Studies in the Book of Acts

Acts - an Introduction to the Book
Acts 1:1-11. Beginnings
Acts 1:12-26. Preparations & Replacements
Acts 2:1-41. The Penetcost Incident
Acts 2:41-47. The Infant Church
Acts 3:1-26. A Lame Excuse for Preaching the Gospel
Acts 4:32 - 5:11. The Holy and the Hypocrites
Acts 5:12-42. God Protects His People
Acts 6:1-6. Handling Hungry People
Acts 6:7 - 7:60. Stephen - the Man, his Message and his Martyrdom
Acts 8:1-24. The Pure and the Phony
Acts 15:36-41. When Christians Part
Acts 16:1-10. When God Leads
Acts 16:11-40. Ministry in Philippi
Acts 17:1-10. Sharing the Faith
Acts 17:15-34. A Witness to the Pagan World
Acts 18:1-18. Ministry in Corinth
Acts 18:19-28. Ministry in Ephesus

The Temple: Photographs of a Model of Herod's Temple as it would have looked in the days of the Book of Acts

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