Studies in the Gospel of Mark

Mark 1:1. An Introduction to the Gospel According to Mark
Mark 1:1-13. Jesus and John
Mark 1:14-20. Fishers of Men
Mark 1:21-39. A Day in the Life of Jesus
Mark 1:40-45. The Willing Healer
Mark 2:1-12. The Healing of the Paralytic
Mark 2:13-17. In the Company of Sinners
Mark 2:18-22. Legal Liabilities
Mark 2:23 - 3:6. Sabbath Controversies
Mark 3:7-19. Ministry to the Multitudes
Mark 3:20-33. Are You Family?
Mark 4:1-34. Stories to Live By
Mark 5:1-20. Demons and Deliverance
Mark 6:1-6. Jesus the Prophet
Mark 6:7-13. Sending Forth the Twelve
Mark 6:14-29. The Death of John the Baptist
Mark 6:30-44. Feeding Five Thousand
Mark 6:45-52. A Savior in the Storm
Mark 7:1-23. Jesus and Tradition
Mark 7:24-30. A Gentile for Jesus
Mark 7:31-37. Jesus the Communicator
Mark 8:1-10. Feeding the 4,000
Mark 8:11-26. Blinded Eyes
Mark 9:1-13. The Transfiguration
Mark 10:1-12. Jesus on Divorce
Mark 10:13-31. Entering the Kingdom of God
Mark 10:32-45. Servanthood
Mark 11:20-26. The Withered Fig Tree
Mark 11:27 - 12:44. A Question of Authority
Mark 13:1-31. Signs of the End
Mark 15:16-47. The Cross
Appendix: On what day did Jesus die?

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