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Caesarea. The City by the Sea built by Herod the Great.
Camels and Other Fun Times. Experiments in Alternate Methods of Transportation.
Bet Shan. The Backdoor to the Valley of Jezreel.
Megiddo. The Symbol of Conflict.
By the Sea of Galilee. Where Jesus walked.
Petra. Ancient city of the Nabateans.
Jerusalem - Part 1. An Overview of the City.
Jerusalem - Part 2. The Temple Mount.
Jerusalem - Part 3. Places of Death and Burial.
Jerusalem - Part 4. Walls of the Temple Mount.
Jerusalem - Part 5. The Western Wall.
Jerusalem - Part 6. The Pool of Siloam.
Jerusalem - Part 7. Under the City of Jerusalem.
The Herodium. Herod's fortress as seen from Bethlehem.
Scenes from the Land. Photos taken in the Land of Israel.