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The following powerpoint presentations were designed for an Excel class at the Florida campus of Trinity International University on the Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament. These tend to be very long downloads as they make use of considerable graphics, maps and other sorts of images. They are available for use in teaching situations, but are not for re-publication.

Class Session 1a. Introduction to Genesis and the foundational chapters
Class Session 1b. Genesis 12-50
Class Session 2a. Exodus, Part 1
Class Session 2b. Exodus, Part 2
Class Session 3a. Leviticus, Part 1
Class Session 3b. Leviticus, Part 2
Class Session 4a. Numbers, Part 1
Class Session 4b. Numbers, Part 2
Class Session 5a. Deuteronomy, Part 1
Class Session 5b. Deuteronomy, Part 2

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