Pentateuch II Powerpoints

Now available in book form at Redeemer Publishing


The following powerpoint presentations were designed for a class at South Florida Bible College. These tend to be very long downloads as they make use of considerable graphics, maps and other sorts of images. They are available for use in teaching situations, but are not for re-publication.

Introduction to Leviticus. A Powerpoint Overview of Leviticus
Leviticus 1-7. The Law of the Offerings
Leviticus 8-15. Priests and Purity
Leviticus 16-20. The Day of Atonement and Laws of Holiness
Leviticus 21-27. Priestly Laws, Specials Times, Blessings, Cursings, and Vows

Numbers 1-10. Out from Mount Sinai
Numbers 11-14. Failure at Kadesh
Numbers 15-21. The Wilderness Wanderings
Numbers 22-36. The End of the Journey

Deuteronomy 1-4. Introduction and Historical Prologue
Deuteronomy 5-11. The Ten Commandments and the Covenant Stipulations
Deuteronomy 12-16. Laws of Ceremonial Righteousness
Deuteronomy 16-26. Laws of Governmental and Practical Righteousness
Deuteronomy 27-34. Cursings, Blessings, and Succession

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