
The Big Idea: 1st Samuel.
The Big Idea: 2nd Samuel.
The Big Idea: 1st Kings.
The Big Idea: 2nd Kings.
The Big Idea: 1st Chronicles.
The Big Idea: 2nd Chronicles.
The Big Idea: Ezra.
The Big Idea: Nehemiah.
The Big Idea: Esther.
The Big Idea: Job.
The Big Idea: Psalms.
The Big Idea: Proverbs.
The Big Idea: Ecclesiastes.
The Big Idea: Song of Songs.
The Big Idea: Isaiah.
The Big Idea: Jeremiah.
The Big Idea: Lamentations.
The Big Idea: Ezekiel.
The Big Idea: Daniel.
The Big Idea: Hosea.
The Big Idea: Joel.
The Big Idea: Amos.
The Big Idea: Obadiah.
The Big Idea: Jonah.
The Big Idea: Micah.
The Big Idea: Nahum.
The Big Idea: Habakkuk.
The Big Idea: Zephaniah.
The Big Idea: Haggai.
The Big Idea: Zechariah.
The Big Idea: Malachi.

The 400 Silent Years.

The Big Idea: Matthew.
The Big Idea: Mark.
The Big Idea: Luke.
The Big Idea: John.
The Big Idea: Acts.
The Big Idea: Romans.
The Big Idea: 1st Corinthians.
The Big Idea: 2nd Corinthians.
The Big Idea: Galatians.
The Big Idea: Ephesians.
The Big Idea: Philippians.
The Big Idea: Colossians.
The Big Idea: 1st Thessalonians.
The Big Idea: 2nd Thessalonians.
The Big Idea: 1st Timothy.
The Big Idea: 2nd Timothy.
The Big Idea: Titus.
The Big Idea: Philemon.
The Big Idea: Hebrews.
The Big Idea: James.
The Big Idea: 1st Peter.
The Big Idea: 2nd Peter.
The Big Idea: 1st John.
The Big Idea: 2nd John.
The Big Idea: 3rd John.
The Big Idea: Jude.
The Big Idea: Revelation.

Biblical Greek: Powerpoint Presentations for a class on Biblical Greek using Mounce's textbook
Discipleship Across the Lifespan: Powerpoints for Class at Trinity International University
Egypt Photos. Photos of Egypt and the Sinai (Long download)
Introduction to Christian Living: Powerpoints for Class at Trinity International University
Kingdom Period: Powerpoints for class on Kings & Chronicles at South Florida Bible College
New Testament Epistles: Powerpoints for Class at Trinity International University
Torah: Powerpoints for Class at Trinity International University